How To Apply For Scholarship In Norway

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How To Apply For Scholarship In Norway? Norway is one of the best places to study abroad because of its beautiful surroundings, secure atmosphere, and highly developed society. It offers an excellent educational system and encourages the use of cutting-edge teaching techniques to improve student learning. Studying in Norway is a great option if you value a high quality of life. The second-largest group of international students, according to the Norwegian government, is made up of Indian students.

How To Apply For Scholarship In Norway

Numerous scholarships are available to facilitate the study abroad experience, and they are offered by institutions, the government, and both commercial and non-private organizations. To find out how to apply for scholarships in Norway, read this through.

1. Academic prerequisites

The prerequisites for Master’s and Bachelor’s degree programs differ.

2. Select a path

Applicants for scholarships may submit one application per course.
Scholarships are not available for taking Norwegian language courses (NORA courses on levels 1, 2, or 3) or bachelor’s degree programs.

3. Determine your eligibility for a scholarship.

Note: You may only apply for one of the scholarships or self-financing; you cannot apply for both.

4. Select a lodging

  • You have to select whether you wish to rent your accommodation or live in ISS student housing when you apply.
  • As space for the ISS student housing is limited, we advise those who would like to live there to apply as soon as possible.
  • Students do not automatically get accommodations on the ISS upon admission. You simultaneously apply for admission and a scholarship.

5. Compile the necessary paperwork

  • During the application time, gather all necessary documents and upload them to the Søknadsweb application page.
  • Before the deadline, you can upload documents by logging in to the portal more than once.
  • Please read our guidelines for uploading documents if you need information on how to upload your documents.

6. Submit an online application

  • January 2024 is when the application portal will open.
  • The gateway lacks a “Submit” button.
  • To finish your application and upload files, log in more than once.
  • See our guide to applying through UiO’s online application portal if you need assistance.

7. Find out the outcome of your application

  • Each student will receive a personalized announcement of their scholarship results.
  • Committees review scholarship applications concurrently in a single session for every class.
  • After your application has been processed, you will receive an email with the results.
    “Scholarship” denotes that you have applied for a travel grant in addition to a scholarship, or for both.

Some well-known scholarships in Norway for overseas students are listed below:

Mobility Grant in Literature and Language of Norway

Grant: 5,000 NOK, or approximately 42,000 INR.

This fellowship program in Norway is specifically intended for Master’s and PhD candidates who plan to focus their dissertations on Norwegian literature and language. You may travel, remain, and do research in Norway for one to three months under the terms of this award. Your living expenses while in the nation, transport, and lodging are all covered by the award.

Being a member of the Department of Nordic/Scandinavian Studies at an institution outside of Norway is a requirement to be eligible for this fellowship. It is a strong requirement for candidates to use the money for fieldwork in collaboration with a Norwegian instructor and higher education institution.

The ERASMUS+ Award

Monthly Grant: 250–850 euros or approximately 22,000–75,000 Indian rupees

It is one of the most well-liked study scholarships in both Norway and all of Europe. You are not required to pay any fees for tuition, registration, exams, or lab and library access at the host university. In addition to study and research awards, it pays for travel costs. The period of the scholarship is two to twelve months for training programs and three to twelve months for full-time courses. Applying on the official website is how you can take advantage of this scholarship.

Program for A. Wilhelmsen Foundation Scholarships

Grant: 150 NOK or around INR 15000 annually

This scholarship program in Norway is available to all foreign students enrolled at BI Norwegian Business School’s master’s program. The scholarship application process is quite easy. All you have to do is write a scholarship letter outlining your professional aspirations, how you can contribute to the field of study, and your family’s financial situation. The letter should not be more than one page. Your prior experiences and academic standing are taken into account during the selection process in addition to this letter.

The BI Presidential Scholarship

Grant: 150 NOK or around INR 15000 annually

Available to all registered Master of Science students in the university, this award in Norway is given to candidates with outstanding academic records. Applying for this scholarship requires a grade of A on the ECTS scale or its equivalent. The majority of third-year MS students are eligible for it. A one-page scholarship essay that covers all the important details about your financial situation and career goals must be submitted. The screening process also takes GMAT and GRE scores into account.

Scholarship at NTNU

Grant: Pays the full cost of tuition

International students can apply for a special scholarship at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology that pays the full cost of the study. Only master’s level coursework is eligible for the scholarship in Norway. The cost of living is not included. Obtaining a minimum of a C in your bachelor’s degree is required. The screening process also takes GMAT and GRE scores into account. Before the deadline, applications for the same may be submitted independently or together with the university application form.


The adage “nothing is for free” is frequently accurate. However, there is a method to receive a top-notch education without paying for it in Norway. Should specific requirements be fulfilled, you can also qualify for financial assistance that covers your living costs. For a short number of semesters or a full degree, international students can get support through a variety of fellowship programs, scholarship schemes, or student loans.

Whether seeking a momentary report program or an undeniable certificate, global understudies in Norway can benefit themselves from help through different cooperation programs, grant plans, or open understudy loans.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which scholarship is the best option for studying in Norway?

  • Fellowships for Antarctic Research from SCAR
  • Ph.D. Fellowship in Microsoft Research
  • Mobility Grant in Literature and Language of Norway
  • The A. Wilhelmsen Foundation Scholarship Program for ERASMUS+ Grant
  • The BI Presidential Scholarship

2. What is the Norwegian Language and Literature Mobility Grant?

For Norwegian language and literature, the mobility grant is 5000 NOK or approximately 42,000 INR.

3. What is the Scholarship Program of the A. Wilhelmsen Foundation?

This scholarship program in Norway is available to all foreign students enrolled at BI Norwegian Business School’s master’s program.

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