How To Play As College Teams In Madden 22

How To Play As College Teams In Madden 22

In the gaming world, Madden 22 stands tall as a beloved sports simulation, offering an immersive experience in the realm of American football. Among its many exciting features, the option to play as a college team has garnered significant attention and enthusiasm from gamers.

How To Play As College Teams In Madden 22

Just to be clear from the start, the focus of Madden 22 remains firmly on NFL professional clubs. No college team game mode or anything similar is available. Even though college football has a questionable history, it might make a comeback in the future. Nevertheless, EA provides college football enthusiasts with a little something in Face of the Franchise. You can play through a generated character’s whole career in this game mode, starting in high school and ideally continuing to the Hall of Fame.

Naturally, until players are permitted to receive fair compensation for their image, they won’t be able to play as any actual collegiate athlete.

What is Madden 22?

Madden NFL 22 is a popular American football video game developed by EA Tiburon and published by Electronic Arts as part of the long-running Madden NFL series. It’s named after John Madden, a former NFL coach and sports commentator. The game typically releases annually, featuring updated rosters, improved graphics, gameplay enhancements, and various game modes, allowing players to experience the thrill of American football either in single-player or multiplayer

Importance of College Teams

One of the standout elements of Madden 22 is the inclusion of college teams, adding depth and variety to the gaming experience. Playing as a college team brings a nostalgic touch, allowing players to relive the excitement of collegiate football.

  • Nostalgia and Fan Engagement:  A lot of Madden gamers feel a deep emotional bond with their favorite collegiate teams. Fans may interact with the teams they fervently support, experience memorable moments, and employ their favorite players as they play with these teams in Madden 22.
  • Recruitment and Drafting:  In Madden 22, college teams frequently act as scouting grounds for prospective NFL players. By taking on college teams, players have the opportunity to observe and evaluate up-and-coming talent before they commit to a professional squad.
  • Expansion of Gameplay:  Madden 22 offers more gaming choices and diversity when college teams are included. Offering a chance to sample collegiate football culture and a variety of playstyles and techniques, it offers an experience distinct from that of the professional NFL.

Playing as a College team in Madden 22

Availability and Selection

The addition of collegiate teams to Madden 22 adds an entirely new level of gameplay complexity. Although license restrictions may prevent all college teams from participating, a sizable assortment guarantees players a wide variety of options.

Gameplay Experience

There is something special about playing as a collegiate squad in video games. The team tactics, individual player styles, and gaming dynamics all reflect the spirit of college football, making for a realistic and captivating experience.

Steps to Play as College Teams

  • Select Game Mode:  Select the mode of play that enables you to compete against collegiate teams. “NCAA Football” and “NCAA Basketball” are two examples of the collegiate sports-focused game modes seen in many sports video games.
  • Choose Game Title:  Make sure college teams are included in the game you’re playing. College teams are featured in certain well-known game series, such as the NCAA Football and NCAA Basketball titles from EA Sports.
  • Navigate to Team Selection: Once you’ve accessed the appropriate game mode, navigate to the team selection screen.
  • Choose Your Team:  Look at the roster of clubs that are accessible. Since colleges are sometimes arranged according to conferences, you may wish to look for a specific team or choose a particular conference.
  • Customization (if available):  Certain games can customize team names, rosters, and uniforms. Verify if the game allows you to change or create teams.
  • Start Playing:  After you’ve decided on your ideal college squad, begin the game or season and have fun representing your squad against other college teams in the match.

Enhancing the Gaming Experience

Customizations and Strategies

Players can build distinct gameplay styles, experiment with alternative methods, and personalize their gaming experience with the game’s personalization settings and strategies.

Community and Competitions

Participating in online leagues, tournaments, and competitions with other Madden 22 gamers enhances the gaming experience and promotes healthy rivalry among players.




The well-known football video game franchise received updates and enhancements from “Madden 22,” just as from its predecessors. It sought to improve the overall gaming experience, gameplay mechanics, and visual appeal for American football enthusiasts of all stripes. Players’ perspectives on the game, however, differ. Some thought it didn’t bring much innovation over earlier iterations, while others liked the new features, improved graphics, and improved gaming mechanics.

In conclusion, Madden 22’s college team mode enhances the gaming experience by providing variety, difficulties, and an engrossing college football journey. It’s a feature that appeals to football fans’ memories and fervor while also giving the game more depth.


1. Can I play with any college team in Madden 22?

Madden 22 features a selection of college teams, though not all are available due to licensing agreements.

2. Are there specific rewards for playing on college teams?

Overcoming challenges as college teams can unlock rewards and achievements within the game.

3. Are there any other video games with college football teams in them?

There weren’t many choices for college football games as of the time of my most recent knowledge update. It’s worth checking out other sports video games or seeing if there have been any new releases about college football, though, as the scene may have altered.


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