How To Get Scholarship In New York University

How To Get Scholarship In New York University

New York University (NYU) is ranked 10th out of 20 schools and institutions in the Princeton Review’s Financial Aid Not So Great list. This is horrible news for anyone hoping to join a top private research institution. However, according to New York University, the school is dedicated to delivering financial assistance packages that take into consideration financial necessity. At the institution, scholarships were given to about 46% of first-year students. Roughly twenty per cent received funding.

We’ll go over everything you need to know to get this scholarship. By the end of this article, you will have a better concept of how to increase your chances of getting chosen as the lucky beneficiary of this scholarship.

How To Get Scholarship In New York University

To get a scholarship to New York University, one should have:

  • High GPA and test scores
  • Meaningful extracurricular and convincing personal essays.
  • Taking advanced classes
  • Demonstrating financial need
  • Applying to programs with high funding
  • Enrolling full-time and taking at least 12 credits are recommended.

Scholarships and Grants Available

Before we discuss how to secure a full scholarship to NYU, let’s first learn about the various financial aid packages available to NYU students. Knowing your alternatives can make your experience less stressful and nerve-racking, as well as keep the bank from going bankrupt. New York University’s financial assistance packages are organized into four categories:

  • NYU scholarships
  • Federal grant programs
  • State scholarship and grant programs
  • Scholarships and grants from other organizations

New York University scholarships

NYU provides extremely few merit-based scholarships. However, everyone admitted to the school is automatically considered for one. In other words, you are automatically added to the merit-based scholarship list if you obtain an admission letter from NYU and enrol there as well. This eliminates the need for you to apply. NYU provides lots of grants for  undergraduate scholarships and Financial aid packages are offered to both new and returning students including the following:

  • Lenape scholarships
  • Phi Theta Kappa scholarships
  • Yellow ribbon scholarships
  • Global pathways scholarships
  • Presidential Honors Scholars program

New York University (NYU) Scholarships For International Students

International grants, fellowships, and scholarships are available to students residing outside of the country in which the university is situated. These are also referred to as financial aid, and New York University’s (NYU) financial aid office frequently handles them. Scholarships from New York University (NYU) are available for study or research at the university and international students can apply for a variety of New York University (NYU) scholarships and internships. In addition to university-based scholarships, several additional organizations provide scholarships for overseas students, such as foundations, trusts, corporations, etc.

 Steps to Get a Scholarship

Many times, completing AP or IB subjects in high school is the first step toward striving for an NYU scholarship. But taking any AP or IB course is insufficient; you should opt for challenging ones. It’s time to familiarize yourself with the most important aspect of winning a scholarship: the various steps to take to secure one after you are aware of the various financial aid packages to which you may apply (apart from merit-based scholarships, which you are automatically considered for upon admission to NYU

However, the race to receive financial assistance packages doesn’t stop when you graduate from high school. Typically, you have to put in a lot of effort to maintain any scholarships you receive from NYU or any other institution or university. For example, you could have to stick to a specific curriculum, take a set amount of courses, or maintain a high GPA. Without any further delay, Here are the steps to getting a scholarship from NYU:

 1. Carry out Research and Study hard

Most candidates who are accepted to NYU have GPAs of 3.69 or above. This indicates that their high school grades are primarily A’s and B’s. Not only does a strong GPA guarantee admission to NYU, but it also makes you eligible for merit-based scholarships. In addition, you have to keep a specific GPA during your time in college. There are several merit-based scholarships offered by NYU and there are variations in the minimum GPA requirements among them.

AnBryce Scholarships, for example, shall maintain a GPA of at least 3.5. They also need to continue participating in a variety of program activities. The Icahn Scholarship for Single Parents, on the other hand, requires recipients to uphold a minimum GPA of 3.0. Therefore, if your dream is to attend NYU and receive financial help as well, make sure you work hard to keep your GPA high to be admitted and qualify for merit-based scholarships.

 2. Take Advanced Classes

if there are any International Baccalaureate (IB) or Advanced Placement (AP) programs offered at your high school, then enrolling in one or more classes might be wise. In actuality, you are free to enrol in as many AP or IB classes as you desire, but you must ensure that doing so won’t interfere with your high school coursework or your SAT or ACT scores.

Enrolling in advanced programs throughout your high school years will significantly boost your chances of being admitted into a highly competitive university, like NYU, and receiving financial assistance. At any given period, students who received a B in a challenging advanced class would be preferred by admissions officials and scholarship judges above those who received an A in an easy advanced subject. Passing a difficult AP or IB course can significantly increase the value of your high school record.

