Do Colleges Give Scholarships For Cheerleading

Do Colleges Give Scholarships For Cheerleading

Scholarships for cheerleading are still available, despite the fact that they differ from program to program. Funding for student-athletes is typically higher in cheering programs that are more prestigious and competitive. This section deconstructs cheerleading scholarships, covering everything from which cheerleading institutions give them to how to apply for one.

Do Colleges Give Scholarships For Cheerleading

Indeed, cheerleading scholarships are available at a lot of schools and institutions. Many educational institutions view cheerleading as a sport, and athletes who cheer may be qualified for athletic scholarships. These scholarships may be used to pay for room and board in addition to tuition and fees.

Scholarships for cheerleading are frequently given out depending on several criteria, such as the athlete’s aptitude, performance, leadership traits, and academic standing. Scholarships might be easier to come by for athletes who do well enough to be on competitive cheerleading squads at some institutions that compete nationally.

In a nutshell, cheerleading is a sport. But since the NCAA hasn’t approved it, there aren’t any formal rules governing recruiting. As a result, these schools have less money available for coaches, which means full-ride scholarships for college cheerleading are frequently unavailable.

However, this does not imply that receiving a college cheerleading scholarship is unattainable. Scholarships ranging from $500 to $1,000 are given annually by many institutions to cheerleaders as payment for their team membership. Additionally, as cheering has developed over the past few years, more scholarships are becoming available at the nation’s best programs. Funding is typically awarded to the most competitive and prestigious programs—those who do well in NCA or UCA finals.


Scholarships rank highly among the variables that cheerleading coaches use when recruiting student-athletes, while each coach has their own set of standards. To help you earn a college cheerleading scholarship, consider the following advice:

1. Compete at the greatest level

Cheer scholarships are typically awarded to teams that have a strong cheering tradition within the school’s history and are very competitive. Coaches are looking for candidates who can step up their routines as college cheerleading continues to change and become more competitive. Make sure your skill set distinguishes you from the other members of the group. Scholarships are given preference by coaches to cheerleaders who engage in competition. Thus, your chances of being awarded a scholarship decrease if your abilities don’t fit with the current roster.

2. Attend college clinics

Recruits can learn the skills and routines needed for that school’s tryouts from these clinics, which are a crucial component of the recruiting process. Along with learning the skills necessary to compete on that squad, recruits are also taught sideline shouts, stunts, and the fight song. In essence, athletes are scouted by college coaches through open gyms and clinics.

3. Keep your GPA high

Recruits with strong test scores and a high GPA are highly valued by college coaches. Student-athletes who maintain a specific GPA are eligible to receive academic scholarships from some collegiate cheer programs. Nearly all schools provide scholarships to students with strong academic backgrounds.

4. Make a skill-showcasing video for recruitment

Every prospect cannot be personally evaluated by college cheer coaches. They therefore resort to internet reviews. Before a student-athlete is allowed to try out for the team, some institutions ask them to submit a recruiting film that highlights particular talents. It’s crucial to highlight your abilities and submit them to college coaches at the universities you’re considering. A coach’s attention will be drawn to you sooner rather than later, increasing your chances of being invited to try out and being selected for the team.

5. Discover which college best suits you

Ensure the school is a good fit for you academically and athletically. To determine whether you’d be a good fit for the coach, find out about their ideal qualities, look at the team’s roster, see game footage, check the academic entrance requirements of the institution, be granted admission to the university, and a position on the team.


Many universities provide cheerleading scholarships, which typically range from $500 to $2,000, to their athletes as payment for joining the squad. In general, college cheerleading money is more likely to be available at the more competitive schools—those that perform well at nationals. Since a recruit’s skill set and grades play a big part in determining scholarship options, student-athletes interested in cheerleading scholarships should look at institutions where they’ll excel academically as well as athletically.

We’ve put together a list of institutions offering cheerleading scholarships to aid you in your investigation.

University of Kentucky
University of Alabama
University of Central Florida
Texas Tech University
Oklahoma State University
University of Louisville
University of Mississippi
University of Tennessee
Mississippi State University
Ohio State University


Put simply, the nation’s top-ranked universities are typically the ones offering the greatest cheerleading scholarships. Funding for college cheerleading is more likely to be available for teams with a well-established program and a track record of placing well at competitions.

However, because the amount of athletic aid varies from program to program, many college cheerleaders must supplement their financing with other forms of aid to lower the overall cost of attending college. The top three cheerleaders on any squad typically receive the most scholarship money, so it also relies on their skill level.

We’ve put together a list of the top cheerleading colleges to aid in your study. As an example, consider the division:

Division 1

Stanford University
University of North Carolina
University of Florida
University of Michigan
Florida State University
University of Georgia
Harvard University
Vanderbilt University
University of California, San Diego
University of California, Santa Barbara

Division 2

Yale University
California State University, Long Beach
University of Oregon
Appalachian State University
Southern Methodist University – SMU

Division 3

University of Illinois
New York University
University of South Carolina
California Baptist University
Florida International University

Junior College

Navarro College
Trinity Valley Community College


In summary, obtaining a cheerleading scholarship is an exciting process that combines academic success, teamwork, and athleticism. Colleges are aware of how much cheerleaders contribute to community involvement and school pride. Aspiring cheerleaders must demonstrate their abilities, commitment, and leadership in the classroom as well as on the mat in order to be considered for specific cheering scholarships, which are not always available.

Students can enhance their prospects of obtaining lucrative scholarships and adding to the lively campus environment by actively searching out possibilities, upholding academic achievement, and showcasing their enthusiasm for cheerleading.


1. Do universities provide cheerleading-specific scholarships?
Indeed, there are colleges that provide cheerleading scholarships. Even while cheerleading isn’t as popular as other sports, many universities still value the athleticism and leadership qualities cheerleaders provide to campus life. It’s best to inquire about specific scholarship options directly with institutions.

2. What factors are taken into account by universities when giving cheering scholarships?
Colleges often take into account a number of variables, such as leadership abilities, academic achievement, community service, and cheerleading prowess. Having a profile that is well-rounded and showcases both academic and athletic achievement increases the likelihood of being awarded a cheering scholarship.

3. Are cheering scholarships awarded only on the basis of athletic ability?
No, cheering scholarships frequently take a multifaceted approach, accounting for community service, leadership abilities, and academic success. Scholarly achievement combined with athletic ability can make a big difference in a candidate’s scholarship application.

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