How Many Clothes To Pack For College

How Many Clothes To Pack For College

Enrolling in school may be a crucial milestone in your life, providing you with invaluable knowledge, skills, and friendships for the future. However, it can also be an extremely stressful period. Most kids move away from home for the first time at this age. Since this is such a significant time in every student’s life, planning for the little things, like how much clothes to bring to college, can be helpful in a variety of ways. You’ll need to figure out the best packing strategy.

“How Many Clothes To Pack For College,”is the perfect guide you need to relieve the stress of having your wardrobe sorted out while getting set to move into college.

How Many Clothes To Pack For College

Each and every college student is aware of how unique this is. You should consider a variety of criteria, including your lifestyle, the amount of closet space you have available, your transportation options, the distance from your home, and the frequency of your home visits.

When packing for college, there are many factors to take into account. That’s why we’ll cover every necessity in this guide.


You can plan on wearing this (hopefully) every day. When it comes to packing clothes for college, you should bring more than you anticipate needing.

Why? Because it’s annoying to wash your clothes all the time when you’re in college, and you want to be able to rely on having clean underwear at all times. Be over-prepared for this area unless you want to make multiple excursions to the busy, unpleasant, and chaotic shared dorm laundry room. Here’s a list:

  • More than 15 pairs of underwear—a good mix should be included! Don’t throw away all of your cosy pairs just because you’ve moved to college and are a “grown-up.” Variety is beneficial in every situation!
  • 2 pairs of tights: You should always have an extra pair!
  • 3+ Bras: Depending on your level of activity, I’d advise having at least 3 everyday bras in addition to a few sports bras.
  • 15+ Socks: Variety is crucial once more. If you are going somewhere that is known to be cold, bring a few pairs (or more) of warm socks.
  • 2 swimwear sets

Basic Everyday College Clothes

You’ll need to focus most of your attention on the routine stuff. You want options because this is what you’ll be wearing to class every day. Consider what you would be comfortable wearing for both extended class periods and casual hangouts in the dorms.

  • 5 shirts: These should be basic pieces that you can wear every day and get a lot of use out of.
  • 2 Casual dresses: Ignore this if you don’t wear dresses, but they’re a really easy way to look “fancy” without putting in any work. These are also appropriate to wear out!
  •  2 pairs of jeans: Jeans are a go-to in college, so pick at least 2 pairs that you love and wear
  • frequently because they are a college staple.
  • 2+ Skirts: Once more, how often you wear skirts will determine this, but they may be quite adaptable.
  • 2+ Shorts: Shorts are nonetheless excellent for hanging out around the dorms.
  • 1 raincoat: This might not be enough if you live in a rainy climate, but one nice raincoat should be sufficient.
  • 2 Sweaters: Sweaters are ideal for cooler days without a coat, such as chilly classrooms.
  • 1 Coat: To ensure you survive the winter, don a stylish coat in the end. You may need more than one coat or jacket, depending on where your school is located, but for most regions, one really warm one should be plenty.


These are the clothing you wear to hang out, to sleep in, and your “don’t want to get out of bed” clothes.

2 T-shirts: This is the place to bring those vintage band t-shirts and shirts you just can’t bear to part with. They’re too comfy to resist, and you’ll adore having them when you’re missing home.
2 Leggings: On chilly, idle days spent in the dorms, leggings are a need. They’re also excellent during exam season!
2 or more pyjamas: Even if all you sleep in is your pyjamas and a T-shirt, bring at least two changes of clothes.
Sweats: At least two sweatpants are essential. Wear these for lounging around the dorm and maybe even for making the arduous journey to those dreadful 8 AM classes.

College Sportswear

Next, you should pack some gear if you intend to be active as well. The quantity of clothing you bring for exercise, however, depends on how frequently you intend to work out. Purchasing additional sports gear is necessary if you play on a sports team.

2 Shorts or leggings: Bring your go-to athletic underwear, either in shorts or leggings.
3 Athletic tops: A couple of matching workout tops are required. Make sure you can wear these with any of your bottoms with ease.
2+ Spandex shorts: They provide excellent additional coverage beneath dresses and skirts.
3+ Sports bras: Sports bras are ideal for both idle days and working out.
1 Windbreaker: Lastly, be sure to pack an extra layer in case you wish to work out in the cold.

