How To Apply For Malaysian International Scholarship(MIS)

How To Apply For Malaysian International Scholarship

The Malaysian government launched the Malaysian International Scholarship (MIS) programme to entice bright minds from across the globe to pursue postgraduate studies in Malaysia. This scholarship aligns with Malaysia’s goal of becoming one of the world’s leading hubs for academic excellence through the recruitment, retention, and inspiration of highly skilled foreign human capital. This article provides information on how to apply for a Malaysian international scholarship (MIS).

International students who possess exceptional academic credentials and exceptional extracurricular experiences are cordially invited to apply for this scholarship and pursue higher education at any of the carefully chosen, reputable public and private universities in Malaysia.

How To Apply For Malaysian International Scholarship

The scholarship is sponsored by the Malaysian government and hosted by higher institutions in Malaysia. The scholarship is fully funded, with several awards in view for applicants. It is primarily for postgraduate international students.

All applications must be submitted online via the portal of the Ministry of Higher Education.

1: SET UP your email address, password, and passport number (or national identification number).

  • Log in to the online application form and fill out every field.
  • Before printing the application and logging out, please double-check that all the information is accurate.

2: Please affix the following documents to the printed application form:I. A current passport-size photo.

  1. Finalized health record.
  2. A certified copy of the traveler’s current passport, proving citizenship, is required.
  3. A certified copy of your academic record, recommendations, and/or testimonies about your accomplishments, co-curricular activities, and pertinent coursework.
  4. A well-defined and detailed research study or plan
  5. A verified copy of an English language competency certificate from the International English
  6. Language Testing Service (IELTS) or the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)
    Curriculum Vitae (vii).
  7. The Malaysian University’s admission letter.
  8. Two recommendation letters from a pair of individuals who are willing to serve as referees for your application.
  9. The Endorsement Form
  10. The endorsement form, medical report, and two Letters of Recommendation from two referees must all be completed. To receive the endorsement, please bring the completed online application form and the necessary paperwork to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the appropriate organization in charge of the MIS scholarship in your nation.

3: Scan all of the aforementioned documents into PDF format, then log in to the MIS Online Application.

  • To apply, you must click the submit button and attach the necessary documents. The notification message will appear once the process is complete. The entire application is accessible online. There is no need for a hard copy. During the interview, bring the original certificate and a hard copy of your application.

Eligibility Criteria

To be considered for the Malaysian International Scholarship (MIS), candidates need to meet the requirements listed below:

  1. At the time of application, you must not be older than 45.
  2. A minimum of Second Class Upper (Honours) or a CGPA of 3.5/4.0 at the bachelor’s degree level is required for applicants seeking a master’s degree; candidates seeking a PhD must have either a CGPA of 3.5/4.0 or an exceptionally strong performance at the master’s degree level in a field similar to their intended PhD study. In addition, the number of books published, refereed and non-refereed journals, portfolio, and patent copyright will all be taken into consideration when selecting candidates for the post-doctoral program. The post-doctoral candidate needs to be highly regarded in the field and knowledgeable about the research that will be done.
  3. Completed one of the English language proficiency exams listed below no more than two years before the application date. The required minimum scores for each test on the list
  4. A minimum score of 6.5 on the IELTS Academic Test; e. A minimum score of 580 on the TOEFL paper exam, a minimum score of 230 on the computer exam, or a minimum score of 92 on the online exam.
  5. In outstanding health and having been certified by a licensed medical professional. The candidates are responsible for covering the cost of the medical exam.
  6. wrote a proposal (only for research-based programs) that is pertinent to Malaysia’s needs and interests.
  7. Has applied for and been admitted to pursue postgraduate and postdoctoral studies in Malaysia (accreditation confirmation or affiliation with Malaysian universities is required; conditional letters of offer will be accepted at the time of application).


Studies are conducted in the following high-priority areas:
Science and Engineering, Agriculture and Fisheries, Economics and Islamic Finance, Information and Communication Technology, Biotechnology, Biosecurity and Food Safety, Infrastructure and Utility, and Environmental Studies are some of the subjects covered in this Study. Health, excluding clinical pharmacy, nursing, and medicine. Candidates may select any relevant course from the list of fields and specialisations above.


The following selection criteria will be used to evaluate applications:

  • Exceptional academic achievement;
  • The research proposal’s quality and potential to improve human welfare and technology.
  • Proficient in the English language in terms of reading, writing, and communication.
  • Benefits of Scholarships

This scholarship is only available for tuition fees and an RM 1,500 monthly living allowance. It is expected of successful applicants to plan their travel to Malaysia (non-financial provisions). The Malaysian government will not cover your travel expenses. It is strongly recommended that all applicants research the anticipated cost of living in Malaysia.


  • The recipient of the scholarship is required to enroll full-time in postgraduate and postdoctoral programs at a Malaysian university campus.
  • The scholarship holders must verify their university admission.
  • During the duration of the scholarship, recipients are not permitted to change their program without official authorization from both their university and the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education.
  • Recipients of scholarships are expected to adhere to the university’s rules, regulations, and conduct codes, as well as the approved programs. Any suspension from the university will cause the award to be immediately suspended. No payments are made for any period of suspension, including sick leave suspension.
  • Succeeding candidates must apply for and fulfill the prerequisites to be granted a suitable entry visa, which includes a medical examination. The possibility of receiving a visa is not guaranteed by the scholarship offer.
  • To avoid having their scholarship revoked, recipients must continue to make satisfactory progress and maintain good standing as required by their host university and degree program.
  • The research must be conducted in Malaysia, and the scholarships are tenable at universities in Malaysia.
  • During their stay, scholarship recipients are not permitted to work for pay unless the host university provides written consent.


Aspirant scholars everywhere have a fantastic opportunity to apply for the Malaysian International Scholarship (MIS). This esteemed program provides access to top-notch education in Malaysian universities in addition to financial support.

Candidates must carefully follow the eligibility requirements for their application to be accepted. They must also submit a thorough application that highlights their leadership abilities, academic accomplishments, and dedication to making a positive impact on both their field and society at large.

The application can also be strengthened by stressing a distinct career trajectory and alignment with Malaysia’s development objectives. Crucial components include comprehending the procedure, fulfilling deadlines, and making a strong case for why one is the best candidate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need IELTS to study in Malaysia?
  • You must undergo an English language test and attach a certificate that shows you have an acceptable level of English. Malaysia accepts certificates from the following tests: IELTS (International English Language Testing System) TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)
How long does a Malaysia student visa take?
  • It takes between four and six weeks
Can I work and study in Malaysia?
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