73 Best Scholarships for Military Dependents

Scholarships for Military Dependents

Are There Any Scholarships For Military Dependents? There is, indeed! Scholarships for Military Dependents are available on this website and are open to all military dependents who are eligible to apply.

Each branch of the US military offers a lot of scholarship opportunities for the children and spouses of service members. All of these programs have different eligibility requirements, so prospective students should research the programs thoroughly before applying.

Scholarships For Military Dependents 2023

1. Survivors & Dependents Assistance Program

The Survivors and Dependents Assistance Program helps children aged 16 to 26 who are the children of army troops who have been disabled or killed in the line of duty. Children of service members who have been declared missing in action or who have been held as a prisoner of war are also eligible to participate in the program. Eligible students enrolled in approved undergraduate, graduate, or vocational studies can receive up to 45 months of educational benefits through the program.



2. Spouse Education Assistance Program

The Spouse Education Assistance Program helps qualifying spouses of active-duty or retired Army personnel pay for their education. Applicants must be enrolled at least part-time in a college or university that is accredited. Only the fall and spring semesters are eligible for scholarship assistance.



3. Overseas Spouse Education Assistance Program

The Overseas Spouse Education Assistance Program helps Army spouses who are currently stationed overseas pursue their educational goals. Applicants must be enrolled in an accredited college or university and pursue at least 6 credit hours per semester. Full-time students are eligible for financial aid for four years.



4. General Henry H. Arnold Education Grant Program

The Air Force Aid Society sponsors the General Henry H. Arnold Education Grant Program. Children of active-duty and retired Air Force members are eligible for financial aid through this program. It also gives financial assistance to the children and spouses of deceased military personnel. This is a need-based grant with a maximum payment of $2000.



5. Scholarship for Air Force Enlisted Member’s Dependent Children

The Air Force Sergeants Association and the Airmen Memorial Foundation jointly fund the Scholarship for Dependent Children of Air Force Enlisted Members. Dependent offspring of active-duty, retired, or veteran Air Force members are eligible for these scholarships. Academic success, community service, character, and writing talent are used to determine scholarship grants. The lack of funds is not a factor. The prize money ranges from $500 to $3000.



6. AFSA Scholarship Program

Dependent offspring of AFSA or AFSA Auxiliary members are eligible for the AFSA Scholarship Program. The awards are merit-based and range in value from $1500 to $2500.



7. Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society

The Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society helps naval personnel, Marines, and their families financially. The Relief Society offers the following programs for college-bound dependents of Navy and Marine troops, in addition to a number of interest-free loans for service men and their families.



8. NMCRS Gold Star Scholarship Program

Children and spouses of Navy and Marine troops slain in the line of service are eligible for the NMCRS Gold Star Scholarship Program. Applicants must demonstrate a high level of financial need and maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA while in school. Per academic year, awards vary from $500 to $2500.



9. Joseph A. McAlinden Divers Scholarship

Children or spouses of active-duty Navy or Marine divers are eligible for the Joseph A. McAlinden Divers Scholarship. Students must be enrolled in a college program that focuses on oceanography, ocean agriculture, or aquaculture. Financial necessity determines the range of awards, which range from $500 to $3000.



10. Vice Admiral E. P. Travers Loan Program

The Vice Admiral E. P. Travers Loan Program is administered by the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society.



11. Spouse Tuition Aid Loan Program

The Spouse Tuition Aid Loan Program offers low-interest education loans to dependents of active-duty Navy and Marine Corps members.



12. Coast Guard Foundation

The Coast Guard Foundation manages a number of grant and scholarship programs for active-duty, retired, and deceased Coast Guard personnel’s children and spouses. The RADM Arnold I. Sobel Scholarship, the Commander Ronald J. Cantin Scholarship, and the Fallen Heroes Scholarship are a combination of need-based and merit-based prizes. These and other financial aid programs provide much-needed assistance to the children and spouses of Coast Guard military personnel who are struggling to pay for college. The amount of the award varies depending on the program, the school to which it is applied, academic accomplishment, and financial need.



13. Iowa War Orphans Educational Aid

Iowa War Orphans Educational Aid gives financial assistance to the offspring of military soldiers killed in action. The award amount cannot exceed $600 every academic year, and the total amount of aid is limited to $3000 in total.



14. Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund

The Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund provides much-needed financial assistance to college-bound children of troops slain or crippled in battle. Scholarships are also available for the offspring of combat service men who have been declared missing in action or are imprisoned as prisoners of war. Students from all throughout the country can apply for the Freedom Alliance Scholarships.



15. Montana’s Department of Military Affairs

The Montana Department of Military Affairs oversees a variety of programs for military personnel and their families. Scholarships for the Children of Deceased Veterans and Scholarships for the Dependents of POW/MIAs are two current programs.



