Are There College Scholarships For Cheerleading

Are There College Scholarships For Cheerleading

Cheerleading is a physically demanding and intensely competitive activity that calls for skill, devotion, and collaboration. It’s not just for fun on the sidelines. Many prospective college athletes may be wondering if they might be compensated for their talent with a cheering scholarship, given the growing popularity of competitive cheerleading.

We’ll look at the process of applying for a cheerleading scholarship, the likelihood of receiving one, and a few prestigious colleges that provide them in this article: “Are There College Scholarships For Cheerleading.”

Are There College Scholarships For Cheerleading?

College scholarships for cheerleading do exist, but they are actually less popular than those for more conventional sports like basketball and football.  Even though cheerleading is a sport, the National University Athletic Association (NCAA), which oversees college athletics, does not authorize cheerleading at the university level.
Since elite college cheer squads typically receive more financing from their respective universities, they are more likely to grant more cheerleading scholarships. A select few of the best cheer squad members at certain colleges may even be eligible for full-ride scholarships!

Outstanding cheerleaders may also be eligible for athletic scholarships from private sponsors or sports leagues, which can support institutional scholarships and financial aid.

How A Cheer Scholarship Is Obtained

Cheerleading is a demonstration of the strength of individual achievement, devotion, and teamwork. Here’s how to get a college cheer scholarship as a top-tier cheerleader:

  • Boost Your Ability

Improving your cheerleading abilities is the first step towards obtaining a collegiate cheerleading scholarship. To expedite your progress as a cheerleader, if you’re not currently a part of one, join a competitive team and go to cheer camps. Before trying out for college cheer programs, it might be very helpful to have a strong competitive cheering experience because college cheerleading teams frequently need athletes to perform flips, feats, and complex routines.

  • Show Off Your Academic Brilliance

In addition to your cheering abilities, getting a cheer scholarship depends heavily on your academic standing.

In order to qualify for a cheer scholarship, student-athletes must maintain a minimum GPA at the majority of colleges and universities that provide cheering scholarships. Therefore, while applying for cheer scholarships, it’s crucial to strike a balance between your academic obligations and your cheerleading commitment. Maintaining good grades might also help you become eligible for academic scholarships, which are given to deserving students.

  • Create a Recruiting Video That Tells Your Story

Your most powerful tool in the current college cheerleading scholarship landscape can be a strong recruitment video. Create a film that tells college coaches about your narrative and displays your cheerleading expertise by embracing the power of storytelling and creativity.

Firstly, begin your recruitment video by sincerely and enthusiastically presenting yourself:  Tell us about yourself, your cheerleading history, and your desire to join a collegiate squad.

Secondly, show off your precise and stylish cheering abilities: Take videos of your finest tumbling, jumps, routines, and stunts. Stress how committed you are to honing your skill, and let your every gesture and scream convey assurance and brilliance.(college cheerleading coaches should be able to see you in your recruitment video and anticipate the skill and commitment you will bring to the team).

Thirdly, remember to add a personal touch:  Tell stories about your achievements, setbacks, and challenges you’ve faced as a cheerleader. Allow college cheer coaches to see the real you—the tenacity, fortitude, and unrelenting passion that set you apart as an athlete.

Lastly, showcase your academic successes: You have the chance to highlight your dedication to education in your recruitment video by mentioning your GPA, academic accomplishments, and any extracurricular activities that highlight your versatility as a student-athlete.

  • Make Contact with Coaches

Developing a rapport with college coaches is essential to being awarded a cheerleading scholarship. Here are some pointers on how to make connections with coaches, network, and get acknowledged for your hard work and talent.

  • Participate in cheerleading camps and competitions

You can gain important experience and perform in front of college coaches and recruiters looking for cheerleaders by participating in cheer competitions and camps. Enroll in regional competitions and cheering camps and seize any chance to make a statement and challenge yourself.

Additionally, some colleges hold college clinics where players are scouted and recruits are taught techniques and routines that will be performed during the school’s auditions by college cheer coaches. If there are any college cheerleading clinics or open gyms, keep an eye on their sporting schedule and invest some time in researching the programs you are most interested in joining.

