How Much Clothes Should I Bring To College?

How Much Clothes Should I Bring To College?

The question, “How Much Clothes Should I Bring to College?” is more than a logistical query; it’s an exploration of personal style, practicality, and the art of packing for a transformative chapter. Join us in unraveling the nuances of wardrobe decisions, as we dig into the considerations that will not only make your suitcase lighter but also ensure you’re fashion-ready for the adventures that college life brings.

Let’s examine how much to bring to college and the elements that ought to affect your choice.

How Much Clothes Should I Bring To College?

The amount of clothes you bring to college varies, depending on several factors.

You’ll need clothes for the first 2 weeks. Bring at least 7 shirts, 14 underwear, 14 socks, 1 jacket, 1 Dressing gown and two shoes. Don’t forget to bring house shoes as well for extra comfort.

College Clothes Packing List


  • 1-2 Sweatshirts

One of the most common things you’ll see people wearing on college campuses are sweatshirts. From the ones with the college’s logo to basic comfortable ones, you’ll find them.

  • 4-5 Tops

It’s essential to bring some tops. These tops can be anything—e.g. crop tops, t-shirts, bodysuits, blouses, etc. Most likely something you wear most of the time.

  • 1 Tunic/Oversized Shirt

This tunic is perfect for a casual day hanging out with friends!

  • 2-3 Camisoles/Tank Tops

This honestly depends on your campus’ environment. For a school in the HOT AND HUMID South wearing tank tops is normal.


  • 1-2 Cardigan

Cardigans are good because they are light enough to keep you warm but not too heavy like a jacket. They also are so versatile. But make sure to bring a cardigan with you.

  • 1 Heavy Jackets (2 if you live in a colder area)

Despite what you think, you’ll need a nice warm coat or jacket. In November and December, it’ll get cold. I recommend bringing more than one if you go to school in a colder area.

Meanwhile, if you are in a warmer state, then bring one.

  • 1-2 Casual Hoodies

You’ll need a hoodie for casual days on campus!

  • 1 Raincoat

If you listen to one thing from this college clothes packing list, then pack a raincoat. I’m being serious. You don’t understand rainy days on campus until you face one. A raincoat will make your life easier. Trust me, you do not understand how annoying rainy days are on campus, especially when no one expects it.


  • 2-3 Pair of Jeans

Have a few pairs of jeans for the weekend and casual days. Also, it’ll depend on your campus, but if your school is a walking campus it will be uncomfortable and exhausting to wear jeans all day in the heat. But still pack a few for the weekend.<script>

  • 3-4 Pair of Shorts

Walking around campus will be a major part of your college routine—no matter what major you are or what you do. Have a few pairs of shorts packed. It can be a variety from jean shorts to athletic shorts. Just pack them!

  • 1-2 Skirts

Skirts aren’t everyone’s thing, but think having a few won’t hurt. Never know when you might want to hang out with friends at a fancy restaurant or when you want variety in your wardrobe.<script>


  • 1-2 Casual Dresses or Rompers

Have a dress or two in your wardrobe for casual days.

  • 1-2 Business/Formal Dresses

I recommend that you buy or bring at least one outfit that is business casual because some classes will have presentations where you have to dress up. Also, if you are in a sorority or club, then they’ll have some dress codes for events like formal and semi-formal.


  • 2 pairs of walking shoes

I also recommend at least 2 pairs of shoes and you rotate these shoes since you’ll be using these shoes a lot. Even if you don’t have sneakers, at least have shoes that are comfortable for your feet.

  • 1 pair of slip-on shoes
Have a few pairs of shoes that you can easily slip on. They also can be any other type of shoes as well.
  • 1 pair of sandals

Sandals were another thing that should be kept in a college dorm wardrobe for warmer weather.

  • 1-2 pair of boots

When wintertime comes be prepared! Whether you bring the popular UGG boots or some high boots, make sure you bring them for the wintertime.


  • Any jewelry (earrings, necklaces, bracelets)

Pack any of your jewelry!

Hats/Beanies/Baseball Caps

Don’t bring too many hats unless you wear them regularly. Beanies are very important during the wintertime.


I recommend having a pair of sunglasses just for walking around campus. Also, pack glasses if you wear them.


Bring a few belts with you.

Watches (e.g Apple Watch)

I know that we all have phones, but so many people have Apple Watches. Bring it too.


I recommend having 1-2 purses/handbags in general while in college. If you have a wallet, then definitely bring that.

Tote Bags

Tote bags were popular on campus, ngl. So many students used them as an alternative to backpacks. I also recommend having them for groceries.

Winter Gear

Winter gear will vary from state to state and country (if you plan to study abroad). Pack some items to be safe like scarves, hats, and gloves.

