How Much Clothes Should You Bring To College

How Many Clothes To Pack For College

Are you considering moving your entire wardrobe into your dorm room? You might want to give that some more thought. One of my regrets when packing for my dorm was bringing too much clothing because I never wore them all and they took up too much room. This is a packing list for college that includes everything you’ll need.

How Much Clothes Should You Bring To College

We advise packing enough clothing for one to two or three weeks in college. Whether you have more or fewer clothes depends on how versatile your wardrobe is. We advise you to pack several pairs of shoes with various functions and adequate underwear for three weeks.

The Complete Packing List for College Clothes

One or two sweatshirts

Sweatshirts are among the most popular clothing items you’ll see on college campuses. You can get ones with the college’s insignia on them as well as plain, cozy ones.

Tops: 4-5

You must pack some tops. Anything goes with these tops: t-shirts, blouses, bodysuits, crop tops, etc. Something you wear most of the time, most likely. I suggest shopping at Lulus, Aerie, Banana Republic, Madewell, and VICI Collection for well-made, long-lasting tops.

One oversized shirt or tunic

For a laid-back day spent hanging out with friends, this tunic is ideal!

One oversized shirt that you can dress up or down should be on your packing list for college. I suggest the VICI Collection’s KAYLIE WAIST TIE BUTTON DOWN TUNIC because it’s perfect for both a dressy night out with friends and a casual day at the office. At VICI Collection, students are eligible for a 20% discount!

2–3 tank tops or camisoles

To be honest, it depends on the atmosphere of your college. Tank shirts were commonplace at my school in the hot and muggy south.


1-2 Cardigans

experienced a phase with cardigans when in college. Because they are not too thick like a jacket but still light enough to keep you warm.

One heavy jacket, or two if you reside in a colder climate.

Contrary to popular belief, you will require a nice, warm coat or jacket. It will get frigid in November and December. If you attend school in a colder climate, I suggest packing more than one.

1–2 Sweatshirts

For laid-back days in college, a hoodie is a must!

One raincoat

Pack a raincoat if you take one thing away from our advice for packing college clothes. I mean business. Before you have a wet day on campus, you cannot truly comprehend them. Having a raincoat will simplify your life. You have no idea how frustrating rainy days can be on campus, especially when nobody is expecting them.

 Two or three pairs of jeans

Keep a few pairs of jeans on hand for weekends and casual occasions. It also depends on your campus, but at the school I attended, everyone had to walk, so wearing jeans all day in the heat was tiresome and uncomfortable. I did, however, pack a few for the weekend.

3–4 Shorts Pair

Taking a stroll around the campus will be a significant component of your college schedule, regardless of your major or occupation. Keep several pairs of shorts in your bag. There are several options, ranging from sports shorts to jeans shorts. Simply bundle them!

One or two skirts

Although not everyone likes skirts, I believe having a couple won’t hurt. You never know when you might want to change up your attire or go out to a nice restaurant with pals.

1-2 Rompers or Casual Dresses

Keep one or two dresses in your closet for everyday wear. On campuses where I was having a relaxed day, I also enjoyed dressing down in rompers.

1-2 Formal/Business Outfits

I strongly advise you to purchase or pack at least one business casual outfit, as some classes will need you to wear formal attire for presentations. Additionally, if you belong to a sorority or organization, there will be dress standards for formal and semi-formal occasions.


Two walking shoe pairs

Since you’ll be wearing these shoes a lot, I also advise you to rotate them. Have comfortable shoes on your feet, even if you don’t own any sneakers.

One set of slip-on footwear

Possess a couple of pairs of shoes that are convenient to wear. They could also be any other kind of shoe.

One sandal pair

Another item I kept in my college dorm wardrobe for warmer weather is sandals.

One or two pairs of boots

Be ready for winter by being organized! Make sure you pack boots for the winter, whether they’re the trendy UGG boots or some taller styles.


All of your jewelry, including bracelets, necklaces, and earrings, should be packed!

Baseball caps, beanies, and hats

If you don’t wear hats often, I wouldn’t recommend bringing too many. I only purchased one additional pair of beanies during the winter.


I discovered the value of sunlight the hard way. I suggest investing in a pair of sunglasses just for campus strolls.

If you wear glasses, pack those too.


Carry several belts along.

