How To Poop In College

How To Poop In College

College is a wonderful time to experience independence, study late into the night, and, yes, become proficient in using the dorm restroom. Even though talking about restroom habits might sound strange, it’s an essential part of everyday life that all college students must deal with.

This manual attempts to give advice, pointers, and a healthy dose of humor on how to poop in college stress-free. So let’s go out on this adventure together and solve the riddles of college toilet etiquette, whether you’re a first-year adjusting to dorm living or an experienced student searching for a few more tips.

How To Poop In College

It is likely that you searched for “how to poop in college” if you found this post.

We’re becoming quite frank about something that people rarely discuss, college feces, as you can see from the start.

1. Find the Abandoned Bathroom

This is the absolute best way to poop in peace in college!!
Here’s a little secret, on college campuses “there are bathrooms that either no one uses or not a whole lot of people know about.”

  • Your goal is to find these bathrooms!

Treasure them! Love them! because during the following 3-4 years, you will be spending a lot of time there! Usually found in academic buildings, they are situated on less-trafficked floors (such as upper floors or those close to faculty offices).

These restrooms are usually only used by college faculty and staff, so after work hours nobody usually uses them. Additionally, because they aren’t used very often, they are typically the cleanest and finest bathrooms!

  • You will need to walk around campus a little to locate these restrooms.

Commence with the structures you visit the most frequently. See how the restroom situation is on any floor you haven’t been on by going to have a look.

Congratulations! You’ve located your abandoned bathroom, if everything checks up! You are welcome to make it your first choice.

Keep your new, private bathroom a secret while you’re in college to preserve your ownership over it.

2. Acquire Knowledge of the Academic Calendar

You’ll begin to realize while you live in the dorm that there are times of day—typically during class hours—when the halls are vacant and moments when they are crowded, such as early in the morning.

You can schedule the optimal times for you to urinate by studying the average routine of students.

To relieve yourself in the quiet, stay away from hectic times such as:

  •  Dorm gathering
  • Before the first lesson
  •  After supper before the bed rush!

The first thing you should do is observe when your floor becomes quiet to determine the student timetable. This indicates that the majority of people have left the building.

Check the restroom several times and observe whether anyone appears. If not, now is the moment for you to excel!

3. Acquire Your Schedule for Poop

In addition to studying the student calendar, you should become familiar with your schedule!

Do you usually go right after working out, having coffee, or eating? Remember that! After that, you can schedule your whereabouts and times. Locate that empty restroom based on your current location!

Once you establish your routine, you can make plans for when and where it will be most comfortable for you to urinate!

4. Make Use of the Gender-Inclusive Toilet

More and more college campuses are putting in gender-neutral toilets. Gender-inclusive restrooms are present in at least 367 colleges, according to

Since these restrooms are typically locked private spaces, they’re a fantastic choice! There’s no reason for you to be concerned about anyone else entering.

The gender-inclusive restroom signs should be placed outside the door to help people discover them. Alternatively, you may just ask the person working at the front desk or any other office where they are. Because other people value their privacy as much as you do, these private restrooms might not always be available.

Thus, just in case, make sure you have a backup plan!

5. Cause a Distraction

In relation to backup plans, this one is for when something unexpected happens to your regular plans. (Because, let’s be honest, our stomachs aren’t always kind.)

Set the setting, please. It’s possible that you consumed some orange chicken from the dining hall, and now it doesn’t feel quite right.

You notice that you don’t have enough time to visit your favourite abandoned bathroom because it’s after supper when things get crowded and people are coming and going, causing a distraction.

6. Take Your Mind Off of the Pooping

In relation to backup plans, this one is for when something unexpected happens to your regular plans.

(Because, let’s be honest, our stomachs aren’t always kind.)

Methods to distract:

  • Start the shower, but please don’t use too much water.
  • Play a video or television on your phone.
  • At the same moment, flush.

Nobody will be questioning why music is playing. Everyone is attempting to enter, complete their tasks, and go.

If you’re concerned about the odour, keep in mind that it’s college, so the restrooms won’t smell wonderful. Also, to mask the odour, you might purchase some air freshener to bring with you.

 7. Shared Bathrooms

If the toilet in your dorm room is shared by a room or group of rooms (such as a suite), count yourself lucky!

It’s lot simpler to handle sharing the restroom with a small group of students than it is with the entire floor of your dorm room! The best course of action in this circumstance is to have an open discussion about how things will proceed with your roommates—or should I say, “bathroom mates”?

Pose inquiries such as:

  • When do you usually get ready and feel the urge to use the restroom?
  • When the toilet paper is empty, who buys it? (If not provided by the dorm)
  • Is there a codeword if you have to poop?

You may even put up a sign on the door to inform people of the situation.

How to Get Over Pooping in College

It’s quite an adjustment to use community restrooms at a college when you’re used to privacy when using the restroom!

During those first few weeks of college, it does take some getting used to learning how to poop.

  • Just accept the trip and allow yourself to discover these new things.
  • Remember to utilize all of your resources as well.
  • Reach out to people who have experienced similar things as you, whether it’s your roommate, an RA, or even an older student! Ask them for guidance!


As we come to the end of this illuminating voyage through the unexplored realm of college restrooms, it’s clear that everyone struggles with the subtleties of this communal area at some point. You’ve now learned a lot about the realm of college poop etiquette, from when to visit, to how to maintain a Zen-like focus in the face of possible distractions.

Now that you know these peaceful pooping strategies, you can go out there and live your best college life without experiencing constipation!


  1. Is it normal to feel embarrassed about bathroom habits in college?
    • Absolutely! It’s a common experience, but remember that everyone does it, and it’s a natural part of life.
  2. How can I find clean and quiet bathrooms on campus?
    • Explore different buildings, and don’t be afraid to ask fellow students for recommendations. You’ll likely discover hidden gems.
  3. What role does stress play in digestive health?
    • Stress can affect digestion. Exploring stress-relief techniques, such as deep breathing or mindfulness, can positively impact your digestive system.
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