Is Utica College A Party School? 5 Strong Fact To Consider

Is Utica College A Party School

At Utica University, learning takes place in cutting-edge labs and lecture halls, in national conferences and fieldwork, online, and in the working world. With a comprehensive, individualized learning program that provides 16 of the top 22 most sought-after majors (a total of 38 undergraduate majors), you collaborate with some of the brightest minds in the trendiest subjects.

Located in the Utica, New York, area, Utica College is a private, nonprofit institution. In 1946, Utica College was established. Approximately 3,861 students are enrolled in the college each year, including 2,678 undergraduates.

Is Utica College A Party School

Utica school being a party school is dependent on the activities of the school and its student, their social activities like sports, and outings can largely make the school be looked at as a party school.

Utica Acceptance Rate

Admission to Utica College is somewhat challenging. 81% of candidates were accepted by Utica College in 2022. 2,724 of the 3,367 applicants to Utica College in 2022 were accepted.

Overview of Utica College Admissions Information
Rate of Acceptance Overall: 81%
Early Decision Acceptance Rate: 69%
Early Actions Acceptance Rate: 95%
Average GPA: 3.3

Test Optional: Yes

Applicants Submitting ACT Score: 95%
Candidates submitting  SAT results: 17%

 Campus Life at Utica University

1. Housing

grade B based on student ratings, housing costs, capacity, and other considerations.
There is housing available on campus.
Yes, living on campus is required for freshmen.
Freshmen Do Not Live on Campus
34% of undergraduates live in college housing
Annual Average Housing Cost of $5,742
For the most part, 45% of students think the dorms are excellent. 157 answers
The social climate in the dorms is rated highly by 52% of students. 69 answers

2. Food

Food receiving a C+ based on the price of the meal package and the opinions of the students about the cuisine.
Meal Plan Accessible
The average cost of a meal plan is $6,830 annually.
Which restaurants are the best on campus?
based on fifty replies
Sandwich Bar 34 percent
On campus, there’s a subway and 30% pre-made salads.
Cafeteria: 20%
More than 36% of students give the eating facilities excellent ratings. 42 answers

3. Campus Quality

Campus ranking of based on student evaluations, food services, housing quality, and other variables.
Grade in Student Life based on the social scene, student reviews, diversity of the school, and other variables.
What is your general impression of the campus community and your school?
based on thirty-two replies
I’m incredibly proud of my campus and I adore everything about my school.
38 percent
Although there are certain aspects of my school that I wish were different, overall, I like everything about it.
The school community is fine; education is the only reason we are here.

4. Safety

Aminus for safety based on student reviews, neighborhood crime statistics, and incidents that occur on campus.
On campus, 88% of students report feeling incredibly safe and secure. 40 answers
What impact does peer pressure have on students’ drug and alcohol use?
according to 36 replies
Alcohol and drugs do not have to ruin your social life.
44 percent
While most people participate in some way, you won’t face any discrimination if you choose not to.

42 percent
If you don’t drink, you’ll undoubtedly feel a little uncomfortable.
11% Extra
To what extent do you see the university police on campus?
Considering 31 replies
Very available and eager to help kids.
42% Not intrusive, yet there if you need them.
29 percent
Only present to disrupt gatherings or distribute parking tickets 23%

5. Sports

On campus, how well-liked are varsity sports?
66 answers were received.
On campus, almost everything is centered around them.
8% of Campus life revolves heavily around varsity sports.
62% of people go to varsity sports events, yet they’re not very prevalent on campus.
27% Varsity athletics are unimportant to everyone.

3% Varsity Sports for Men
Track and Field: Indoor, Outdoor, X-country, Water Polo, Baseball, Basketball, Diving, Football, Golf, Ice Hockey, Lacrosse, Soccer, Swimming, Swimming and Diving, Tennis, and All Track Combined
Women’s College Athletics
Track & Field: X-Country, Volleyball, Water Polo, Basketball, Diving, Field Hockey, Golf, Ice Hockey, Lacrosse, Soccer, Softball, Swimming, Swimming and Diving, Tennis, Track and Field: Indoor, Track and Field: Outdoor

Club Activities

Clubs Offered: Yearbook Music Choral Groups, Concert Bands, Jazz Bands, Music Ensembles, Dance, Drama/Theater, International Student Organizations, Literary Magazines, Newspaper, Radio Stations, Student Government, Television Stations, Pedal Band
Which traditions or events on campus are your favorites?
according to 33 replies
sporting events (30%)
Breakfast party at midnight 24%
Coming Home 21%

Party Scene

The grade for the Party Scene is based on student evaluations of the party scene and bar availability.
What kind of party environment exists on campus?
based on 37 answers
Many choices are Wednesday through Saturday.
27 percent
A few good house/frat parties, but only on the weekends.
27 percent
There aren’t many great parties.
27 percent
Which social gathering is the largest of the year?
based on sixteen answers
Halloween Weekend
Returning home
Big Chi Beta for Valentine’s Day Party “heart-on” Sigma

Greek Life

Guys in fraternities
Sorority women
According to 53% of students, Greek life is average and that being a non-member won’t affect your treatment by anyone. 55 answers

Student Gender

Gender of Students
Men and Women
US nationals: 40%, 44%, 60%, and 56%
THE TOWN’S SIZE: small size


88% of out-of-state students are in-state students


10% were African Americans; 4% were Asian/Pacific Islanders; 10% were Hispanic.
American Indian 1% White 67%
Multiracial Unknown 2%


In conclusion, a variety of elements, such as campus culture, student activities, and personal preferences, must be taken into account to determine whether Utica College is a party school. Like many other universities,  The college encourages a well-rounded atmosphere that meets the needs of students in terms of their social and academic lives. In the end, opinions about Utica College being a party school differ, so prospective students should visit the campus themselves to make their well-informed judgments.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is partying the main social activity at Utica College?

Although attending parties and other social events is a part of being a college student, Utica College provides a wide variety of extracurricular activities. Students can participate in a variety of cultural, intellectual, and recreational events on campus, which enhances their college experience.

2. How does Utica College put the safety of its students first while hosting social events?

Student safety is a top priority at Utica College when it comes to social gatherings. The organization has put policies and procedures in place to guarantee safe and responsible party settings. Campus security keeps a close eye on events and offers educational initiatives to encourage students to behave responsibly.

3. What options are available to Utica College students looking for partying alternatives?

A plethora of services are available at Utica College for students looking for something different from typical party scenes. These consist of associations, clubs, and leisure pursuits that serve a range of interests. The school also provides wellness initiatives and support services to help students lead balanced, healthy lifestyles.

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