Where Did Rick Ness Go To College

Where Did Rick Ness Go To College

Where did Rick Ness go to college? Rick Ness, a well-known miner, is a reality TV star on the popular Discovery Channel program Gold Rush. Before going into gold mining full-time, Ness had pursued a different career path. So where did this driven gold miner receive his early education and start in life before he joined the Gold Rush crew?

Where Did Rick Ness Go To College

So you’re wondering where Rick Ness attended college. The answer to that question may surprise you. Rick Ness, a well-known name among viewers of the reality television show “Gold Rush,” has a fascinating educational history that has piqued many people’s interest.

Ness decided to attend college to pursue his interests after high school. He completed his undergraduate studies in electronics engineering technology at DeVry University.

We’ve all seen him on shows mining for gold and taking on problems head-on. But before he became a gold miner and a television personality, Rick had a childhood that molded who he is today.

Childhood and Interests

Although Rick Ness was raised in Chandler, Arizona, he was born in the Midwest. Ness was always drawn to two things in particular: music and mechanics. He was an accomplished musician who also enjoyed tinkering with electronics and automobile engines in his spare time.

The High School Years

First of all, in 1999, Rick Ness received his diploma from Escanaba Area High School. His officially documented educational journey comes to an end with this event. Rick attended Michigan’s Escanaba Area High School during some of his most formative years.

While completing high school is an important accomplishment, it’s also important to note that there is no information about the college he attended. So, while his educational history dates back to high school, the details of his time in college are still unknown.

Ness’s Time in College

Ness was able to hone his technological, analytical thinking, and electronics skills at DeVry. His studies in electronics engineering equipped him for a career in mechanical fields.

Early Professional Life

Following her 2003 DeVry University graduation, Ness relocated to Anchorage, Alaska. He worked in the aviation industry for more than ten years, applying his technological education there. Ness maintained and fixed aircraft electronics in his capacity as an avionics technician.

Changing Course to Gold Mining

Ness was prepared for a significant career shift by 2015. He decided to give up flying and give gold mining a shot. Although it was an entirely different route, it catered to his passion for engineering and mechanics. In Season 8 of Gold Rush, Ness joined Todd Hoffman’s gold mining team and quickly established himself as an important member of the group. His knowledge has assisted the group in optimizing their equipment and gold recovery systems.

Potential Outcomes

Naturally, rumors have circulated regarding Rick’s possible college attendance. Some fans contend that he might have studied geology or mining engineering, two subjects that are closely related to what he does now. But it’s also possible that Rick went in a completely different direction.

Still, all of these are just theories in the absence of hard data. There’s no denying that Rick’s mining prowess and affable on-screen persona make a college degree unnecessary. Examining Alternative Paths: Life Outside of Academics

Interestingly, Rick didn’t enter the gold mining industry right away. Before stepping into this dangerous career, Rick was a musician. He was a musician who performed in bands on the upright bass. Before mining, the band, 357 String Band, played a significant role in his life. This musical journey, though unrelated to college, is evidence of his varied talents.

Discovering the Significance

You may be wondering why it matters so much where Rick Ness attended college. Well, Rick’s story tells a lot about the different directions life can go. Rick serves as a brilliant example of how success can be measured in a variety of ways in a society that frequently emphasizes the value of a formal education.


Rick Ness, the reality television star, studied electronics engineering technology at DeVry University in the early 2000s and graduated with a technical degree. His education prepared him for a future in aviation before transitioning to the gold mining industry and succeeding in the Gold Rush. Ness’s boldness and flexibility are evident in his readiness to change course and enter a completely new industry.


In which college did Rick Ness attend?

No information about Rick Ness’s college of attendance has been made public as of September 2021. What he studied in high school and beyond is still a mystery.

Where was Rick Ness’s high school education?

In 1999, Rick Ness received his diploma from Escanaba Area High School. Michigan is where the school is situated.

Before the Gold Rush, what did Rick Ness do?

Before going into reality TV and gold mining, Rick Ness was a musician. In a group known as the 357 String Band, he performed on upright bass.


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