What Is Priority Registration For College

What Is Priority Registration For College

Students are given a registration appointment date that provides the earliest date they may register for classes. The registration date students receive is based on the student’s registration priority status. Earlier registration is given to students who complete a student orientation, assessment and educational plan. The more classes a student takes and completes with satisfactory grades, the earlier registration appointment students will receive.

What Is Priority Registration For College

Permitting a student with less than 60 or more earned hours to enrol beginning with the first day of the registration period for the upcoming semester. The first day on which a student becomes eligible to register is determined by student level, earned credits, or other criteria.

How are priority registration appointments assigned?

Priority registration appointments are assigned based on the following criteria and in the following order:

  • Student-athletes beyond their first semester as verified by a designated athletics counsellor, students currently participating in a First-Year Experience cohort, students currently participating in the Federal TRIO programs,  and Associated Students elected and appointed officers from each college as verified by the Associated Students advisor. All continuing students must be in good academic standing; students new to the college must have completed orientation, assessment, and an educational plan.
  • Continuing students with 76-90 units* who are in good academic standing.
  • Continuing students with 45-75 units* who are in good academic standing.
  • Continuing students with 30-44 units* who are in good academic standing.
  • Continuing students with 15-29 units* who are in good academic standing.
  • Continuing students with 1-14 units* who are in good academic standing and Middle College Special Admission high school students.
  • New students who have completed orientation, assessment, and an educational plan
  • Returning students who have not attended in at least one year, who have completed fewer than 90.5 units, are in good academic standing in the Ventura County Community College District, and have completed orientation, assessment, and an educational plan.

Open registration for all students (excluding Special Admission students), including:

  • All students that have been placed on academic or progress probation or more serious academic sanction for two consecutive terms unless they successfully appeal for reinstatement of enrollment priority based on verifiable extenuating circumstances.
  • New and returning students who choose to be exempt from participating in orientation, assessment, and/or the development of a student educational plan (see Exemption information above).
  • Continuing and returning students with more than 90 units unless they successfully petition for reinstatement of enrollment priorities.
  • Other Special Admission high school students not associated with Middle College and other concurrently enrolled minors.

What if I am on academic or progress probation

Students who receive two consecutive terms of academic probation, progress probation, or more severe academic sanctions will not be given enrollment preference and must register during open registration. If they can provide proof of one of the specified extenuating reasons, students who lose their priority may file an appeal. If the appeal is granted, enrollment priority will be restored. During a counselling session, the petition to dispute the loss of enrollment priority is started. Verifiable instances of illness, accident, or other uncontrollable conditions are considered extenuating circumstances. Appeals need to be backed up by independently verified records of the events.

What if I exceeded 90 units

Unless they successfully petition for a waiver that restores them to the prior enrollment priority, continuing students who have earned more than 90 units will lose enrollment priority and must register during open registration. During a counselling session, the petition to dispute the loss of enrollment priority is started. If a student is enrolled in a high-unit major or program of study, a high-unit transfer major, or they are registering for their final semester at a college within, they may petition to have their registration priority restored.

What are the reasons I may be able to appeal my later registration appointment?

You may be able to appeal your later registration appointment for the following reasons: The student must provide documentation such as medical documents, death certificates, police reports, court documentation, etc. To appeal your registration date, you must meet with a counsellor.

  1. Final Semester – Approval will be based on the student’s Educational Plan completed by the academic counsellor.
  2. Enrollment in a High Unit Major or Program – Approval requires the student to have declared a program of study in a major that is identified as a “High Unit Major”. Approval will be based on the student’s Educational Plan completed by the academic counsellor.
  3. Academic and/or Progress Improvement – The student must demonstrate significant academic improvement by achieving no less than the minimum grade point average of 2.0 and a progress standard minimum of 50% completion in the most recent primary term.
  4. Untimely Accommodation – The student must have a disability, and applied for but did not receive accommodations on time.
  5. Extenuating Circumstances – Approval is based on verified evidence of circumstances beyond the student’s control. This could include the death of an immediate family member, accident, serious illness, eviction, etc.

Priority Registration For Persons With Disability

1. Priority registration allows eligible undergraduate students early access to the registration system.

2. As demonstrated by the following instances, priority registration is seen as a reasonable accommodation for students with disabilities:

  • Students with chronic health conditions who must carefully schedule classes around medication schedules
  •  Individuals with mobility disabilities that make it difficult for them to get from one class to another
  •  Students undergoing periodic medical treatments (such as dialysis or chemotherapy) that make it impossible for them to attend class on certain days or at certain times.

3. A student must register with the Office of Disability Services (DS), go through an intake interview with the Director of DS or a designee, and submit a formal request for the accommodation to be eligible for a priority registration accommodation. Every request will be examined and assessed on a case-by-case and semester basis by the Director of DS or a designee. Documentation to support the claim may be needed.

4. The Director of DS/designee will evaluate the student’s request in terms of the impact of the disability and demands of the student’s proposed schedule for that semester.

5. The student’s eligibility for a priority registration accommodation for a certain semester will be confirmed by the Director of DS or their designee through a formal letter to the relevant University departments, such as the Office of the Registrar and Academic Advising.

6. Priority registration does not override any institutional or department policy (for example, the need for academic
advisement or removal of holds.)

7. The accommodation for priority registration is only good for one semester. To determine whether they still require an accommodation, students must meet with the Director of DS or a designee each semester to discuss their projected course load.

How will I know my priority registration date?

Office of the University Registrar will send a customized message to your mail account with the specific date and time when you become eligible to register for the term. The date and time noted in the email are referred to as the priority registration date. The email includes other content specific to you that may be relevant to your registration planning, such as: holds, registration PIN, graduation information, Fly in 4, advising contact details, and other information.

What tools are available to help me build my course schedule?

The following tools are available to help you plan for registration

  • Browse for Classes (Course Schedule): Course search engine tool for browsing for courses.
  • Plan your Schedule: Schedule planning tools to help build multiple course schedules.
  • Degree Audit Report System (DARS): A degree audit system to help you track progress toward your degree.
  • Individual schools or colleges may have other tools available for students.


In conclusion, to keep your priority registration, you need to continue to be in high academic standing. Try your hardest to maintain a 2.0 GPA or above, and avoid enrolling in any classes that aren’t listed on our Student Education Plan. Your risk of losing registration priority will rise if you include those units in your records.

Assignments for priority registration are determined by the total number of hours you have accrued (finished). You have to be enrolled right now during the previous spring to be eligible for fall, and you have to be enrolled right now during the previous fall to be eligible for spring.

Frequently Asked Question

1. What are the benefits of a priority deadline?
Think of it as a fast pass for your application. In addition to acceptance, applying by the priority deadline typically increases your chances of meeting other important admission goals like receiving financial aid, winning scholarships, or gaining admission to a competitive major.
2. What is a priority review college application?
Essentially, a priority application is a type of college application that allows students to submit their materials earlier than the regular application deadline.
3. What is the difference between priority admission and regular admission?
Students can apply to more than one college Regular Decision. Decisions tend to be received between March and April. Priority Admission is when a college sets a date by which applications given the most consideration must be received. This date precedes such colleges’ Regular Decision deadlines
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