College Wear for “Going Out”

Naturally, a college wardrobe packing list would not be complete without discussing “going out” attire. Sometimes you want to dress up a little, whether you’re going to a party or dinner with your roommate. These are some suggestions:

  • 1 Fancy: Bring a nice dress even if you don’t have any plans. A cocktail dress is a wise choice. You never know when you might receive an invitation to a fancy event, so being ready is essential.
  • 2 Nice pants: Trendy slacks or an upgraded pair of jeans could be considered nice pants. In either case, be sure you can wear them for a long time.
  • 3 lovely tops: This gives you a lot of possibilities. You might go for a crop top, your best button-down shirt, or even just a pretty blouse. Make sure it’s an item you wear frequently!
  • 1 Blazer: Last but not least, if you find yourself in need of a “professional” look for a meeting, interview, or job fair, a blazer is essential.

Shoes to Bring to College

When selecting your shoes, take into account the clothes you have brought. You won’t wear them if they don’t match!

  • 1 pair of heels: As previously stated, unless you plan on wearing them constantly, Your go-to pair will work flawlessly!
  • 1+ Pair of footwear: If you want to wear sneakers to class, you may want to pack an extra pair.
  • 1 pair of flats: Flats are appropriate for going out, business gatherings, or even merely classes.
  • 2 Sandals.
  • 1 Flip-flops: Although they’re great for kicking back, flip-flops are a must if your dorm has a shared shower.
  • 1 pair of rain boots: Invest in rain boots if there is a lot of rain.
  • 1 pair of boots: boots are perfect for the cold.

Why Your ward-rope Matters So Much

Choosing how many clothes to carry to college might be challenging.

You will experience a wide range of events for the first time, make new friends, and pick up new skills. A sense of security can be gained by having a clean, orderly, and functional wardrobe in light of everything that is coming up.

Things to Consider When Packing College Clothes

When preparing for college, there are numerous considerations to make.  It hurts to not have what you need, but don’t worry. What you need can always be purchased on campus or in the area!

To ensure you don’t miss anything crucial, let’s go over the most crucial items.

First: you’ll need to consider how frequently you’ll be going home. You’ll likely need to pack more clothes if you intend to travel home a few times before December than if you’re going to be gone until winter break. Never forget that it’s always preferable to bring less than too much!

Secondly: Make thorough preparations if you’re relocating for college to a new area. Verify the weather and whether you need to bring rain gear. When in doubt, layer everything!

Thirdly: Although it can be difficult to predict exactly what you will accomplish in college, consider if you intend to engage in any of the following activities:

  • Put on your best clothes for class.
  • Become a sorority member.
  • Get a job (unless, like me, you decide to work from home while in college!)
  • Obtain a position as an intern.
  • Study abroad in a different country.
  • Take up a hobby or team sport.
  • Go out and watch sports events.

As you can see, if you intend to do any of the above, you’ll need to bring a few different items for your wardrobe. It can be required to bring unique apparel for a team or professional attire for an internship, for example.

Lastly: determine the maximum amount of stuff you can fit in your dorm room. There are dorms with large closets and others with little wardrobes. Considering your available room, you’ll need to decide how much you can afford to bring. Discuss the kind of storage you plan to have in your room with your college.

If you’re short on storage, you can be a little resourceful. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Use crates to store extra items beneath your bed.
  2. To increase the amount of space you have for storing your bags, accessories, coats, and jackets, acquire an over-the-door hanger.


How many clothes to pack for college? The response varies greatly depending on the person. Consider your lifestyle, work, budget, environment, and amount of storage space. Whatever your circumstances, it will be therapeutic to have a system in place for organizing your clothes in preparation for a new phase of your life. The art of the capsule wardrobe, a stylish and understated way to dress, is one of the best things to have while packing for college.

Don’t forget to pack essentials, regardless of how little room you have for a closet. Keep in mind that going to college is an amazing event that will teach you a lot of valuable things, so relish every step of the procedure, even packing!

Frequently Asked Questions

 Q: What clothes are appropriate for college?

  • A: Maintain Simplicity. Generally speaking, simpler clothes is more elegant than more complex ones. You can seem stylish even if you’re just wearing a basic dress and rubber shoes or jeans and a top. Choose comfy clothing that you can wear to college and feel good about the day.

Q: How many pieces are in a capsule wardrobe?

  • A: A rough guide would be anywhere between 30 and 40 items. This should include everyday clothing and shoes.

Q: How many clothes does a student need?

  • A: Students should usually pack 5 essential items of clothes. 2 Pairs of jeans comprise the lower part of these. Top half: 2 to 3 jumpers and 5 t-shirts. A dressing gown and 2 sets of pyjamas as nightwear.
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