How To Apply For Scholarship In Coventry University

How To Apply For Scholarship In Coventry University

Opportunities for students wishing to pursue a variety of programs at Coventry University are abundant when they apply for a scholarship there. The institution makes sure that students in need get the support they need by designating a special committee to monitor the distribution of financial aid. Undertaking graduate, post-graduate, or doctoral programs is made possible by the Coventry University scholarship.

How To Apply For Scholarship In Coventry University

Applications must be submitted using the university’s application portal.

The following paperwork needs to be brought to the university by the student:

  • Every transcript from an academic institution
  • Copies of certifications for degrees or diplomas, or, if employed, job references
  • A single scholarly source
  • Statement about oneself
  • A duplicate of your passport as of right now
  • When applying, candidates must provide valid documentation
  • The following English language proficiency exams must be completed by the applicants with a minimum score: CEFR-LEVEL B1

About Coventry University

Located in Coventry, United Kingdom, the Coventry Institution is a well-known public research institution. Established in 1843, it currently serves a multicultural student body of more than 30,000 people from throughout the world. There are campuses in five different places, including Scarborough and London. Additionally, Coventry University’s Coventry Campus, which is organized into 4 faculties, offers a broad choice of academic programs at different levels of study. There are around 300 courses available for students to select from overall.

Across its four faculties, Coventry offers a comprehensive range of over 130 bachelor’s degrees and 100 master’s degrees. The institution also grants credentials, including Higher National Diplomas (HNDs) and foundation degrees. It is noteworthy as it was the first in the UK to introduce disaster management as a degree for undergraduates. Additionally, the university provides special postgraduate degrees like health journalism and parapsychology.

According to rankings, Coventry University is ranked 38th in The Guardian University League Tables 2023, 44th in The Times and Sunday Times University Guide 2023, and 53rd in The Complete University Guide 2023. According to the 2020 QS World University Rankings, Coventry University is regarded as one of the top 601-650 universities globally.

Scholarships Offered By Coventry University To Foreign Students

Scholarships from Coventry University are intended especially for overseas students in various fields. These scholarships offer qualifying international students attending Coventry University significant financial assistance. The institution understands how important it is to draw in gifted students from around the globe and works to provide them with the tools they need to succeed academically.

1. Undergraduate Scholarship offered by CU Group

All students who apply can be considered for a variety of scholarships offered by Coventry University. In reference to this scholarship in particular, they hope to inspire driven candidates to enroll in Coventry University’s undergraduate program. This grant helps foreign students finance their academic endeavors and lessen the cost of tuition. Only after the aforementioned pupils have finished the enrollment process is this reward available.


  • Pay for your own education and any applicable foreign tuition.
  • possess a conditional offer from CU Scarborough, CU London, or CU Coventry for a course at the undergraduate level.
  • This award is limited to first-year undergraduate students (stage one).
  • You have to attend classes on campus, whether you are a full-time or part-time student.
  • Please be aware that students pursuing a 100% online degree at Coventry University are not eligible for this scholarship (CUOL).

Additional details regarding this grant from Coventry University

  • This grant cannot be used in conjunction with any other Coventry University scholarships or savings. If you are eligible for more than one discount or scholarship, we will award you the one that will benefit you the most.
  • The only right to distribute, alter, or withdraw this award rests with Coventry University.
  • Students who are sponsored or who are returning for their second or third year of the same course are not eligible for this scholarship.

Financed: £5,000

Closing date: December 2024

2. Worldwide Pathway Award

For overseas students who do not meet the requirements for direct admission to their selected undergraduate or postgraduate studies, Coventry University London provides an excellent foundation, international year one, and pre-master courses. These programs are designed to give students all the support they need to complete their academic and English language requirements while also giving them the professional and interpersonal skills they need to succeed in college.


  • You need to cover your own expenses and pay the foreign tuition.
  • It is necessary to have a conditional offer on a study route under the International Pathways Program.
  • By the designated time, you must submit a deposit of £4,000 toward your first year’s tuition expenses.

Financed: £3,000.

Deadlines: This opportunity is available to anyone starting their studies on any of the start dates provided for the 2023–2024 academic year.

3. Sports Scholarship at Coventry University

You can pursue your sporting goals with financial support and mentoring from Coventry University through this scholarship. With the support structure our program offers, you can successfully balance the demands of both academics and competitive sports, reaching success in both areas.


A variety of support services, including pre-season screening, physiotherapy, sports psychology, sports nutrition, strength and conditioning, performance analysis, mentoring, performance workshops, and flexible study, are also provided to the winners of this award.

Level1: Students at the High County or National level are eligible to apply for this Coventry University scholarship, which is worth £1500 in total—£750 in cash and another £750 for support services.

Level 2: They offer a full package of £3000 to students who compete at the national or international level. This package includes £1500 in cash and an extra £1500 for support services.

Students who sign a contract giving the university the unrestricted right to use their likeness and presence at particular media events at any time.


  • Display exceptional talent in their selected sport at the national or international level.
  • Possess the skills and readiness necessary to compete at a high level for the university in their chosen sport.
  • Engage in an activity that falls under the Olympic, Paralympic, or BUCS sport categories.

Finances: £3,000 or £1,500

Deadline: August 31, 2023, for September enrollment

How To Apply


This university is a prestigious establishment in the UK’s higher education system. Situated in one of the nation’s safest cities, the university offers outstanding job opportunities to its students. Pupils who are successful in receiving a scholarship from Coventry University UK are offered a combination of excellent instruction, extensive student services, and post-graduation employment.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Coventry University scholarship is worth £3000?

The goal of the Coventry University scholarship is to lessen the financial burden of living expenditures, housing charges, and tuition. The £3,000 International Pathways grant is reserved only for deserving students.

2. Are scholarships available at Coventry University for students?

Coventry University takes great delight in recognizing its students for their outstanding academic achievement. With the Coventry University Academic Merit Scholarship program, the university takes advantage of the chance to recognize hard work and inspire people who have the potential to succeed as undergraduates.

3. Does Coventry University have any deadlines for scholarships?

The dates for these scholarships can change based on the individual scholarship. The official university website should be checked for information on Coventry University scholarship application deadlines. It is advised that you submit your application prior to the deadline.

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