Who Won The College Dance Nationals

Who Won The College Dance Nationals 2023

The world of collegiate dance is a vibrant and dynamic arena, teeming with talent, passion, and fierce competition. Each year, teams from across the nation come together to compete in the College Dance Nationals, showcasing their skills and vying for the coveted title of National Champion. This yearly showcase provides a platform for the confluence of many genres, originality, and unbridled enthusiasm for dance.

The burning question that remains unanswered while the dance community clutches its collective breath is: Who won the College Dance Nationals 2023? Come with us to celebrate the successes, the creativity, and the unending enthusiasm that characterize the collegiate dance community as we look into the core of this year’s Nationals.

Who Won The College Dance Nationals

The 2023 College Dance Nationals were no exception, with teams delivering breathtaking performances that left audiences spellbound. This article provides a comprehensive review of the 2023 College Dance Nationals, highlighting the winners and their awe-inspiring performances.

 A Spectacular Showcase of Talent and Athleticism

The 2023 College Dance Nationals, held in January of this year, was a thrilling event that showcased the best collegiate dance teams in the country. The competition, hosted by UCA and UDA, saw hundreds of dancers from across the nation compete in various categories, ranging from pom and jazz to hip-hop and open dance. The atmosphere was electric, filled with energy, passion, and dedication from both the dancers and the audience.

The competition is divided into multiple divisions based on team size and skill level. This ensures that all teams have a fair chance of competing against others in their category. Division IA is the highest level of competition, featuring the most elite and experienced dance teams from across the country.

Here are some of the highlights from the 2023 College Dance Nationals:

  • The University of Minnesota dominated the competition, winning two national titles: Division IA Pom and Division IA Jazz.
  • The University of Nevada, Las Vegas, claimed the national title in Division IA Hip Hop.
  • Western Kentucky University secured the top spot in Division IA All-Girl Cheer.
  • Florida State University took home the gold in Division IA Small Coed Cheer.
  • The University of South Florida emerged victorious in Division IA Coed Cheer and Division IA All Girl Cheer Game Day.
  • Lindenwood University and the University of Minnesota, Duluth, earned the national titles in open hip-hop and open jazz, respectively.
  • The University of Delaware mascot, “YouDee,” captured the hearts of the judges and audience to win the Open Mascot competition.

In addition to the thrilling competition, the College Dance Nationals also included a variety of workshops, clinics, and other educational opportunities for dancers and coaches. These sessions provided valuable insights from industry professionals and helped athletes develop their skills and knowledge.

The College Dance Nationals is a prestigious event that celebrates the athleticism, artistry, and dedication of college dancers. It is a platform for young athletes to showcase their talent, learn from the best, and compete for national titles. The 2023 competition was a huge success, and it is sure to continue to inspire and motivate dancers in the years to come. Who Won The College Dance Nationals 2023

 Winners of the Open Dance category

The Open Dance category saw some incredible performances, with teams pushing the boundaries of creativity and technical prowess. The winners in this category were Minnesota State University Mankato for Open Pom, University of Minnesota-Duluth for Open Jazz, and Lindenwood University for Open Hip Hop. These teams demonstrated exceptional talent and dedication, earning them the top spot in their respective divisions. Who Won The College Dance Nationals 2023

Victors in the Division I Dance category

The Division I Dance category was a hotbed of competition, with teams delivering high-energy performances that captivated the audience. The winners in this category were Saint Joseph’s University for Division I Pom, the University of St. Thomas for Division I Jazz, and the University of Delaware for Division I Hip Hop. These teams showcased their exceptional skills and teamwork, earning them the title of National Champions in their respective divisions.

Winners of the Division IA Dance category

The Division IA Dance category was a spectacle of talent and precision, with teams delivering performances that were both technically sound and artistically impressive. The winners in this category were the University of Minnesota for Division IA Pom and Jazz and the University of Nevada-Las Vegas for Division IA Hip Hop. These teams stood out for their exceptional choreography and execution, earning them the title of National Champions in their respective divisions.


The 2023 College Dance Nationals was a resounding success, solidifying its position as the premier event for collegiate dance teams. The talent, dedication, and passion displayed by the athletes were truly inspiring, and the competition provided a platform for them to showcase their abilities on a national stage. The event also served as a valuable educational opportunity for dancers and coaches alike.

As we look forward to the future of the College Dance Nationals, we can expect to see even more amazing performances and exciting innovations from the next generation of collegiate dancers.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many teams participated in the 2023 College Dance Nationals?

Over 98 teams participated in the 2023 College Dance Nationals, representing colleges and universities from across the United States.

2. What are the different categories in which teams compete?

The competition offers a variety of categories to cater to different styles and skill levels, including pom, jazz, hip-hop, open dance, and cheerleading.

3. What are the benefits of participating in the College Dance Nationals?

Participating in the College Dance Nationals offers several benefits for both dancers and coaches, including gaining valuable experience and exposure; developing skills and teamwork; Networking opportunities; and earning scholarships and recognition.

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