How To Apply For Covenant University Scholarship

How To Apply For Covenant University Scholarship

In the pursuit of academic excellence and the development of future leaders, educational institutions play a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of young minds. Covenant University, a distinguished institution committed to fostering innovation, character development, and global impact, has taken a monumental step toward this mission through its scholarship program. This initiative stands as a beacon of hope, opening doors of opportunity for deserving individuals who aspire to pursue higher education but face financial constraints.

In this article, we look into the intricacies of How To Apply For Covenant University Scholarship, exploring its origins, objectives, and the transformative impact it has on the lives of scholarship recipients. Join us on a journey to uncover how this program not only nurtures academic brilliance but also cultivates a community of empowered and socially responsible leaders poised to make a lasting impact on the world.

How to Apply for Covenant University Scholarship

Covenant University is a private Christian university located in Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria. It is one of the top-ranked universities in Nigeria and offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs.

Covenant University Scholarship is a fully-funded scholarship that is awarded to students who demonstrate academic excellence and financial need. In this article, we will explore how to apply for scholarships at Covenant University, scholarships offered by the university, and their eligibility criteria.

Here are the steps on how to apply for the Covenant University Scholarship:

  1. Identify the scholarship you are interested in. There are many different scholarships available at Covenant University. You can find a list of scholarships on the university’s website.
  2. Meet the eligibility requirements. Each scholarship has its eligibility requirements. Make sure you meet the requirements before you apply.
  3. Gather the required materials. Each scholarship will require different materials. Some scholarships will require you to submit an application form, a personal statement, letters of recommendation, and transcripts.
  4. Complete the application process. Once you have gathered the required materials, you can complete the application process. The application process will vary depending on the scholarship.
  5. Wait for the results. The scholarship committee will review your application and decide if you are awarded the scholarship. You will be notified of the results in a few weeks or months.

Tips for Applying for the Covenant University Scholarship

Here are some tips for applying for the Covenant University Scholarship:

  • Start early. The application process can take some time, so it’s important to start early.
  • Do your research. Make sure you understand the eligibility requirements for each scholarship you are applying for.
  • Write a strong personal statement. Your personal statement is your chance to tell the scholarship committee why you deserve the scholarship. Make sure your personal statement is well-written and persuasive.
  • Get letters of recommendation. Letters of recommendation can be a valuable asset to your application. Ask teachers, mentors, or employers who know you well to write letters of recommendation for you.
  • Proofread your application materials carefully. Make sure there are no errors in your application materials.

Covenant University Scholarship Opportunities

Covenant University offers fully funded or partially funded scholarships. Covenant University offers scholarships to international students and local citizens every year and we have listed here some Scholarships from Covenant University, to apply for  them and their eligibility criteria:

Covenant University International Excellence Scholarship

Covenant University International Excellence Scholarship is for non-Nigerian (or holders of citizenship other than Nigeria) Master’s applicants seeking on-campus admission to Covenant University. The scholarship is only open to non-Nigerian candidates admitted into any of Covenant’s Masters Programs and shall be for a period of 18 months.

Kindly note the scholarship value below, being a waiver of tuition fee only:
A. First Class: 100% tuition waiver
B. Second Class Upper (≥ 4.0): 75% tuition waiver
C. Second Class Upper (< 4.0): 50% tuition waiver

To apply for the scholarship

  • Step 1 – Click on Become an Applicant to register
  • Step 2 – To log in, check your email for the unique code sent
  • Step 3 – Browse for the available postgraduate programs and apply for your preferred program.
  • Step 4 – Complete the App form for your program, attach your first-degree Certificate, Transcript, Personal Statement, and Indicate you applied for the Covenant University International Excellence Scholarship in your application form.

CApIC-ACE Scholarship

The newly established Covenant Applied Informatics and Communication Africa Centre of Excellence (CApIC-ACE) domiciled at Covenant University under the World Bank-funded African Centre of Excellence IMPACT project (ACE-IMPACT) invites suitably qualified and highly motivated applicants from Nigeria and West & Central Africa into its Masters and Ph.D. degree programs in Bioinformatics, Computer Science, Biochemistry and Information & Communication Engineering (ICE).

