Do College Cheerleaders Get Scholarships

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Cheerleaders make it look so easy to do backflips, basket tosses, and pyramids while smiling for the audience! Cheerleaders, like their fellow athletes, are at a high risk of injury due to the dangerous stunts they perform. Muscle strains in the hips, lower back, and legs, elbow and shoulder dislocations; and fractures are common injuries among college cheerleaders.

Do College Cheerleaders Get Scholarships

Yes, many college cheerleaders can receive scholarships for their participation in cheerleading. However, the availability and amount of scholarships can vary widely among colleges and universities. Some institutions offer full or partial scholarships to talented and skilled cheerleaders, while others may provide other forms of financial assistance, such as stipends, tuition waivers, or support for related expenses.

It’s essential to note that cheerleading scholarships are often associated with competitive cheerleading programs, where participants engage in stunts, tumbling, and routines. In addition to their athletic skills, cheerleaders may also be evaluated based on qualities such as leadership, teamwork, and dedication.

Prospective college cheerleaders should check with the specific colleges or universities they are interested in to inquire about the availability of cheerleading scholarships and the criteria for receiving them. It’s common for schools with prominent cheerleading programs to have dedicated scholarship opportunities for talented and committed cheerleaders

Can You Get A Scholarship For CheerLeading?

In a nutshell, cheerleading is a sport. However, it is not sanctioned by the NCAA, which means there are no official recruiting rules in place. This also means that there is less funding available for coaches at these programmes, so full-ride scholarships for college cheerleading are rare.

But that doesn’t mean obtaining a college cheerleading scholarship is impossible.

Many colleges offer scholarships of $500 to $1,000 per year to cheerleaders in exchange for their participation on the team. And, as the sport has evolved in recent years, more cheerleading scholarships are becoming available at top universities across the country. Typically, the most competitive and well-known programs—those that perform well at NCA or UCA championships—receive the most funding.

However, there is no standard amount of aid available across schools; the amount of aid an athlete can receive at each college varies by programme. The University of Hawaii, for example, is known for awarding full-ride scholarships to their athletes, whereas other schools offer stipends, scholarships based on GPA, or a flat-rate amount, such as $2,000 per academic year.

How To Apply For A Cheerleading Scholarship

While each cheerleading coach has their own set of criteria for recruiting student-athletes, scholarships are prioritised based on a variety of factors. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind when applying for a college cheerleading scholarship:

  • Compete at the highest level: Cheer scholarships are most commonly available at programmes that are highly competitive and have a long history of cheerleading. Coaches want to bring on recruits who can take their routines to the next level as college cheerleading evolves and becomes more competitive. Make sure your skill set stands out from the rest of the squad’s. Coaches prioritise scholarships for competing cheerleaders. As a result, if your skills do not match those of the current roster, your chances of receiving a scholarship decrease.
  • Attend college clinics: College clinics are an important part of the recruiting process because they teach recruits the skills and routines that will be performed during that school’s tryouts. Recruits learn sideline cheers, stunts, and the fight song, as well as the skills required for that squad. Essentially, college coaches scout athletes at clinics and open gyms.
  • Maintain a high GPA: College coaches place a high value on recruits who have a high GPA and solid test scores. In fact, some college cheerleading programmes offer academic scholarships to student-athletes who maintain a certain grade point average. A strong academic record can open doors to scholarship opportunities at almost any school.
  • Make a recruiting video to highlight your skills: College cheerleading coaches are unable to evaluate every recruit in person. As a result, they rely on online evaluations. Before a student-athlete can try out for a team, some schools require a recruiting video that demonstrates specific skills. It’s critical to highlight your abilities and send them to college coaches at the schools you’re interested in. The earlier you get on a coach’s radar, the better your chances of being invited to try out and making the squad.
  • Determine your best college fit: Check to see if the school is a good academic and athletic fit. To best understand if you’d be accepted into the school and receive a spot on the squad, review the team’s roster, view competition footage, and review the school’s necessary academic acceptance information.

 Best Colleges For Cheerleading Scholarships

University of Kentucky

If you’re looking for the best cheerleading squad in the country, look no further than the University of Kentucky! With 23 national titles under its belt, the squad has dominated and continues to dominate the Universal Cheerleaders Association National Championships.

It’s no surprise, then, that the university offers a special scholarship programme to its cheerleaders. All Blue Squad members receive either the full amount of in-state tuition (for residents) or a portion of out-of-state fees, depending on their residency status (for non-residents). Furthermore, at the end of the spring semester, all Blue and White squad members with at least 3.0 GPS for the fall semester receive a modest academic scholarship.

University of Minnesota 

The Golden Gophers Spirit Squads are divided into four groups: the coed and small coed cheer squads, which have both male and female members; the Minnesota Dance Team, which has 19 dancers; and the all-girl cheer squad.

Scholarships are available to veteran squad members, though the number of scholars chosen is limited. However, every Spirit Squad member receives a book allowance for each semester.

The university also provides several scholarship opportunities for newcomers, including aspiring cheerleaders, dancers, and Spirit Squad mascots. These are merit-based scholarships with awards ranging from $1,000 per year to $60,000 over four years.

Concordia University Ann Arbor

Cheerleaders at Concordia University Ann Arbor are awarded athletic cheer scholarships based on their skill level, ability, and seniority, among other factors. These athletic scholarships are renewable each year as long as the student-athlete remains eligible.

In addition to athletic scholarships, student-athletes can apply for academic scholarships. The former is usually determined and awarded through the admissions process, which is usually merit-based. Cheerleaders can also apply for a number of need-based grants.

Every student-athlete is required to compete on one of the university’s competitive teams, which include all-girl and NAIA coed teams. For placement purposes, pre-competitive evaluations will be conducted. Cheerleaders may be required to switch teams at the discretion of the head coach.


While cheerleading isn’t recognized as an official NCAA sport, many colleges still offer scholarships to cheerleaders. These scholarships typically range from $500 to $2,000 per year, though some programs may offer more. The amount of scholarship money available will depend on the size and competitiveness of the cheerleading program.

To increase your chances of getting a cheerleading scholarship, it’s important to start early and research the programs you’re interested in. Make sure you have strong academic and athletic skills, and be prepared to compete against other talented cheerleaders.


1. How Much Can You Get In Cheerleading Scholarships?

The amount of money you can receive in cheerleading scholarships varies depending on the school, the program, and your individual qualifications. However, most scholarships are in the range of $500 to $2,000 per year. Some schools may offer full scholarships, but these are rare.

2. What Are The Requirements For Getting A Cheerleading Scholarship?

The requirements for getting a cheerleading scholarship vary depending on the school. However, most schools will look for athletes who have:

  • Strong athletic ability
  • Good academic performance
  • Leadership skills
  • A positive attitude
  • A commitment to the team

3. How Do I Apply For A Cheerleading Scholarship?

The first step to applying for a cheerleading scholarship is to research the schools you are interested in and contact their cheerleading coach. The coach will be able to provide you with information about the scholarship opportunities available at their school. You will also need to submit an application, which may include transcripts, letters of recommendation, and a video of your cheerleading skills.

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