Scholarships For Military Dependents In Texas

1. The Hazlewood Act

The Hazlewood Act is a state of Texas benefit that offers qualified veterans, spouses, and dependent children with up to 150 hours of tuition exemption at public Texas colleges and universities. Living expenses, books, and supply fees are not included.



Private School Scholarships For Military Dependents

1. The Military Family Scholarship Program Act

Creates a scholarship scheme to allow all children of veterans and active military personnel to attend their parents’ preferred public or private elementary or secondary school.



Commissary Scholarships For Military Dependents

1. Fisher House website

Scholarships for Military Children was established to honor military families and service members by awarding funds to college students who are active-duty, Guard and Reserve, or retired military commissary customers.

Since its establishment in 2001, the program has provided over $19 million in scholarship funds to over 11,000 students thanks to the generosity of Defense Commissary Agency partners and vendors. For the 2020-21 school year, a total of 500 $2,000 scholarship scholarships will be awarded.

For processing, all applications must be submitted online. For additional information on the opening and closing dates, as well as the eligibility and selection criteria, visit the website.



Merit Scholarships For Military Dependents

1. Scholarship for children and spouses of disabled or deceased veterans

For dependent children or unmarried spouses of Florida Veterans who died as a result of service-connected injuries, diseases, or disabilities while on active duty, or who have been certified by the Florida Department of Veterans Affairs as having service-connected 100 percent permanent and total disabilities.



2. American legion legacy scholarship

Dependents of military personnel who died on or after September 11, 2001 while in active duty



3. Military officers association of america (moaa)

You must intend to enroll full-time in an authorized institution or university.

Students pursuing their first undergraduate degree are eligible for all loans, grants, and scholarships.



4. Pat tillman foundation

Service members’ dependents (children between the ages 19-28, or spouse)

Those whose benefits from their mother/father/husband/wife are not transferable

Those who have lost a loved one in the military

Those who do not have enough transferrable benefits



5. National society daughters of the american revolution (nsdar)

You must be a citizen of the United States.

Must attend a U.S. college or university that is accredited.



6. Gamewardens of vietnam association scholarship fund

Must be the son, daughter, or grandchild of a Gamewardens member.



7. Ladies auxiliary of the fleet reserve association

Awarded to a female candidate chosen from daughters to grandchildren of Naval, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard personnel, active Fleet Reserve, Fleet Marine Corps Reserve, and Coast Guard Reserve, or deceased.



8. Army emergency relief fund

“It’s Been 64 Years of Assisting the Army in Taking Care of Its Own”

Spouses and dependent children of active, retired, or deceased troops are eligible for scholarships.



9. Vice admiral e.p. travers loan program

Can provide eligible students’ sponsors a loan ranging from $500 to $3,000 (for an academic year)

Presented to: Children of Sailors and Marines on Active Duty (including Reservists while on active duty over 90 days)

Retired Sailors and Marines’ Children

Active Duty Sailors and Marines’ spouses who live within the 50 United States



10. Fleet reserve association (fra) scholarship

Personnel from the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard, as well as their families, are eligible.

Full-time students are required.

Citizenship in the United States is required.



11. Fraternal order udt/seal education grant

Regular members’ sons and daughters in good standing



12. Military commanders’ scholarship fund

To help children of active duty, reserve, National Guard, or retired members of the US military who want to continue their education in college.

Each year, full-time study at a recognized institution of the student’s choosing is offered as a scholarship.



13. Katherine f. Gruber scholarship program (blind veterans association)

Children and spouses of veterans who are legally blind



14. Captain caliendo college assistance fund scholarship 

Must be a dependent child of a USCG Chief Petty Officer Association/Coast Guard Enlisted Association (USCG CPOA/CGEA) member or deceased member.

By March of the award year, the applicant must be under the age of 24.



15. U.s. marine corps scholarship foundation

Children of active duty and retired marines can apply for one-year renewable scholarships.



16. Thanksusa

Dependent children under the age of 24 of military service members’ spouses



17. Gallagher’s army & general steel corporation educational assistance fund

“Aiding the Children of Our Heroes Who Have Died”



18. The my career advancement account (mycaa) scholarship program

For military spouses pursuing a license, certification, or Associate’s degree in a transferable career sector and occupation.



19. Dependents in escambia county of santa rosa county (fla.) Or baldwin county (ala.)

Scholarships of $2,000 are available to children, stepchildren, spouses, or grandchildren of active military or veterans who have completed at least one year of college and have a minimum 3.2 GPA in undergrad or 3.5 in graduate courses.



