Would You Rather Questions For College Students

Would You Rather Questions For College Students

Would You Rather Questions For College Students: Asking would you rather questions for college student is a great enjoyable technique to let them get to know you. When everyone is locked inside, sick of playing the same board game, or just needs a break, this may be a terrific rainy day activity! It can also be a terrific approach to fill up quick gaps in the schedule that could otherwise be wasted or to close the school day. Start with some ridiculous inquiries to get some incredible hints about what your incredible kids’ minds are thinking.

Would You Rather Questions For Collage Student

Asking Would You Rather questions is an excellent way to strike up a discussion and get acquainted with people in novel ways.

Asking teenagers “Would You Rather” questions is a great way for parents and teachers to learn more about their young adult. All types of teenagers are covered by the questions below: the Quiet, the Idealist, the Entitled, the Know-it-all, the Rebel, and so forth.

A) 5 Easy & Enjoyable Would You Rather Questions For College Students

1. Would you rather: not use your favorite mobile app again or never playing video games?
Why this is a good “Would You Rather” question: Teenagers are always interested in questions about technology.
2. Would you rather listen to purely for the rest of your life, Ariana Grande or Justin Bieber?
The reason this is a good question for a Would You Rather: Choosing between two incredibly successful up-and-coming artists ought to be a simple task, right?
3.Would you rather have, more or fewer siblings?
Why family matters make this a good “Would You Rather” question.
4. would you rather eat out or at home with your family?

This makes the “Would You Rather” question excellent: Is it possible to combine family time with “I need some me” time?

5. If you could choose, would you rather be valedictorian or prom king/queen?

Why this is a good “Would You Rather” question: You could always ask your friends to respond to this one.

B) 5 Thoughtful & Tough Would You Rather Questions For College Students

1. would you rather prefer someone reading your text messages or your diary?
Why this is a good “Would You Rather” question: Would it really matter if your secrets or privacy were revealed?

2. Which would you prefer: being unpopular but have true friends, or being popular but having fake friends?

Why this is a good “Would You Rather” question: It all depends on what your priorities are.
3. Would you rather have strict parents or parents who are always observing?
Why this is a great “Would You Rather” question: Embrace their flawless flaws.
4. In the event that the most popular person in school invited you to a party, would you rather slip out of the house or miss it?
What makes a good “Would You Rather” question: Why is adolescence so difficult?
5. Which is better: scaling the highest mountains or going for a swim in the deepest seas?
Challenge daring and risk-taking teenagers with this insightful “Would You Rather” question.

20 General Would You Rather Questions For College Student

  1. Would you rather study using the Internet or a book?
  2. Would you rather possess a lax or a strict instructor?
  3. Would you rather possess projects that you finished alone or in groups?
  4. Would you rather complete your work as soon as possible or wait up until the very last minute?
  5. Would you rather learn best from watching or hearing someone else speak?
  6. Would you rather be the most intelligent person present or a well-known vocalist?
  7. Would you rather be a mature individual or a youngster?
  8. Would you rather travel or attend school after graduation?
  9. Would you rather be prepared for the future or be taken aback by it?
  10. Would you rather have an interaction with your previous or future selves?
  11. Would you rather possess a job in an alternative town that is not your ideal job or your perfect job where you currently reside?
  12. Would you rather acquire knowledge of trigonometry or geometry?
  13. Would you rather possess a large social circle or a close friend?
  14. Would you rather be learning best accomplished through hands-on experience or instruction from an expert?
  15. Would you rather possess an easy class with a subpar teacher or a challenging class with an excellent teacher?
  16. Would you rather ten bites from mosquitoes or one sting from a bee?
  17. Would you rather Should you make an ice cream sundae or roast marshmallows?
  18. Would you rather after giving a talk, do you realize that the microphone was down the entire time?
  19. Would you rather enter a classroom, take a seat, and then realize it’s not the right class—you have to get up and leave in front of the entire class or track down the appropriate class and then have to face the entire class to grab a seat in the front row?
  20. Would you rather Among your friends, be the only one without tickets to the biggest sporting event of the year, or Consider the possibility that you may be the only person dressed up at a themed party.


Maintaining a positive attitude towards any responses you receive in the “would you rather questions for college student” is crucial, regardless of how odd {which they could be extremely bizarre}, they turn out to be. Ultimately, students are shaping into unique individuals, and they should all be treated with respect and compassion. Allowing them to freely express themselves is just as vital as educating them about any subject. Finally, relish the opportunity to get to know your students and value the valuable time you all have together!


  • What are the benefits of asking a “Would You Rather” question? A “Would You Rather” inquiries ease tension and keep everyone interested while fostering collaboration and interpersonal skills.
  • What are some funny “Would You Rather” questions? A funny “Would You Rather” questions frequently ask respondents to imagine ludicrous situations.
  • When should I use a “Would You Rather” question? A: “Would You Rather” questions have been a great way to start a conversation during student meetings, get-togethers with friends and family, or team-building activities.
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