  • Contact the Coaches of College Cheerleading

Get in contact with the cheerleading coaches at the colleges you have selected as your target audience. Write a strong, passionate letter explaining your interest in their cheerleading scholarship prospects and program. Your introductory communication should demonstrate your enthusiasm for and dedication to college cheerleading!

  • Participate in college recruitment days

Prospective athletes can attend informational seminars or recruitment days at several institutions. Attend these events to talk with coaches and learn firsthand about the college cheerleading program and coaches. Ask questions and leave a lasting impression on college cheerleading coaches during these on-campus events!

Three America’s Best College Cheerleading Programs

Cheerleading has become an art form thanks to the greatest collegiate programs, which display amazing talent and commitment both on and off the mat. Cheerleading scholarships are also more likely to be awarded to student-athletes at elite institutions because well-known cheerleading colleges have better-funded programs. You will, however, face greater competition to win a cheering scholarship the more competitive the program.

1. Kentucky University

In the world of collegiate cheerleading, the University of Kentucky cheer squad is famed. The Wildcats have a devoted following and a reputation for accuracy and crowd-pleasing routines, which have earned them 24 national titles. Cheerleaders from Kentucky represent their university’s competitive teams by participating in sporting events, pep rallies, and community gatherings. Additionally, they run a large outreach program that instructs young athletes around the country in cheerleading techniques.

2. Alabama University

One more dominant collegiate cheer squad is the “Crimson Tide,” which cheers for the University of Alabama. The show is well-known for its exciting performances and memorable stunts and has won multiple national honors. At football games, basketball games, and other sporting events, Alabama cheerleaders are easily recognized, captivating the audience with their fervent cheers and complex dances.

3. The Florida University

The University of Florida’s cheerleading squad, known as “Gator Cheerleading,” is well-known for its skill and adaptability. Florida cheerleaders are exceptional in every facet of their profession, whether they are pulling off gravity-defying feats or rallying the crowd with energetic shouts. The program routinely ranks among the best in the country and has won multiple national championships.

Scholarships for College Cheerleading

  • Derk Golden Memorial Scholarship: This award supports athletes pursuing higher education as a way to celebrate Derk Golden’s life. Athletes with a 3.0 GPA or above who are seniors in high school or enrolled in college are eligible to apply for this scholarship!

The deadline for applications is, March 15, 2024. A $950 prize will be given to the winner. To apply, submit an essay outlining your love for your sport, its significance in your life, and the lessons it has taught you about yourself.

  • David G. Sutton Memorial Scholarship: This scholarship seeks to honor the life of David G. Sutton, an athlete and a coach who coached all levels of basketball, baseball, and football throughout his life. Any high school athlete in Pennsylvania may apply for this scholarship opportunity, and one student will be awarded $500. In order to be considered for this award, you must write an essay explaining how a coach changed your life for the better and how you embody David Sutton’s values.


Put simply, the nation’s top-ranked universities are typically the ones offering the greatest cheerleading scholarships. Funding for college cheerleading is more likely to be available for teams with a well-established program and a track record of placing well at competitions.

However, because the amount of athletic aid varies from program to program, many college cheerleaders must supplement their financing with other forms of aid to lower the overall cost of attending college. The top three cheerleaders on any squad typically receive the most scholarship money, so it also relies on their skill level.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do I need to do to qualify for a cheer scholarship?

You normally need to have a great academic record, a high degree of cheerleading expertise, and a dedication to both your studies and sport in order to be eligible for a cheer scholarship. It’s important to investigate and satisfy the requirements of any institution or university as they could differ.

2. How much of an impact does academic achievement have on getting a cheer scholarship?

Scholastic achievement is a prerequisite for being awarded a cheer scholarship. To remain eligible, students must fulfill the academic standards of the majority of schools. Maintaining a healthy balance between cheerleading and academics is crucial.

3. Are there scholarship opportunities for non-competitive cheerleaders?

Cheerleaders who do not participate in competitive cheerleading can still apply for scholarships. Even for those who haven’t participated in national competitions, several institutions grant scholarships to individuals who show a great dedication to cheerleading and their community.

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