How Do You Masturbate In College

How Do You Masturbate in College

One of the most taboo topics is masturbation, which is only really talked about in group chats with your closest friends or in a Twitter thread where you and everyone else realize, “Wow, other people do it too.” Open dialogue around masturbation ought to be less frowned upon.

After all, you’ll have better sex with your partner the more you understand what your body values most. this article will guide us better on masturbation.

How Do You Masturbate In College

Masturbation is a personal and private matter, and everyone has their own preferences and comfort levels when it comes to discussing or engaging in such activities. Here are some answers from students who masturbate in colleges.

A Spelman College sophomore

“Usually, I start touching myself after making myself cum. I’m one of those weird people who can get a good climax simply by properly clenching my legs together, therefore I usually push myself past the edge before I experience my first orgasm.

This just makes sure I’m completely moist, so I don’t have to worry about lubricating anything or going slowly. I then play with my fingers around my labia and inside my vaginal canal (I don’t have any sex toys yet). at a speed that suits me. I usually lose myself in a state of mind as well, which enhances my enjoyment.

I am a big believer in creating mental spaces for sex education. Based on I also find that when I’m in that mental state, I often shake myself, grasp my neck, run a hand or hands through my hair, etc.

A Howard University Senior”

I am the queen of masturbation. I have two dildos, varying in size, for various kinds of enjoyment. In addition, I have three vibrators: a transport one (I travel a lot! ), a Hitachi magic wand (it’s amazing! ), and a tiny one that I store in the drawer next to my bed. Though I don’t use it as often, the other two are my darlings

I firmly believe that discussing mastubation in public should be more commonplace because it might always be helpful to someone else! They might not be aware of what you may know about your body.

Junior At Xavier University Of Louisiana

“As odd and looked down on as it is, I use a pocket vagina to masturbate, in addition to my hands. The pocket vagina doesn’t feel exactly like the real thing, but it’s definitely enough to make me have an orgasm.”

A Howard University Sophomore

“I personally use a basic vibrator and pretend that it’s me and my future husband as I watch some love-making porn. I just use the vibrator on my clit because I don’t particularly enjoy how it feels to put it within my vagina.

A Howard University Sophomore

“I use my index finger to stimulate my clitoris during a masturbation. But if I’m lucky and have a lot of time, I also use my middle and index fingers—sometimes even my ring finger, but not usually—to pierce my vagina. In addition, I occasionally pinch my nipples to get more stimulation.

A Community College Sophomore

Because my mother never dissuaded me from getting to know my own body, I’ve been masturbating for years. As an adult, I’ve discovered that having that independence lets me explore my sexuality with ease. I don’t know why, but I’ve never found penetration exciting, thus I don’t like doing it to myself. But clitoral stimulation—that’s my saving grace.

Two weeks ago, my closest friend and I purchased our first vibrator. I discovered that the staff at the sex shop was really welcoming and had excellent recommendations. Really, all I have to do is lay there, fantasize about having sex, and arouse my clit. I’ll change the category if I’m watching porn, but much of it feels incredibly artificial to me and makes no effort to lighten my attitude.

That’s all there is to it, and I’ll masturbate day or night. It’s calming and, in my opinion, helps you discover your interests! It’s something that everyone ought to practice since it improves one’s sexual life. Discover what’s wrong with your vajunebug or your diddly stick because, let’s face it, it makes things easier for you and your spouse. Because life is too short, you want to have the greatest sex life imaginable.

A Howard University Junior

I’ve been in a long-distance relationship for a few months, and I think that treating oneself to pleasure is crucial to decompressing. I clitoral stimulate with a toy or with my fingers. I use water-based lubricant or the Satisfyer Pro 2 when taking a shower. On Amazon, it cost about $40, but the purchase is well worth it.

When I couldn’t reach my climax during sex with other partners, I started masturbating, and I’ve discovered that it’s a useful way to discover what my body is craving. I now orgasm every time I have sex because I know my body better.

A Howard University Sophomore

“Usually, I only use my hands. For me, masturbation is a means of decompressing or perhaps preventing the humiliation walk at five in the morning. All girls should attempt to embrace it, in my opinion, as it is equally normal for boys to do so.

