Is College Inn Chicken Broth Gluten Free

Is College Inn Chicken Broth Gluten Free

In the ever-evolving world of dietary choices and culinary preferences, finding gluten-free options has evolved into a way of life for many. A common ingredient found in kitchens all around the world, College Inn Chicken Broth, has caught the attention of people following gluten-free diets.

In addition to being the ideal foundation for a bowl of homemade chicken soup, chicken broth works well for baking chicken to add flavor and for creating stock or pasta. However, like with many stock bases or broths, people with gluten sensitivity must confirm if a particular broth is gluten-free before utilizing it in their meals. “Is College Inn Chicken Broth Gluten Free”- read on to find out.

Is College Inn Chicken Broth Gluten Free

Indeed, College Inn’s chicken broth is gluten free. This covers the brand’s chicken bone broths as well as its standard chicken broth variants. All of these varieties of chicken broth, however, may be susceptible to cross-contamination because they are not produced in a facility specifically intended to accommodate gluten sensitivity. Kettle & Fire Low Sodium Chicken Broth is the finest gluten-free substitute.

Having said that, most people with gluten sensitivity can safely choose College Inn’s Chicken Broth because, there is very little chance of cross-contamination being severe enough to cause an adverse reaction. Let’s examine some more alternatives and dissect this kind of chicken broth in greater depth.

Ingredients to look out for

For those who are sensitive to gluten, there’s good news! Most major companies have made small adjustments to their manufacturing processes, meaning that most chicken broth is now typically gluten-free.

In the past, wheat or barley malt was used to make a lot of chicken broth. However, these substances are no longer used in favor of substitutes. That being said, even if you plan to buy chicken broth from College Inn, you should still look for a few ingredients on the back of the container. These components include: natural flavors, wheat or barley malt, autolyzed yeast extract, yeast extract, and any additional products you are aware contain gluten.


The majority of chicken broth brands, may have disclaimers like “may contain wheat” or “made on shared equipment with wheat.” These two phrases just denote the possibility of cross-contamination.

To put it simply, not all makers of chicken broth use sealed, gluten-free facilities to make their stock. As a result, cross-contamination is always a possibility, and accidentally, gluten or wheat particles may find their way into a particular package of chicken broth. Remember this the next time you choose your chicken broth for dinner.

Ingredients for College Inn Chicken Broth

Let’s examine which varieties of College Inn chicken broth are certified gluten-free by the company itself. Each of the following chicken broth types is offered in both carton and can forms. The only distinction between the ingredients in each category of chicken broth is that each can of chicken or chicken bone broth from College Inn contains sugar, while the core cartons do not.

This is because the sugar helps maintain the flavor of the broth for extended periods of time, so keep that in mind when you shop for chicken broth. If you’re trying to eat healthily, choose the carton versions of the following broth types:

1. College Inn Chicken Broth: This is College Inn most basic chicken broth—it contains no organic ingredients, unique additions, or vitamins obtained from bones.

Ingredients in it are:

Chicken broth Natural flavors with salt
Yeast extract Vegetable stock (carrot, celery root, and onion concentrates included)

Nutritional Value

  • 5 calories each portion
  • 35% DV, or 850 mg of sodium
  • 5 milligrams of potassium
  • One gram of carbohydrates
  • One gram of sugar

2. College Inn Chicken Broth with Less Sodium: This kind of chicken broth is practically the same as the basic soup provided above, as its name would imply. It does have a little less sodium, though.
Yeast extract Vegetable stock (carrot, celery root, and onion concentrates included)

Nutritional Value

  • 5 calories each portion
  • sodium of 510 mg, or 22% DV
  • 15 milligrams of potassium
  • One gram of carbohydrates
  • One gram of protein

3. College Inn Organic Chicken Broth: If you want to enjoy tasty chicken broth without gluten-based components, but limit your diet to only organic foods, College Inn’s Organic Chicken Broth can be a wonderful option.

Ingredients in it are:

  • Natural chicken broth
  • Salt
  • Organic chicken taste; organic yeast extract
  • Concentrate of organic carrot juice
  • Concentrate of organic onion juice
  • natural powdered onion
  • natural tomato paste
  • natural turmeric
  • powdered organic garlic
  • Natural thyme
  • natural rosemary
  • natural spice
  • Natural taste
  • Dehydrated organic carrot

Nutritional Value

  • 15 calories each portion
  • sodium of 630 mg, or 26% DV
  • Potassium 60 mg or 2% DV
  • 1% DV or 2 g of carbohydrates
  • One gram of sugar
  • Two grams of protein

4. College Inn Chicken Bone Broth: College Inn basic bone broth flavor is perfect if you’re looking for bone broth with extra vitamins and minerals.

Ingredients in it are:

  • Broth made from chicken bones
  • Salt
  • Natural tastes
  • Vegetable stock (containing onion, carrot, and celery root concentrations)
  • Bay leaf sugar
  • Ginger
  •  Black pepper.

Nutritional Value

  • 45 calories each portion
  • 5 g fat, or 1% of the DV
  • 24% DV, or 560 mg of sodium
  • 7 milligrams of potassium
  • 10 milligrams of protein
  • Twelve milligrams of calcium
  • 4 milligrams of iron

5. College Inn Less Sodium Chicken Bone Broth: Not to be overlooked is this chicken bone broth with less sodium, which is practically the same as the bone broth mentioned before but with a small amount less salt.

Ingredients in it are:

  • Broth made from chicken bones
  • Salt
  • natural tastes
  • Vegetable stock (containing onion, carrot, and celery root concentrations)
  • Bay leaf sugar
  • Ginger
  • Black pepper.

Nutritional Value

  • 45 cal per serving
  • 5 g fat or 1% DV
  • 360 mg sodium or 16% DV
  • 7 mg potassium
  • 10 mg protein
  • 12 mg calcium
  • 4 mg iron

Healthy Gluten-Free Alternatives to College Inn Chicken

Looking for something different than College Inn’s chicken broth? Fortunately, there are dozens of excellent options that are also free of gluten. Now let’s dissect a few of those below.

1. Kettle and Fire chicken Broth: is naturally low-sodium and, of course, the chickens are all free-range. So it’s a great choice if you only want to consume products that are ethically produced.

2. Public Goods Organic Chicken Broth Concentrate: Public Goods Organic Chicken Broth Concentrate is one of the many high-quality goods that the company produces. It is made entirely of organic chicken and has no artificial ingredients or preservatives. It is perfect for people who are sensitive to gluten and is certified organic. It is also non-GMO. Use it as a concentrate for bone broth and dilute it with water to the appropriate consistency.


In a time when well-informed decisions influence our food adventures, College Inn Chicken Broth appears not just as a product but also as a reliable ally in the kitchens of those juggling gluten-related dietary restrictions.

All things considered, if you have celiac disease or any degree of gluten sensitivity, College Inn Chicken Broth is a fantastic option. They use mostly healthy ingredients to make their bone broth and chicken broth, both of which are gluten-free. Use the broth if you’d like, and after it’s finished, drizzle some Sweet Baby Ray’s over it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is College Inn Chicken Broth certified gluten-free?
    • Yes, College Inn Chicken Broth is certified gluten-free, meeting the established standards for gluten content.
  2. Can individuals with celiac disease safely consume College Inn Chicken Broth?
    • Absolutely. College Inn Chicken Broth is designed to be safe for individuals with celiac disease and those with gluten sensitivity.
  3. Are there any gluten-free recipes using College Inn Chicken Broth?
    • Certainly! College Inn Chicken Broth enhances the flavors of various gluten-free recipes, from soups to casseroles. Check out our website for exciting gluten-free recipes.
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