Minimum requirement for application:

Master’s degree: Second Class Upper (3.5 CGPA or its equivalent) in the relevant fields of study from any recognized University in Nigeria, West, or Central Africa.

Ph.D.: Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees from any recognized University in Nigeria, West or Central Africa. Direct entry candidates must have a minimum CGPA of 4.0 on a 5.0 scale or its equivalent in M.Sc./M.Eng/M.Tech and a minimum CGPA of 3.5 (second class upper) in the Bachelor’s degree.

Application Process

Interested applicants must submit their proposals electronically to, by the application due date. The application package should include the following:

A complete application form, with the following provided as attachments:

  • A detailed research proposal, including project objectives, hypothesis, methodology, expected outcomes, potential innovation(s), and a timeline
  • A budget justification explaining how the funds will be utilized.
  • NIH Biosketch of the principal investigator
  • Letters of support or collaboration (if applicable).

Click here to apply

David Oyedepo Foundation Scholarship Program

David Oyedepo Foundation Scholarship Program is offered for a bachelor’s degree in the field of Courses offered by the university. You can apply for this scholarship here. This scholarship is provided by Covenant University and the value of this scholarship is Full Funding, Tuition, and living allowances.


  • The candidates applying must be citizens of any African country.
  • He/She must be between the ages of 18 and 25.
  • Should have proficiency in reading, writing, and speaking English.
  • The candidate should be eligible to receive a Nigerian student visa.
  • The academic records and performance at the secondary school shall be taken into consideration.
  • For Nigerians, the candidate should have at least 20 points above JAMB cut-off points.
  • The recorded average of 80% or a GPA of 4.0 out of 5.0 in Secondary/High School Transcript is required.
  • The candidate should have applied and received an admission from the Covenant or Landmark University.

Documents required

  • The documents represent your application to Covenant or Landmark University.
  • Proof of citizenship as an African citizen.
  • The candidate should upload all original copies of documents.

Selection Criteria

  • Candidates with a record of superior scholastic ability are preferred.
  • The financial needs of the student
  • Applicants with outstanding character, leadership, and community involvement are highly preferred.

Apply Here

Covenant University/JOFLSF Scholarship 

Jim Ovia Foundation Leaders Scholarship Fund is awarded to only 10 students at Covenant University. It covers four-year degree programs for high-achieving African students. The JOFLSF scholarship award is an all-expense paid education, based on demonstrated need, academic merit, and availability of funds. The Scholarship is full to cover specific items including tuition, accommodation, transportation, books, laptops, and feeding. Applicants are considered based on documented financial need and on a thorough assessment by the Covenant Scholarship Committee of all information gathered during the admissions process for each candidate.

Application Process

1. Complete the application form with your parents or legal guardians and submit it after you have completed your Covenant University admissions application form.

2. Be sure to include supporting documentation for your scholarship application (e.g. loan documents, bank statements, and pay slips) for at least the last three (3) months. A typed letter detailing the reasons why you need the Covenant/JOFLSF scholarship.

3. All the information provided must be accurate and true. Any falsification of information on this application may result in the withdrawal of your admission to Covenant University.


For those with ambition, leadership potential, and a commitment to changing their industries and home nations, the Covenant University Scholarship is an incredible opportunity. We have covered all of the important topics related to eligibility, the application process, and the scholarship opportunities available at Covenant University.

Crafting an application that is intriguing and stands out may be achieved with persistence, meticulous planning, and an emphasis on authenticity. Recall that the Covenant University Scholarship is a life-changing opportunity for academic achievement, personal development, and significant global contributions rather than just a means of financial assistance. Take advantage of this opportunity to influence your future and bring about positive change on a global level.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many semesters constitute an academic session at Covenant University, and what are they called?
An academic session at CU is made up of two semesters, called Alpha and Omega.
Is Covenant University for Christians only?
Covenant University admits qualified students from any religious background who are willing to subscribe to the rules and regulations of the University, which include regular attendance at the chapel worship services by students, faculty, and staff.

Cooking is NOT ALLOWED in the Halls of Residence. Students are required to take all their meals in the University Cafeteria on a pay-as-you-eat basis.

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