Timepieces (like the Apple Watch)

We’re all equipped with phones, I know, but so many individuals have Apple Watches. Also bring it.


In general, when attending college, I advise having one or two purses or handbags. Bring your wallet, if you happen to have one.

Tote Bags

On campus, tote bags were very common. They were used by a great deal of pupils in place of backpacks. I suggest having them for groceries as well.

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Winter Clothing

Depending on the state and country (if you intend to study abroad), different winter clothing is needed. To be safe, I would bring gloves, hats, and scarves.

Athleisure Clothing: During my time in college, I wore a lot of leggings and sports bras, and highly recommend them.

Two sets of sports shorts

Just like with the shorts earlier, it’s best to have several pairs. I suggest them better, particularly if the school you are attending is thinking about having a walkable campus.

2-3 bras for athletics

See To be completely honest, just get sports bras. Walking from building to building on campus throughout the summer will make you perspire a lot, especially if the weather is warmer. After just a few weeks in school, so many of my non-sport bras were damaged.

Two pairs of leggings (maybe a heavier pair for chilly or wet days)

Once I learned, leggings were probably all I wore after my first semester. If you can get a thicker pair, they’re also fantastic for the winter. They’re great for the fall and spring. Probably the first item I would pack for college would be leggings.

Hosiery: Several pairs of panties

Underwear is necessary. Carry a bunch of them!

Two to three bras

Bras are also required!

Sports Bras, 1-2

Sports bras are useful, as was previously noted in the athletic segment, particularly on hot days. If you are an athlete or intend to work out at the campus rec center, bring extra.

Many socks (which you will misplace)

You will likely shed many socks, so pack a sufficient supply.

Formal/Business Wear: One blazer

You need to own a minimum of one blazer in your closet. Additionally, they are useful for dressing down a pair of jeans!

Two shirts

Perhaps stock up on one long-sleeved and one short-sleeved top for business casual occasions. To be honest, I stocked up on them as I started taking more college classes that required presentations.

Two sets of trousers

I suggest packing both business formal slacks and business casual pants. If you have an interview for a job or internship, it will add some diversity to your resume.

One pencil skirt

On the day of a class presentation, a pencil skirt is usually a terrific idea to have.

One set of Flat Shoes

I believe owning a pair of flats will be useful for days when classes are business casual.

1 (maybe 2) pairs of heels

Always have a pair of heels handy for any formal occasion. Having one pair in black and one in tan or nude color is also advised.

Loungewear: Recall your weekends and carefree days!

A set of matching sweatpants and sweatshirt

A good pair of sweatpants and a sweatshirt are essential.

A pair of pajamas (or make use of the complimentary shirts you will receive)

A few sets of pajamas are required. You can utilize the free t-shirts you’ll get on campus even if you don’t have any sets of pajamas. (I promise that after the first month, you’ll receive a ton of free shirts.)

Additional: Bathing suit

It’s a good idea to pack one bathing suit for college. Although it’s kind of optional, I know that most campuses have swimming pools available for leisure use, or you may eventually receive an invitation to a summer party beside the pool.


It is best to have a bathrobe if you live in a dorm with a shared toilet. Having a warm robe on days when you want to pamper yourself is a good idea, even if you don’t have access to a shared toilet.


As we conclude, It’s critical to think about your college career. Since some of you are athletes, you will be dressing more casually than other students. You may need to buy formal and Rush Week attire if you intend to join a sorority. You may work an internship occasionally; in that case, you’ll need to dress more business formal or business casual.

It’s imperative that you also keep in mind your timetable and semester plans so that you can modify your packing list for college apparel.


1. What amount of clothing should I bring to college?
Not everything in your closet. Pack enough clothes and pajamas for two or three weeks at most. Once more, how much you bring will depend on your lifestyle. Two weeks should be plenty because you will be able to wash clothes at school or in your dorm unit.

2. What should I not pack for college?
To be honest, a lot relies on what you typically wear and don’t wear. Bring nothing that you wouldn’t normally wear. Don’t bring anything from home for every item in your closet. There won’t be any space for it. (Believe me, most of my bins were full of clothing I never wore when I moved in.)

3. What stores do college students have access to for clothing purchases?
When you shop online, the majority of stores offer student discounts. Here are a few shops I suggest for college girls looking to dress cute:

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