How To Get Into College On A Soccer Scholarship Bitlife

How To Get Into College On A Soccer Scholarship Bitlife

You may be familiar with the process of playing BitLife, becoming good at a sport, and being asked to join a professional team. Did you know, though, that you can also get university scholarships instead?

While becoming a professional athlete may sound more pleasing for some, getting a scholarship is helpful if you want a specific career or are trying to complete a BitLife challenge. If you’re interested in learning more, continue reading to discover how to get into college on a soccer scholarship in BitLife.

How to Get Into College on a Soccer Scholarship BitLife

Getting a soccer scholarship in BitLife requires you to, well, play soccer! When you first create your character, having a sports special talent will give you a slight advantage, but you’re not required to have one. Instead, make your character and age up until you unlock walking as a mind and body activity. Walking every year will increase your athleticism, which will help you later.

Once your character is in middle or secondary school, head into your school menu and look at the extracurricular activity list. Scroll down until you find the soccer team and join it to start making your way toward your scholarship. However, be careful with how you progress from this point. If you say yes to becoming co-captain and captain, you have a very high chance of being asked to become a professional soccer player instead. To avoid this, turn down the offer to become co-captain of your secondary school soccer team.

Another obstacle is having low-performance stats. While you don’t want to accept the co-captain or captain offers, you also want to ensure you’re skilled enough to gain the scholarship. Make sure that you still practice hard to maintain your performance if it isn’t naturally rising from high athleticism.

After graduating from secondary school, you’ll see a pop-up saying you received a full athletic scholarship to play soccer at the university. Accept this offer and pick any major you’d like to get into college on a soccer scholarship in BitLife!

What is the significance of maintaining a high fitness level for a soccer scholarship in BitLife?

Keeping a high fitness level is crucial in BitLife to increase your chances of obtaining a soccer scholarship. Regularly exercise, participate in team sports, and attend the gym to enhance your character’s athleticism. A good fitness level positively influences your soccer performance, making you a more attractive candidate for scholarships and increasing your overall chances of success.

Are there specific countries in BitLife that offer better soccer scholarship opportunities?

In BitLife, the availability and competitiveness of soccer scholarships may vary by country. It’s advisable to choose a country with a strong emphasis on sports and soccer culture, as this can potentially provide more opportunities for scholarships. Additionally, consider joining a professional soccer team in countries with a robust soccer infrastructure to further boost your chances.

Can my character apply for multiple soccer scholarships in BitLife?

Yes, your character can apply for multiple soccer scholarships in BitLife. It is recommended to focus on maintaining a balance between academic achievements and soccer performance to increase the likelihood of receiving multiple scholarship offers. Explore various universities and their soccer programs to find the best fit for your character’s goals and aspirations.

How to Get an Athletic Scholarship in BitLife

The second strategy is to pursue an academic scholarship by excelling at a sport. This method doesn’t revolve around your smart stats, instead allowing you to specialize your character in athletics so you can pursue different careers later in life. To do this, make sure to participate in as many extracurricular activities as possible from middle school onward.

The type of extracurricular activity doesn’t matter for your scholarship as long as you choose a sports club, so you can choose anything you’d like, from football to basketball to golf. If you end up making the team for your school, do whatever you can to stay on the team, and make sure to reapply for a team once you reach high school.

Being on a sports team isn’t enough, so you’ll need to visit the gym and go on walks often to maintain your athletic skills and outperform your peers. How to Get Into College on a Soccer Scholarship. Remember that having a character with good starting stats is important, and some characters just can’t become athletic enough to secure an athletic scholarship no matter how hard they train. If you do manage to finish high school while playing a sport and having decent stats, you will receive an athletic scholarship upon graduation.


In conclusion, securing a soccer scholarship in BitLife to get into college involves a combination of strategic gameplay and a bit of luck. Starting early, maintaining high health and intelligence, joining the school team, and practising hard are key steps toward your goal.

However, remember that BitLife is a game of choices, and each decision can lead to different outcomes. So, while a soccer scholarship can be a great way to get into college, exploring other avenues can also lead to success. Keep playing, keep learning, and enjoy the journey!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I increase my chances of getting a soccer scholarship in BitLife?

A: To enhance your likelihood of earning a soccer scholarship in BitLife, focus on maintaining high academic performance while participating actively in soccer-related activities. Join your school’s soccer team, attend soccer camps, and regularly engage in sports to improve your skill levels. Additionally, consider studying hard and maintaining a good relationship with your character’s parents to secure financial support for college.

Q: Does the choice of college major affect my soccer scholarship eligibility in BitLife?

A: In BitLife, your choice of college major does not directly impact your eligibility for a soccer scholarship. However, maintaining good academic standing can contribute to your overall desirability for scholarships. Choose a major that aligns with your interests and strengths to ensure a successful academic journey.

Q: Can I earn a soccer scholarship in BitLife if I start playing soccer later in life?

A: Yes, it is possible to earn a soccer scholarship in BitLife even if you start playing soccer later in life. Focus on improving your skills, participating in soccer-related activities, and joining local teams or leagues. Consistent dedication and performance can make you a valuable candidate for a soccer scholarship, regardless of when you start playing the sport.

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