College Scholarships For Military Dependents

1. AMVETS Scholarship

The scholarship recipients will receive $1000 per year for the next four years. It’s for the children and grandkids of Veterans, Active Duty personnel, and Guard/Reserve members. Students must also be in their senior year of high school. The next scholarship season will begin in January 2021.



2. Scholarships for Military Children

The Commissary awards this scholarship, which is supported by its donors. It is currently closed for the 2020 calendar year, but will reopen in December 2020 or early 2021.



3. Chief Petty Officer Scholarship Fund

In January 2021, applications for this scholarship will be accepted. Prepare yourself to apply. Children of active duty, retired, or reserve Chief Petty Officers, whether natural born, adopted, or stepchildren, are eligible.



4. Frederick C. Branch Scholarship Program

This NROTC prize, named after the Marine Corps’ first black commander, is given to military children who aspire to attend one of 17 historically black colleges. More information about the list may be found here!



5. Hero’s Legacy Scholarship

This is only for children whose parent has died in battle or is receiving 100% disability compensation. In mid-December, the Hero’s Legacy application process will open.



6. Society of Daughters of United States Army Scholarship Program

This scholarship is open to the daughters and granddaughters of US Army officers (career or commissioned). The application window is only open from March 15th to March 31st.



7. Bonsai Finance Veterans Scholarship

If chosen, students will receive a one-time payment of $2500. In order to apply, you must write a brief essay in response to their queries. The deadline for applications is September 28th.



8. Memorial Foundation Scholarship

The Enlisted Association Memorial Foundations Scholarship Program is available to children and grandchildren of TREA members in good standing (The Retired Enlisted Association). Applicants must write a 300-word essay in response to the organization’s question.



VA Mortgage Center Scholarship

For the next five years, scholarship recipients will receive $1,500 bi-annually in May and November. It’s part of their Scholarship Program for Military Education. Call their Scholarship Director at 800-973-4954 for more information.



Texas Scholarships For Military Dependents

Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program

The applicant must be a Florida resident and a United States citizen or an eligible non-citizen who does not owe a debt or is in default under any state or federal grant, loan, or scholarship program unless appropriate repayment plans have been negotiated. The FAFSA must be completed during the senior year of high school. Academic achievement in high school is used to make the selection. The price per credit hour.



Florida Engineering Foundation Scholarship

The applicant must have a minimum 3.5 GPA, 600 math and 500 verbal SAT scores, and be enrolled at one of Florida’s four ABET recognized colleges. A transcript and a letter of recommendation must be submitted by the applicant.



Florida Student Assistance Grant Program (FSAG)

A U.S. citizen who has lived in Florida for at least 12 months previous to the commencement of classes and is enrolled in a qualifying undergraduate academic degree program are both required. Unless adequate repayment arrangements have been negotiated, the applicant cannot owe a repayment or be in default under any state or federal grant, loan, or scholarship program. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is necessary.



Florida Work Experience Program

A U.S. citizen or a qualified non-citizen who is a Florida resident with a minimum 2.0 GPA is required. One of the following conditions must be met by the applicant: be enrolled in a college or university for a minimum of six credit hours per term or 180 clock hours, or enroll part-time in a career certificate program at a career center for a minimum of 450 clock hours, or enroll as a part-time student in good standing at an educator preparation institute. Unless adequate repayment arrangements have been negotiated, the applicant cannot owe a repayment or be in default under any state or federal grant, loan, or scholarship program. There must be a financial need. The program allows students to obtain financial aid employment experiences that supplement and strengthen their educational programs and career objectives the value of the award is determined by the number of hours a student worked.




High School Scholarships For Military Dependents

Virginia scholarships for military dependents

The VMSDEP state program provides up to eight academic semesters of education benefits to wives and children of military service members and veterans at Virginia’s public colleges and universities if they:

Were they killed in the course of their duties?

Are not present in the scene

Were you incarcerated?

As a result of their military service, the Department of Veterans Affairs deems them to be 90% disabled.



Scholarships And Grants For Military Dependents

Seymour Johnson spouses’ clubs 

Join forces to provide scholarships to high school seniors, undergraduates, and military spouses on a yearly basis. The deadline is usually in the first week of March. Applications are available from school counselors.



Corvias Foundation

A four-year scholarship of $50,000 is available. Open to graduating high school seniors who want to attend a four-year institution and have a minimum 3.0 GPA.



Thanks USA Scholarships

Annually, from April 1 to May 15, applications are accepted. For further information, go to the website.



Scott Berkeley Air Force Association Scholarship

This is the AFA’s local chapter. The deadline is usually around mid-March. For scholarship information, call SJAFB School Liaison at 919.722.5810. Applications are available from school counselors.



