How To Ask A college For More Scholarship Money

How To Ask A college For More Scholarship Money

To begin, you should be aware that it is always acceptable to return to the college and request additional payments. There is no disadvantage. However, you must be prepared for a school to stick to their scholarship amount.

In addition, there are some colleges that will just not provide you with more money. They simply state that this is the reward, and that is all they will offer you. Furthermore, some institutions do not award any incentive money at all. Note that merit money is awarded based on your qualifications. You will not be awarded a scholarship if your credentials are inadequate.

How To Ask A college For More Scholarship Money

What happens if you win a scholarship award but it is insufficient to cover the difference between what you have saved and the cost of attending a specific college or university? Luckily, there is an additional option for you! Students can request more scholarship money. Let’s speak about how you can request more scholarship money.

1. Write it down

You may believe that a phone conversation is more personal, but putting it in writing ensures that you have a record of your request (and their response!). We elected to send an email to the admissions office, including a phone number and expressing our willingness to speak with anyone who could assist.

Although it may be tempting to pick up the phone and call the admissions office in order to receive an immediate response, it is far wiser to send an email first when attempting to request a higher merit cash reward. There are a few reasons why emailing is your best option.

First, it’s highly improbable that the individual who answers the phone has the authority to decide on your scholarship offer appeal.

Second, in some cases, a committee of individuals, some of whom may be from another department, such as the financial aid office, is required to read and approve requests for additional financial aid funds. An email helps to ensure that your letter is received.

2. Select the Appropriate Words

It is not necessary for your message or email to be lengthy or elaborate. Express that their school is your teen’s first choice, but that their decision must also be based on what is financially feasible for your family and that you are seeking additional finances to make it possible. Explain clearly and succinctly why you are demanding extra money and that you would be grateful for any additional help they can provide. 

3. Be Realistic 

Be honest and keep your request within reason. For example, you probably shouldn’t expect a more prestigious university to compete with an offer from a less competitive school; if you are going to use another college’s offer as leverage, they should be fairly comparable. You also shouldn’t expect the financial aid office to offer more due to high mortgage payments or other regular expenses that are within your control to change.

4. Know The Right Timing

It is best to appeal for more money in the window shortly after getting the school’s offer but before submitting any deposits (the national deadline is May 1, so you have time!). There are two reasons for this:

Extra scholarship money may be squandered if you wait too long to submit your request, and colleges get somewhat engaged once they have given an admission letter. However, once you make a deposit, schools may feel less compelled to provide additional incentives to get them to enroll.

5. Offer Evidence To Back Up Your Requests

When you return to the college and seek more scholarship money, you must have evidence to back up your plea. What does this imply? You must, however, present college evaluations of scholarship awards from other schools. However, the prize amount is not taken into account. The institution is interested in knowing your true net cost for each school. What exactly is it? The net cost is the school’s cost less the scholarship amount. So, if the school is sixty thousand dollars and you obtain a fifteen thousand dollars scholarship, your net cost is forty-five thousand dollars.

They want to put the net costs side by side. Before requesting further funds, ensure that you have the net costs from all of the institutions that have awarded you.

However, that is not the only factor the school will examine when deciding whether or not to enhance your scholarship amount. They also consider the educational quality of the schools. The school wishes to make a comparison based on similarities. What exactly do we mean? We mean that if you’re going back to the institution to ask for extra scholarship money, you should provide scholarship numbers from other top colleges.

6. Being Cautious In Your Scholarship Requests

We recommend that the colleges you return to for extra scholarship money be near the top of your list and that they are schools you really want to attend. You don’t want to waste any of your time if you’re not seriously considering entering that college.

Additionally, below is a sample of a letter requesting more scholarship money:

Letter Asking For More Scholarship Money

[Your Name] [Your Address] [City, State ZIP Code] [Date] [Scholarship Provider Name] [Scholarship Provider Address] [City, State ZIP Code]

Dear Scholarship Provider,

I am thrilled to have been chosen to receive the [Name of Scholarship] scholarship. It is an honor to be acknowledged for my academic achievements, and I am appreciative of the financial assistance provided by this prize.

However, I am writing to request that scholarship funding be increased. While the scholarship will assist me in covering some of my college expenditures, I still face considerable financial difficulties. [Explain your financial need in detail, including specifics and supporting evidence if applicable.]

As a highly driven student, I am dedicated to achieving my academic objectives while also contributing to my community. [In this section, highlight your accomplishments and activities to demonstrate why you deserve further scholarship help.]

However, I am concerned that without additional scholarship assistance, I may be unable to pay the cost of tuition and other costs required to complete my degree.

I appreciate your dedication to assisting students like myself, and I hope you will consider increasing my scholarship amount. Thank you for taking the time to read my request. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.


[Your Name]

7. Following an Appeal Request

In general, it takes roughly a week for a college to respond to an appeal for an increase in merit-based financial awards. However, as is customary, different schools have varied schedules for responding to letters. It goes without saying that research is essential before asking for extra money.

To put it another way, remain patient and wait for the college to contact you. However, don’t be afraid to follow up. This is an excellent way to demonstrate to your top-choice school that you are still extremely interested in earning a degree from them but that your scholarship offer is getting in the way.


Seeking additional scholarship funds from a college is a nuanced process that requires tact, gratitude, and effective communication. By approaching the request with a genuine appreciation for the initial offer and articulating your circumstances thoughtfully, you increase the likelihood of a positive response. While success is not guaranteed, the act of advocating for yourself demonstrates determination and commitment to your educational goals.

Remember, colleges understand that individual situations can change, and they may be willing to reassess your financial package. Be persistent, professional, and open to exploring alternative avenues if necessary. Ultimately, the goal is to create a collaborative dialogue that aligns your financial needs with the college’s commitment to supporting its students.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it appropriate to ask a college for more scholarship money?

 Yes, it’s absolutely appropriate to inquire about additional scholarship funds, especially if there have been changes in your financial situation or if you’ve received higher offers from other institutions.

2. How should I start the conversation about requesting more scholarship money? 

Begin by expressing gratitude for the initial offer. Politely state your enthusiasm about attending the college and then inquire about the possibility of additional scholarship assistance.

3.  What documents should I prepare before requesting more scholarship money? 

Gather any new financial information, such as updated income details or unexpected expenses. Have a well-crafted letter explaining your circumstances and providing reasons for your request.

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