A University Of Illinois At Chicago Sophomore

I usually watch masturbation and porn. I would try using a toy again if I had another one, even though I’ve only tried it once and it didn’t really work.

At North Carolina A&T State University, A Junior

My fingers are what I use to masturbate more frequently. I do, however, constantly desire to test out new sex devices. It maintains the experience’s novelty.

A Winston-Salem State Sophomore

“I use my hands to stimulate my clit more than I have with sex toys yet.”

A Howard University Freshman

Usually, I just use my fingertips. I either browse sexual websites, think about my lover, or watch our own intimate films.

A Junior At The University Of Texas

“I lubricate my shaft with lotion and masturbate the way I believe most people do. I stroke my shaft with my right or left hand, and whichever hand is free, I apply a little pressure to my gooch with my fingers, which enhances the orgasm.”

A Howard University Sophomore

“As a 19-year-old single, I’ve never had the leisure to look for romantic companions. I made the decision to buy nice toys rather than waste time trying to find methods to have sex. I occasionally use little dildos, but the Hitachi Magic Wand is always my first choice.

I used to use my fingers to stimulate my clit before I bought it, and sometimes it would take a while. The Wand completes tasks three times quicker than I can. It’s a godsend on days when I have to cum swiftly.

A Spelman College Sophomore

“I was really young when I first began to masturbate. Young, at least by the standards of my upbringing. Usually, I use lesbian porn to indulge in my fantasies. For me, the soundtrack is a turn on. I can get erotic photographs of my partner sometimes, and sometimes I can get sex over the phone.

I got my first sex toy for clitoral stimulation when I turned eighteen, and I truly appreciate it. For penetration, I have another one, but sometimes I don’t want to be penetrated. Because attaining climax is such a strenuous task, I will masturbate whenever I feel the need or just to fall asleep.

Tips To Consider When Discusssing About Masturbation With Others

It is completely up to your particular tastes and comfort level how you choose to participate in masturbation, which is a private and personal action. It’s critical to handle this subject with decency and respect. Here are some broad pointers and things to think about:


Make sure you have a place to yourself where you won’t be bothered. The majority of student residence halls offer private rooms or a certain amount of seclusion.

Respect for Roommates

If you live with someone else, take into consideration their comfort and privacy. Set up boundaries that are obvious and, if necessary, speak honestly.

Period Management

Pay attention to your schedule and select a period when you won’t be interrupted.

Utilize Personal Devices

If you use a phone or laptop, for example, be sure to keep them safe and clean.

Be Discreet

In communal living environments, honor others’ private and personal space.

Think About Noise Levels: If you and other people are in close quarters, try to reduce any noise you may be making.

Unwind And Have Fun

Recall that human sexuality includes healthy, natural masturbating. It’s acceptable to look after your personal requirements in a way that suits and protects you.

Always put your own health first and make decisions that are consistent with your moral principles. If you have any particular worries or difficulties about this, think about speaking with a dependable friend, therapist, or medical expert.


One should treat the decision to masturbate throughout college with respect for both oneself and other people. It is a personal and private problem. Prioritizing privacy, having honest conversations with roommates, and being aware of the shared living space are all crucial.

A healthy and satisfying experience is facilitated by setting up a quiet and comfortable area, taking noise levels into account, and honoring boundaries. It is important to keep in mind that masturbation is a common part of human sexuality and that people should put their own health first while still being mindful of others around them.

A feeling of personal accountability, open communication, and respect for one another can all aid in handling this part of college life in a responsible and adult way.


What Privacy Concerns Should I Be Aware Of When It Comes To Private Matters In A College Residence Hall?

To protect everyone’s comfort and privacy, it’s critical to be aware of your roommate’s schedule and to have open lines of communication.

How Can I Live With Roommates In College And Still Practice Healthy, Private Self-care?

Solution: It’s important to strike a balance between your own requirements and your roommate’s boundaries. Managing these intimate parts of cohabitation can be made easier by creating an open line of communication.

Exist Any Facilities Or Areas On Campus That Provide Seclusion For Private Pursuits?

In response, a lot of universities give their students access to private areas. Consult the wellness center or housing office at your campus to find out whether if any resources or policies are in place to help kids protect their privacy.

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