How To Apply Umm Al Qura University Scholarship

Umm Al Qura University Scholarship

Nestled in the centre of Mecca, Umm Al-Qura University is a shining example of academic excellence in the Islamic world. The university draws aspirant academics from all over the world because of its strong commitment to Islamic values and demanding academic programmes. Scholarships are one of Umm Al-Qura University’s many opportunities for postsecondary education, and they play a crucial role in assisting gifted people from a variety of backgrounds.

This in-depth article explores the complex procedure of How To Apply Umm Al Qura University Scholarship, enabling prospective candidates to proceed with confidence and clarity.

How To Apply Umm Al Qura University Scholarship

Applying for scholarships at Umm Al-Qura University involves a structured process that requires careful preparation and attention to detail. Familiarizing yourself with the application procedures will ensure a smooth and successful application journey.

Step 1: Identifying the Right Scholarship

  • Carefully review the available scholarships and select the ones that align with your academic level, discipline, and financial needs.

  • Thoroughly understand the eligibility criteria and ensure you meet all the requirements.

  • Research the scholarship’s benefits and understand the specific support it offers.

Step 2: Gathering Required Documents

  • Collect all necessary documents, including academic transcripts, standardized test scores, financial documents, and any relevant certificates or awards.

  • Ensure all documents are translated into Arabic if not originally in Arabic.

  • Keep copies of all documents for your records.

Step 3: Completing the Application Form

  • Access the online application form for the chosen scholarship.

  • Provide accurate and complete information in all sections of the form.

  • Proofread carefully to ensure there are no errors or inconsistencies.

Step 4: Submitting the Application

  • Submit the completed application form along with all required documents before the specified deadline.

  • Keep a copy of the submitted application for your reference.

  • Monitor your email and university portal for any updates regarding the application status.

In summary, the specific steps involved may vary depending on the scholarship, but the general process typically follows these stages:

  1. Scholarship Announcement and Timeline: Stay informed about the availability of scholarships by regularly checking the university’s website and relevant announcement platforms. Pay close attention to the application deadlines to ensure timely submission.

  2. Application Form Acquisition: Access the application form directly from the university’s website or through the scholarship’s designated portal. Ensure that you have a valid email address and a stable internet connection to complete the form electronically.

  3. Completing the Application Form: Carefully read and follow the instructions provided in the application form. Provide accurate and complete information, including academic transcripts, personal essays, letters of recommendation, and any other required documents.

  4. Submission and Review: Submit the completed application form before the specified deadline. The university will review your application and assess your eligibility based on the established criteria.

  5. Notification of Outcome: Applicants will be notified of the scholarship selection results within the timeframe specified by the university. Successful applicants will receive detailed instructions on scholarship acceptance and activation procedures.

Eligibility Criteria

Make sure you qualify for the scholarship before starting the application process. Umm Al-Qura University carefully considers each application based on predetermined standards, making sure that scholarships are given to applicants who meet financial needs, exhibit academic excellence, and show dedication to their chosen field of study.

Academic Excellence

  • Applicants must maintain a high cumulative GPA throughout their academic career.

  • Strong academic achievements in relevant subjects related to the desired scholarship program are highly valued.

  • Demonstrating a consistent track record of academic success is essential.

Financial Need

  • Applicants must provide evidence of financial hardship, showcasing their need for financial assistance.

  • Documentation of family income, assets, and liabilities is often required.

  • Demonstrating a genuine need for financial support to pursue higher education is crucial.

Commitment to the Field of Study

  • Applicants must express a clear passion for their chosen field of study, articulating their academic goals and aspirations.

  • A well-defined research interest or professional aspirations aligned with the scholarship program is advantageous.

  • Demonstrating a genuine interest in contributing to their chosen field of study is highly regarded.

Category of Scholarship

There are numerous scholarships available at Umm Al-Qura University to suit a range of academic backgrounds, specialisations, and financial requirements. You can find the best scholarship opportunity for your academic goals by looking through the various categories of scholarships that are offered.

Undergraduate Scholarships

  • These scholarships are designed to support academically outstanding students pursuing undergraduate degrees at Umm Al-Qura University.

  • Eligibility criteria may include academic excellence, financial need, and relevant extracurricular activities.

  • Benefits may include full tuition waivers, accommodation allowances, and monthly stipends.

Graduate Scholarships

  • These scholarships are tailored to support exceptional students pursuing master’s or doctoral degrees at Umm Al-Qura University.

  • Eligibility criteria may include academic excellence, research potential, and relevant publications.

  • Benefits may include full tuition waivers, research grants, and travel allowances.

Specialized Scholarships

  • These scholarships are specifically tailored to students pursuing degrees in specific disciplines, such as STEM, medicine, or business.

  • Eligibility criteria may include academic excellence, research interests, and potential contributions to the field.

  • Benefits may include full tuition waivers, research grants, and internships with industry partners.

Enhancing your application

Scholarship selection is primarily based on academic merit and financial need, but other elements can make your application stand out:

Demonstrate Passion and Commitment: Express your enthusiasm for the subject matter you have chosen to study and your dedication to achieving your academic objectives. Highlight your extracurricular involvement, academic accomplishments, and pertinent experiences that relate to the scholarship’s goals.

Seek Guidance and Support: Seek advice from academic advisors, counsellors, or mentors who can provide valuable insights into the scholarship application process. Their guidance can help you refine your application and enhance your chances of success.

Proofread and Edit: Carefully proofread and edit your application form and any accompanying documents to ensure they are free of grammatical errors and typos. A polished presentation reflects your attention to detail and commitment to excellence.

Meet Deadlines: Adhere strictly to the specified deadlines for submitting your application and any required supporting documents. Punctuality demonstrates professionalism and respect for the scholarship committee’s time.


The process of applying for scholarships at Umm Al-Qura University can be life-changing, providing opportunities for both academic success and personal development. Gaining knowledge of the requirements, looking into the various kinds of scholarships, and being cautious during the application process will help you improve your chances of being accepted into this prestigious university and start a rewarding academic career. Keep in mind that scholarships are more than just financial aid; they are an endorsement of your ability and your dedication to your academic goals.


Does Umm Al-Qura accept international students?
  • Applicants must Be a Saudi or the child of a Saudi mother. (Non-Saudis can apply through scholarship programs).
Does Umm Al-Qura University teach in English?
  • Umm al-Qura University, popularly referred to as UQU teaches most of its programmes in English and its academic programs are accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET).
What is the ranking of Umm Al-Qura University?
  • Umm Al-Qura University is ranked 601 in World University Rankings by Times Higher Education. 
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