Can You Get A College Scholarship For Cheer

Can You Get A College Scholarship For Cheer

Starting a journey toward a college degree presents both chances and obstacles. One question that cheerleaders frequently have is, “Can You Get A College Scholarship For Cheer?” This is an investigation of the acknowledgment and resources offered to individuals who contribute spirit and vigor to the athletic sphere, not merely a financial query.

This article explains the many criteria, opportunities, and routes that could transform your love of cheerleading into a useful tool for your academic endeavors.

Can You Get A College Scholarship For Cheer

It is possible to get a college scholarship for cheer.  Student-athletes who plan to participate in college cheer squads are given cheerleading scholarships, which are frequently given in the form of college tuition.

Cheerleaders in college have the opportunity to receive full-ride scholarships for their program or tuition reimbursement simply for participating in cheerleading.

Cheerleading scholarships

Scholarship money awarded to student-athletes who wish to compete on collegiate cheerleading and dancing teams is known as a cheerleading scholarship. Student-athletes who plan to participate in college cheer squads are given cheerleading scholarships, which are frequently given in the form of college tuition.

How to get a Cheer scholarship

There are a number of steps you can take to improve your chances of being accepted into a cheering school and ultimately receiving a cheerleading scholarship.

  • Attend Cheer Camps and Clinics: One of the best ways to get noticed by a coach and experience the intensity of college cheerleading is to attend clinics and camps. You will practice routines with aspiring cheerleaders and current college team members, and at the conclusion of the clinic, you will receive a performance rating.
  • Make an audition video: College cheer coaches want to show how incoming student-athletes will be an asset to their cheerleading squad! Highlight your finest stunting and tumbling abilities and include a brief introduction with your name, high school, and relevant experience.
  • Make direct contact with college coaches: One of the best ways to get on a college  coach’s radar and solicit comments is by sending them an email. Along with describing your goals and interests as a team member, it is advised that you attach your recruitment video to the email.
  • Show Off Your Academic Prowess: Your academic standing plays a critical role in obtaining a cheer scholarship in addition to your cheerleading abilities. Student-athletes must maintain a certain GPA in order to be eligible for a cheer scholarship at the majority of colleges and universities that offer them.
  • Attend college recruitment: A lot of institutions hold informational seminars or recruitment days for aspiring athletes. Come learn about the college cheerleading program and coaches directly by attending these events and interacting with them. These on-campus gatherings are a great way to network with college cheerleading coaches and pose questions!

Available Scholarships for Cheerleaders

In keeping with its goal of removing the financial barrier to higher education, provides a comprehensive database of scholarships that are open to students at all grade points. There are numerous cheerleading scholarships available in addition to general scholarships that are offered to all students.

  • Scholarship for Women in Sports: The purpose of this scholarship is to assist a female undergraduate who wants to work in sports. The sports sector has expanded rapidly in recent years, but there is still room to close the gender gap.
  • Sports Lover Scholarship: The purpose of this scholarship is to assist students who want to pursue careers in athletics or sports at any educational level. Those with a lifelong passion for sports may choose to work in sports-related industries like sports medicine or nutrition.
  • Derk Golden Memorial Scholarship: This award supports athletes pursuing higher education as a way to celebrate Derk Golden’s life. Athletes with a 3.0 GPA or above who are seniors in high school or enrolled in college are eligible to apply for this scholarship.
  • Cat Zingano Overcoming Loss Scholarship: This fund seeks to assist any educational level student who is grieving a significant loss, like Cat Zingano did during her college years in her early twenties.

The Best College Cheerleading Programs in the US

  1. Kentucky University
    The University of Kentucky cheer team is well-known in the collegiate cheering community. With a loyal fan base and a reputation for precision and entertaining routines, the Wildcats have won 24 national crowns. They also have a sizable outreach program that teaches cheerleading skills to young athletes all around the nation.
  2.  Texas University
    In the collegiate cheering scene, the University of Texas cheer squad, dubbed the “Texas Cheer,” is a formidable force. The program is well-known for its creative and exciting routines and has won numerous national titles.
  3. Alabama University
    One more dominant collegiate cheer squad is the “Crimson Tide,” which cheers for the University of Alabama. The show is well-known for its exciting performances and memorable stunts and has won multiple national honors.
  4. University of Florida 
    The University of Florida’s cheerleading squad, known as “Gator Cheerleading,” is well-known for its skill and adaptability. Florida cheerleaders are exceptional in every facet of their profession, whether they are pulling off gravity-defying feats or rallying the crowd with energetic shouts.


“Can You Get A College Scholarship For Cheer?” is a question that has a resounding “yes” response as we wrap up our investigation into the world of cheerleading scholarships. There are plenty of chances for funding and notoriety beyond the pom-poms and energetic routines. Armed with skill and commitment, cheerleaders might find assistance in their academic pursuits.

As you continue to refine your routines and suppress your enthusiasm, keep in mind that your passion could hold the key to granting you access to prestigious scholarships and enabling you to pursue your academic goals.


Q1: Are cheerleading scholarships only for women?

No, cheerleading scholarships are available for both men and women. Many colleges and organizations value diversity and welcome talented individuals regardless of gender.

Q2: Can I apply for cheerleading scholarships if I’m not pursuing cheerleading as a major?

Yes, many cheerleading scholarships do not require you to major in cheerleading. Academic and athletic achievements are often the primary criteria.

Q3: Do cheerleading scholarships cover all expenses, including tuition and housing?

The coverage varies. Some scholarships may cover tuition only, while others may include additional expenses like housing, books, and meals. It’s essential to check the terms of each scholarship.

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