What To Wear To College Tour

What To Wear To College Tour

It might be exhilarating to see a school in person. You may spend the next four years living on the college campus you are visiting, after all. On your college tours, remember to present yourself professionally by dressing appropriately, even though you’ll have a lot of essential questions regarding housing, safety on campus, and student life.

If it is a typical college visit, a pair of jeans and a T-shirt are fine for a casual college visit. Most simple college tours are less than a day and can range from two to eight hours of activities. You’ll participate in seminars, building tours, and Q&A sessions with departments like financial aid and admissions.

What To Wear To College Tour

In your excitement to tour the campus of your dreams, you may not have thought a lot about your wardrobe. What you choose to wear on a college tour can impact your experience more than you realize. The type of college tour you will be attending plays a significant factor in what you should wear. Check out these tips for staying comfortable and making a good first impression on college tours.

Dress For The Weather

When visiting a school in a different section of the nation, you may notice that it is much more bright, colder, or rainier than where you are from. Spending a lot of money on items like a winter coat that you won’t be able to use at home if you haven’t committed to attending school yet is something you should avoid doing. Alternatively, browse consignment stores for great finds on stylish, comparatively new clothing at unexpected discounts.

Wearing comfy clothing is advised unless you are attending a professional meeting or interview. It is important to consider the weather as you will be walking outside to and from buildings. If you plan to go in and out of buildings all day, wearing a light jacket is a good choice. You can avoid the weather ruining your tour experience by packing an umbrella.

Keep It Casual, But Not Too Casual

Most likely, you have your sense of style and you want to be true to that. Yet, you may encounter the Dean of Undergrad Studies or members of the admissions committee during your college tour—and you don’t want them to remember you for all the wrong reasons.

While a college tour certainly doesn’t call for a tuxedo or a prom dress, ripped jeans, ratty t-shirts, or stained sweats may not make the best first impression on the people you meet. And first impressions often make lasting impressions

Aim for business casual: a balance between comfort and a well-groomed appearance. Jeans are perfectly acceptable if the fabric’s intact and the cuffs aren’t too tattered. A plain, tailored t-shirt, a casual button-down shirt, or a sweater paired with jeans or khakis will work nicely.

Keep Your Feet Happy

On campus, you want to appear professional and provide a positive first impression, but you also want to feel at ease. You’ll probably need to walk a lot because it’s unlikely that you’ll be taking a Segway or golf cart tour of the campus. Any college visit can be significantly impacted by the shoes you wear. Since most excursions involve a lot of walking, it might be ruined by wearing uncomfortable shoes.

Regardless of how beautifully they match your jeans, this is not the moment to wear your leaking boat shoes with worn-out treads. If your shoes are excessively tight, squeaky, or falling off, you’ll be preoccupied the entire time and miss important information on the campus tour that could influence your choice of destination. Make sure your shoes are appropriate for the occasion and comfy, regardless of the type of visit you are having.

Steer clear of pointed toes, heels, and new shoes that haven’t had time to break in. Platform booties or flip-flops aren’t appropriate shoes for a college tour, either. Examine photographs of the campus in advance to have a sense of the layout. You can avoid plunging face-first into the mud outside the Student Union building and achieve comfort and stability by wearing sneakers, hiking boots, or walking shoes with good support and deep treads.

Be Presentable

While most college visits do not require you to dress out of the ordinary, you should still look presentable if you seriously plan to attend. Make sure your clothes are clean, stain-free, and not wrinkled. Your outfit should still be appropriate even if it’s casual. Avoid graphic or obscene shirts or excessively revealing clothing. Your outfit should reflect your attitude and interest in learning about the school. Plus, you never know who you’ll meet on the tour. Leave your best impression with a clean and neat outfit.

Other Things to Bring on a College Tour

It will be useful to pack a few additional items in addition to appropriate clothing. A bottle of water is essential. It’s possible that you won’t have time to stop at a water fountain during your entire day. Keep a little notebook handy to jot down notes about the school that caught your attention. Note any deadlines, contact details, and further information that you would require if you apply to the university. Make sure you bring a phone or camera with you so you may snap photos while on the tour. Examining old photos of the sights and sounds you experienced on campus helps you to recall its appearance and atmosphere the best.

Understanding the Importance of What to Wear To College Tour

Many upcoming college students underestimate the influence a well-thought-out outfit can have on their overall experience of a college tour. A crucial point to remember is that your appearance plays a significant role in forming perceptions about you. When embarking on a college tour, it’s important to consider the impact of your attire. The way you present yourself can shape the way others perceive your level of interest and commitment to the institution. Dressing well not only shows respect for the college and its community but also demonstrates your seriousness about your academic pursuits.


In conclusion, regardless of the formality of the event feel free to add your unique style to your outfits.  Colleges want to see how you will add to their school and what makes you unique as a person.  Your style, when accommodated with your skills and knowledge, is one way to express that.

Until you set foot on a new college campus, there’s no telling exactly what to expect. However, with careful planning and thoughtful outfit choices, you can enhance your college tour experience considerably. Remember, your attire speaks volumes about your respect for the institution and your eagerness to be a part of its community.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should I bring a backpack to a college tour?
When you visit any college, it’s a good idea to take your smartphone or camera, notebook, and a small backpack. You’ll want to make a record of your experience with pictures, videos, and notes. You may want a jacket or packable umbrella in your backpack to prepare for weather changes.
2. How long are college tours typically?
Most college tours will take between 60 and 90 minutes, but some are longer, especially personalized tours. The more time you spend on campus, the more you can experience the “vibe” and discover if it’s right for you.
3. What not to do on a college tour?
Please refrain from making small talk, conversation, jokes, comments, and asides, or otherwise engaging in banter with your tour guide. Do not ask questions or prompt your child to ask questions through nods, nudges, stage whispers, or stares.
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