Scholarships for Military Children

The Defense Commissary Agency launched this program to honor military families’ contributions to fighting force preparedness and to commemorate the commissary’s position in the military family community. For details on eligibility and application.



Military Officers Association of America

Includes a variety of scholarship and grant programs.


Air Force Sergeants Association

Various scholarships available at the website.



Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund

For a dependent child of an active duty military member who was killed or permanently crippled (100 percent rating) in an operational mission or training mishap, or who is currently certified as a POW or MIA. The candidate must also be a high school senior, a high school graduate, or enrolled in a higher education institution, such as colleges, universities, or vocational schools.


NC Veterans Affairs Scholarship

If you match one of the following conditions, you may be eligible: Your father lived in North Carolina when he enlisted; you are the child of a disabled, deceased, or POW/MIA war veteran; and you have lived in North Carolina your whole life. Contact Wayne County Veterans Service Office at 919-731-1490 for additional information on the scholarship.




This website contains a wealth of information for military personnel and their families.



Post-9/11 GI Bill

GI after 9/11 The bill took effect on August 1, 2011. Certain National Guard members who were mobilized will now be eligible for education benefits, which include up to 100% tuition and fee coverage, a monthly living/housing stipend, up to $1000 per year for books/supplies, a one-time relocation allowance, and the option to transfer benefits to family members.



Military Education Scholarships

Scholarships for the surviving children of a deceased service member or veteran of the United States military.



Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation

For offspring of active duty, reserve, honorable discharge/medical discharge, or killed while serving in the US Marine Corps. The deadline is usually around March 1.



Army Scholarship Foundation

Children of US Army active duty, reserve, or National Guard members who were honorably discharged/medically discharged or killed while serving in the Army. The foundation’s website has information about eligibility and applications.



Army Emergency Relief’s Scholarship Program

Children of active-duty, retired, and deceased soldiers. For each academic year, scholarships are awarded based on financial need, academic performance, and leadership/achievement. The deadline is usually around April 2.



USAWOA Scholarship Program

Children (natural and adoptive) and dependent stepchildren of USAWOA members in good standing are eligible to apply. The webpage has the scholarship criteria and application.



Army Aviation Association Scholarship Foundation

Unmarried children and grandchildren of existing and deceased members are eligible for scholarships and interest-free loans. The deadline is May 1 each year.



Special Operations Warrior Foundation

Full scholarship grants, educational and family counseling, and emergency financial help to seriously wounded special operations personnel and their families are provided to the surviving children of special operations personnel who die in operational or training missions.


Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation

Military children who have lost a parent in conflict or an accident are eligible for college funding and educational guidance. Enrollment information is available on the website.


ROTC Scholarships

ROTC Scholarships are a terrific opportunity to pay for education while also serving your country. More than 1,000 colleges and universities offer ROTC programs. Visit Military.com to learn more about the programs offered (Air Force, Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Reserve/Guard).



College Scholarships And Grants For Military Dependents


A variety of military student college scholarships and information are listed on this website.



General Henry H. Arnold Education Grant Program 

For their undergraduate studies, chosen sons and daughters of active duty, Title 10 AGR/Reserve, Title 32 AGR performing full-time active duty, retired, retired reserve, and deceased Air Force members will receive awards ranging from $500 to $4000.




Can You Apply For Scholarships While In The Military?

Future or active military personnel, veterans, and those related to or dependent on military personnel and veterans in the United States may be eligible for university funding through federal government scholarships, the FAFSA, individual military branches, or even a number of supporting non-governmental organizations.

Does The Military Pay For Scholarships?

Military personnel are eligible for financial aid to pay for college while in school, while serving, and after their duty is completed.Current students, active-duty military personnel, reservists, and veterans are eligible for financial support.The Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC), which is active at many colleges and universities, is one program for current college students.For active-duty troops, each branch of the military provides a Military Tuition Assistance program.Students, active-duty personnel, and veterans are all eligible for financial assistance.

How Many Years Do You Have To Be In The Military To Get A Scholarship?

Future or active military personnel, veterans, and those related to or dependent on military personnel and veterans in the United States may be eligible for university funding through federal government scholarships, the FAFSA, individual military branches, or a variety of supporting non-governmental organizations.

It’s vital to remember that, with the exception of some FAFSA grants, these military scholarships are perks for military personnel, and that all students who take them will be required to fulfill their service term after graduation.

What Are Military Scholarships?

Military scholarships cover the first two years of a student’s academic career. A fitness exam, academic transcripts, and optional letters of recommendation are included in the application materials. In exchange for financial aid, participants pledge to serve in the military for four or five years.

While many military scholarships and fellowships are intended for students studying courses with clear military applications (medical, military strategy, etc.), others are more open-ended and offered on merit or need.

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