Do Colleges Offer Scholarships For Cheerleading

Do Colleges Offer Scholarships For Cheerleading

Cheerleading, once considered a sideline activity, has transformed into a competitive and skilled sport, elevating cheerleaders to the status of dedicated athletes. As routines have become more athletic and intricate, the recognition of their skills has grown. This evolution prompts the question: do colleges provide scholarships for cheerleading?

In this comprehensive article, we will explore the landscape of cheerleading scholarships, examining their availability, requirements, and the impact of cheerleading on college admissions.

Do Colleges Offer Scholarships For Cheerleading

Indeed, as cheerleading has gained legitimacy as a demanding sport, numerous colleges now offer scholarships to attract and support talented cheerleaders. These scholarships recognize the commitment, athleticism, and teamwork displayed by cheerleaders, further highlighting the significance of cheerleading in the realm of collegiate sports.

As a result, aspiring cheerleaders can pursue their passion while also obtaining financial assistance for their education, contributing to the broader acceptance and acknowledgment of cheerleading as a legitimate and respected athletic pursuit.

Colleges that Offer Cheerleading scholarships

  • Fort Hays State University

Eligibility: Fort Hays State University cheerleaders (specific requirements vary by scholarship)

Amount: $1,600/year (on-campus students); $500 stipend/semester (off-campus students)

Deadline: None! (scholarships automatically awarded if eligible)

  • University of Kansas

Eligibility: All cheerleaders on the University of Kansas cheer squad are eligible.
Amount: $600 each year + $100 for students with a minimum GPA of 3.0

  • Angelo State University

    Eligibility: Cheerleaders at Angelo State University

    Amount: Up to $1,000/year

    Deadline: None! (scholarships automatically awarded if eligible)

Eligibility: High school senior cheerleaders whose coaches are ICCA members. Applicants must have a minimum 3.5 GPA by the end of their junior year

Amount: $500

Deadline: February 15, every year.

  • University of Florida

Eligibility: Members of the Orange or Blue Teams on the University of Florida cheer team

Amount: Varies

Deadline: None!

Types of Cheerleading Scholarships

 Athletic Scholarships

Colleges extend athletic scholarships to standout cheerleaders showcasing exceptional skills and dedication, encompassing tuition, room, board, and related expenses. These scholarships serve as a recognition of their prowess, providing financial support for pursuing higher education while actively contributing to the school’s spirit and sports culture.

  Spirit Scholarships

These awards serve as recognition for individuals actively contributing to the vibrant atmosphere of their educational institution. Spirit programs not only enhance the overall campus experience but also foster a sense of unity and pride among students.

Aspiring recipients are encouraged to showcase their dedication and passion for creating a spirited and engaging college community. These scholarships aim to celebrate and reward the positive impact of individuals who go above and beyond in promoting school spirit.

  All-Girl and Coed Squads

Collegiate cheerleading squads are typically divided into all-girl or coed categories, each with its own unique dynamics. Scholarships are often tailored to these squad types, with eligibility criteria varying depending on the squad’s composition. This division reflects the diverse skills and teamwork required in cheerleading, offering opportunities for athletes based on their chosen squad format.

 Competitive Cheerleading Scholarships

Many colleges boasting competitive cheerleading teams extend scholarships to athletes who showcase outstanding performances in regional or national cheerleading competitions. These scholarships serve as a recognition of skill and dedication, encouraging talented cheerleaders to pursue higher education while continuing to contribute to their team’s success.

As a result, students with a passion for cheerleading can leverage their achievements on the mat to access educational opportunities and further hone their skills in a collegiate setting.

Requirements for Cheerleading Scholarships

  •  Skill Proficiency

To be eligible for cheerleading scholarships, candidates must demonstrate a high level of proficiency in cheerleading skills, including tumbling, stunting, and dance. Some colleges may require candidates to submit videos showcasing their abilities.

  •   Academic Performance

While athletic prowess is crucial, academic performance is also a significant factor for many colleges. Cheerleaders may need to maintain a certain GPA to remain eligible for their scholarships.

  •   Leadership and Teamwork

Colleges seek cheerleaders who not only excel individually but also contribute positively to the team dynamic. Leadership qualities, teamwork, and a positive attitude are often considered in scholarship decisions.

  •   Community Involvement

Some institutions value community engagement and may look for candidates who actively participate in community service or outreach programs.

Cheerleading and College Admissions

Participating in cheerleading can positively impact college admissions beyond the prospect of receiving scholarships. College admissions officers recognize the discipline, time management skills, and teamwork cultivated through cheerleading. Including cheerleading accomplishments in college applications can set applicants apart and showcase a well-rounded skill set.

 Scholarship Application Process

  •  Researching  

It is crucial to have a thorough awareness of the particular specifications and demands of any scholarship program. Investigating these areas in depth can help them make well-informed selections and increase their chances of getting on the cheerleading squad and possibly receiving financial aid for their studies.

  •  Showcasing Skills

Creating a strong portfolio that uses engaging videos, excellent recommendations, and a well-written résumé to showcase your cheerleading abilities will greatly increase your chances of being awarded scholarships. This all-encompassing strategy gives not only concrete proof of your abilities but also a thorough rundown of your commitment to and accomplishments in cheerleading.

Your scholarship applications will have a greater impact if you showcase your strengths thoughtfully to admissions committees.

  •  Seeking Guidance

Apart from their proficiency in managing the scholarship application procedure, high school advisors, coaches, and mentors are essential in pinpointing specific scholarship prospects for individual pupils.

Their individualized counsel goes beyond simple application assistance; it also includes tactical counsel on creating compelling personal statements and emphasizing noteworthy accomplishments. Instilling confidence and inspiration in students as they pursue their educational goals through scholarship channels, these committed professionals provide a supportive environment.



In conclusion, the evolution of cheerleading into a competitive sport has led to an increased recognition of cheerleaders as athletes. Many colleges now offer scholarships for cheerleading, acknowledging the dedication, skill, and teamwork involved in the sport.

Aspiring cheerleaders should explore scholarship opportunities, understand the specific requirements of each program, and leverage their cheerleading experiences in the college admissions process. Cheerleading is not just a sideline activity; it’s a pathway to education, personal growth, and athletic achievement.


1. Are cheerleading scholarships common in colleges?

Yes, as cheerleading evolves into a recognized sport, many colleges now offer scholarships to talented and dedicated cheerleaders.

2. What criteria do colleges consider for cheerleading scholarships?

Criteria often include skill level, athleticism, teamwork, and commitment to the sport, showcasing a holistic evaluation of the cheerleader.

3. Can male cheerleaders also qualify for these scholarships?

Colleges consider talent and dedication regardless of gender, offering opportunities for both male and female cheerleaders.

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