What Colleges Accept A 880 Sat Score? Full List

What Colleges Accept A 880 Sat Score

What Colleges Accept A 880 Sat Score, SAT scores have long been a pivotal factor in determining a student’s acceptance. However, not every student achieves a sky-high score, and that’s perfectly okay. This article is here to shed light on the educational institutions that embrace students with a 880 SAT score and provide them with exceptional learning experiences.

The journey to higher education should not be hindered by a single test score, and these colleges exemplify the principle of holistic admissions. Before we delve into the colleges that welcome students with a 880 SAT score, let’s take a moment to understand how SAT scores work.

The SAT, or Scholastic Assessment Test, is scored on a range of 400 to 1600 points, combining scores from the Math and Evidence-Based Reading and Writing sections. A score of 880 might fall below the average, but it’s crucial to remember that SAT scores are just one piece of the admissions puzzle.

What Colleges Accept A 880 Sat Score

Here’s a spotlight on five colleges that embrace students with a 880 SAT score:

1. Evergreen State College

  • Location: Olympia, Washington
  • Notable Programs: Environmental Studies, Media Arts

2. California State University, Monterey Bay

  • Location: Seaside, California
  • Notable Programs: Marine Science, Business Administration

3. University of Southern Maine

  • Location: Portland, Maine
  • Notable Programs: Social Work, Tourism and Hospitality

4. Georgia Southwestern State University

  • Location: Americus, Georgia
  • Notable Programs: Nursing, Business Management

5. Cameron University

  • Location: Lawton, Oklahoma
  • Notable Programs: Agriculture, Criminal Justice

Why These Colleges Are a Great Choice

These colleges are not just about test scores; they’re about nurturing a diverse community of learners. They recognize that potential comes in many forms and that an eagerness to learn and contribute to society can’t be confined by numbers. This philosophy creates an environment where students can flourish and excel beyond their initial SAT score.

Application Tips for Success

If you’re applying with a 880 SAT score, don’t underestimate the power of a well-crafted essay. Your personal statement and supplemental essays allow you to showcase your unique strengths, passions, and experiences. Additionally, highlight your dedication to extracurricular activities and community involvement.

Why a 880 SAT Score?

A 880 SAT score might arise from various circumstances. Factors like test anxiety, limited access to test preparation resources, or simply having an off-day during the exam can contribute to a lower score. It’s important not to let this number define your potential or dampen your enthusiasm for higher education.

Factors to Consider When Applying

Colleges understand that an applicant’s worth extends beyond standardized test scores. Your GPA, essays, recommendation letters, and extracurricular activities collectively tell a richer story about who you are as a student and an individual. Holistic admissions practices allow colleges to recognize the potential for success that might not be fully captured by a single test.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

These colleges are committed to making education accessible. Financial aid packages and merit-based scholarships are available to help alleviate the financial burden of higher education. Make sure to explore the options each college offers and apply for financial assistance.

Success Stories

Inspirational stories abound of students who entered these colleges with a 880 SAT score and emerged as accomplished graduates. Their determination, combined with the support and resources these institutions provide, enabled them to achieve academic excellence and pursue fulfilling careers.


A 880 SAT score is just a part of your story, not the whole narrative. The journey to higher education is one of growth, exploration, and self-discovery. The colleges mentioned in this article recognize your potential beyond test scores and are dedicated to helping you succeed.


1. Can I still get into a good college with a 880 SAT score?
Absolutely. Many colleges focus on holistic admissions, considering various aspects of your application.

2. Should I retake the SAT if I have a 880 score?
Retaking the SAT is an option, but also consider focusing on other application elements to present a well-rounded profile.

3. What if my GPA is strong but my SAT score isn’t?
Highlight your GPA in your application and explain any factors that might have affected your SAT performance.

4. Are test-optional colleges a better choice for me?
Test-optional colleges can be a great fit, but research each college’s policy and requirements.

5. How can I stand out in my college essays?
Share personal stories, passions, and experiences that demonstrate

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