Athleisure Wear

  • 2 pairs of athletic shorts

I recommend them better, especially if you are going to a school that is considering a walking campus. Nike and Adidas have some great options for shorts.

  • 2-3 sports bras

Get sports bras. You will sweat a lot on campus walking from building to building in the summer, especially if the climate is warmer.

  • 2 pairs of leggings (maybe a thick pair on colder/rainy days)

There’s great for the fall and spring, but also for the winter if you can find a thicker pair. Leggings are probably the first thing I’d put on my college clothes packing list.


  • A bunch of underwear

You need underwear. Bring a lot of them!

  • 2-3 Bras

You’ll also need bras!

  • 1-2 Sports Bras

As previously mentioned in the athletic section, sports bras will be handy, especially on hot days. Bring more, if you plan to work out at the campus’s recreational center or are an athlete.

  • A bunch of socks (you’ll lose them)

You’ll probably lose a lot of your socks, so bring a good amount.

Business/Formal Clothing

  • 1 blazer

You must have at least one blazer in your wardrobe. They come in handy for when you have to dress up a pair of jeans, too!

  • 2 blouses

Maybe have 1 short sleeve and one long sleeve blouse for business casual events. I honestly stocked up on them once I had more classes with presentation days later on in college.

  • 2 pairs of pants

I recommend having a pair of business casual pants and business formal slacks. It’ll give you some variety if you have an interview for an internship or job.

  • 1 pencil skirt

A pencil skirt is always great to have for a class presentation day.

  • 1 pair of flats

Having a pair of flats will come in handy for business casual days in class.

  • 1 pair of heels (maybe 2)

Keep a pair of heels around for any formal event. I also recommend having one black pair and one tan/nude color pair. I wish I had another pair back in college because wearing the same black heels got boring and wasn’t the best match.


Think about the weekends and chill days!

  • A Matching Sweatshirt & Sweatpants Set

You always need a nice pair of sweatpants and a sweatshirt.

  • 2 sets of pajamas (or use the free shirts you’re going to get)

You’ll need a few sets of pajamas. Even if you don’t have sets of pajamas, then you can use the t-shirts you’ll get for free on campus.


  • Bathing Suit

Having one bathing suit is a nice thing to bring to college. It’s kind of optional, but I know that most colleges have recreational centers where you can swim at, or someone will eventually invite you to a pool or summer party.

  • Bathrobe

If you live in a dorm that has a communal bathroom, then it’s best that you have a bathrobe. Even if you don’t have a communal bathroom, it’s nice to have a robe for when you want to feel cozy on a self-care day

Factors to Consider When Packing for College

  • Weather

To break it down even more, here’s a great idea for how to pack clothes for your college dorm:

When you’re heading out to college for the fall semester, you need to pack for two seasons, the end of summer and all of fall. When you’re packing for the spring semester, you need to pack for the winter season and all of spring.

  • Activities in School

You may be attending formal events and meeting experts in your field.  Of course, you’ll have presentations and interviews too, if you apply for a part-time job. Taking 1-2 business-appropriate outfits would be ideal.

  • Occasions

How will you spend your time at college? Someone who’s going to be spending the weekends partying would need different clothes than someone who will be visiting museums.

  • Time Frame

You might be visiting home often. If you are, don’t pack for the whole year. Bring enough clothes just for the first 2 semesters.


The key to packing for college is thoughtful consideration. Assess your needs, pack strategically, and be open to adapting your wardrobe as needed. By finding the right balance, you’ll ensure that your clothing enhances your college experience without becoming a source of stress.

Besides, embracing a moderate methodology can work on your everyday practice and assist you with zeroing in on additional critical parts of your school insight. Consider adaptable pieces that can be blended and coordinated, enhancing both style and usefulness.

As you set out on this new part, recollect that your closet isn’t just about what you wear; it mirrors your versatility and status for the dynamic and energizing excursion ahead. In this way, pack mindfully, embrace effortlessness, and partake in the opportunity that accompanies a well-organized school closet.


1. Can You Wash Your Clothes at University?

The answer to this is yes. Almost all university accommodations (especially campuses) have laundry facilities. Likewise, if you move into a flat or share a house, there is likely to be a laundry facility on site.

2. What clothes to not bring to college?

Honestly, it depends on what you usually wear and don’t wear. Don’t bring anything you don’t wear usually. Don’t bring every single thing in your closet from home. You will not have room for it

3. How many bags of clothes do you need for college?

The number of bags you’ll need for college will depend on how much clothing you plan to bring, as well as any other personal items you’ll need. As a general guideline, most students find that two to three large duffel bags or suitcases, in addition to a backpack or tote bag, are enough to transport all of their clothing and personal belongings to college.

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