If you pass the final test of the semester, enrolling in advanced classes not only increases your chances of being admitted into NYU and earning a scholarship, but it also enables you to earn college credits.

 3. Extracurricular Choices

High school students benefit from extracurricular activities that help them apply the things they learn outside of the classroom. They also enable kids to form relationships and create friends, as well as assist them in developing their abilities and talents. Activities are important when it comes to obtaining a college scholarship. A list of your high school extracurricular activities is one of the things that scholarship-granting organizations, schools, and institutions look at.

They seek out students who participate in extracurricular activities like student government and youth leadership conferences that foster leadership responsibilities.
Various extracurriculars are sought for by various scholarships. For example, some recruiters want applicants with skills in sports like chess and basketball. Some search for pupils who pursued artistic endeavours in high school.

 4. Ace the SAT or ACT

As was previously noted, obtaining a scholarship to NYU requires a strong high school GPA. You have to perform well on your SAT or ACT in addition to performing well in your high school coursework. This is so because the majority of financial assistance offers tie students to certain academic requirements.The majority of schools and universities use SAT or ACT results as part of their admissions process. If candidates want to submit them, even test-optional colleges consider them..

A strong SAT or ACT score is essential for both admission and scholarship consideration. In general, the likelihood of receiving financial help is higher for those with higher test scores.

 5. Apply

When it comes to applying to financial aid packages, you should apply to as many as you can and as early as you can, too. Your chances of winning a scholarship (or two or more) get higher the more scholarships you apply to. Of course, you must apply to scholarships for which you are eligible.

 6. Create a CSS profile

The College Scholarship Service (CSS) profile is an application for financial aid required by approximately 200 colleges and universities, and that includes NYU. According to NYU’s admissions officers themselves, having a CSS profile is required for freshmen students to be considered for scholarships. Are your parents divorced, separated, or have never been married? Then both of them must create their own CSS profiles if they wish to apply for one or more of the scholarships available at NYU.

If there isn’t a non-custodial parent accessible, don’t worry. This is so that you may just file a waiver request.

7. Fill out the FAFSA

You must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form if you would like to receive any kind of government financial aid package. Since the sticker price of NYU is too high for you to afford, this is the most important step you need to complete if you want financial help. The good news is that you don’t have to pay someone to do the FAFSA for you; it is completely free.

The FAFSA form must be submitted for more than simply federal financial assistance awards. In some cases, while requesting assistance from the school, you must additionally complete and submit the form.

 8. Submit on time

The deadline for financial aid applications at NYU (and at most other colleges and universities, too) tends to vary from academic year to academic year. It is also very important that you submit them on or before the deadline. Failure to submit the requirements on time means missed opportunities to attend NYU at a fraction of the cost.

9. Write a phenomenal SOP

Statement of purpose(SOP), sometimes called a letter of motivation, the SOP is one of the most important parts of your scholarship application. You can no longer change your high school records during the process of applying for financial aid packages.

However, you can still change your fate by writing a stellar SOP that NYU or outside organizations or agencies offering scholarships will love. A well-written SOP may even turn your application from ordinary to extraordinary!

Remember these things for a winning SOP:

  • Check that you answer the question
  • Be concise
  • Make the opening paragraph interesting
  • Make the closing paragraph strong
  • Maintain a confident and positive tone
  • Check for typos and grammatical errors

10. Convince your audience

Speaking of which, you ought to explain to your audience—NYU or the scholarship sponsors—the reasons for your desire for the award. You want to explain to them why you are precisely what they are searching for.


Generally speaking, a program may provide more scholarships the more funds it receives. If obtaining a degree from NYU is more important to you than the degree itself, you might want to choose a school that receives a larger share of funding than others. However, Scholarships have made it possible that even if you come from a low-income family doesn’t mean you have to give up on your goal of graduating from a famous institution in New York City.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I receive a scholarship?

New York University is committed to providing financial aid packages that take into account financial need. Unlike loans, if you receive a scholarship or grant from New York University or an outside organization, you will not need to repay those funds.

2. What types of financial aid are available to international students attending NYU?

Applying for financial aid is an important and necessary part of the college application process. Fortunately, you can complete the process in a few easy steps. To be considered for need-based aid, you must file all financial aid applications on time. The majority of undergraduate students who apply for financial aid receive need-based aid.

3. How do I apply for financial aid?

You are encouraged to apply every year for financial assistance. NYU requires the CSS Profile application (for all freshmen applicants to be considered for institutional [non-government] financial aid and for all returning undocumented undergraduate students for scholarship renewal and/or returning undergraduate appeal consideration).

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