Are There College classes on weekends

Are There College Classes On Weekends


Weekend Classes are held on weekends! So if you work, have a family, or just want something interesting to do on Friday nights, Saturdays, and/or Sundays, Weekend Classes are for you.  Most four-year colleges and universities only offer a few weekend or evening courses; the majority of their programs are provided during the day.

When choosing the type of college you attend, however, don’t immediately rule out all four-year institutions. Depending on the degree, all four-year institutions offer night or weekend programs. To be sure, visit the websites of potential universities.

Are There College Classes On Weekends

You can work on a college degree or just take classes for fun. Or maybe you want to brush up on some for your job. Whatever the class is, and for whatever reason you’re taking it, you can be sure the class you choose will be more intense.

Whether it runs for fifteen Saturdays, six Saturdays and Sundays, or three weekends, it will require that you complete all of your homework assignments and attend each session. And don’t be surprised when you discover you’re having a lot of fun, meeting new and interesting people, and gaining confidence as you learn useful and important information.

What is Weekend College

With Weekend College, you can choose to take classes during days, nights, weekends, online, or in-person, and create a schedule that works for you.  Weekend College courses are offered Friday nights, Saturdays, and with online and hybrid formats. Hybrid courses have some in-person classes and some online classes.

Do you have College Classes on the weekends

Usually, bigger colleges have evening and weekend undergraduate courses. However, because they need a special curriculum targeted at working families, few encourage you to complete a complete evening and weekend degree program only. Smaller colleges (private liberal arts) often typically don’t offer evening undergraduate courses. For doctoral studies, they sometimes reserve evenings. Some may need weekend courses, so it depends on the university and, therefore, the curriculum. The simplest thing to try and do is go looking at their catalog on their pages, which should be open.

Weekend Courses

Weekend courses or degrees are becoming increasingly popular for individuals who have limited availability during the workweek. These programs offer a great opportunity for those wanting to upskill or advance their careers without compromising their weekday commitments. Many reputable universities and institutions now offer part-time programs specifically designed to accommodate individuals with weekend availability.

These weekend courses can range from short-term skill development workshops to comprehensive degree programs. The duration and intensity of the courses may vary depending on the institution and the specific program. Some programs may require attendance on both weekend days, while others may offer flexibility to choose between Saturdays and Sundays. It’s crucial to thoroughly research and select a program that aligns with your interests, schedule, and career goals.

Earn A Degree On Your Schedule

Whether you would like to learn online from a distance or in the classroom, you can complete your entire A.A. degree in the evenings or on the weekends in just six, seven or eight short terms. More and more courses are being offered in a hybrid format, which blends face-to-face teaching and online learning.

Depending on the subject, the amount of Web-based instruction can vary in proportion to the class meetings. Hybrid courses are NOT condensed courses. They require the same number of hours as traditional courses, except that half of the course is taught online.

How It Works

  • Start any term – fall, spring or summer.
  • Flexible scheduling with traditional, online and hybrid courses.
  • Take all your traditional or online courses on Fridays, Saturdays and/or Sundays.
  • Fulfill all your general education requirements, plus choose from a variety of electives.
  • Graduate in six, seven or eight terms, or take longer if necessary.

Weekend College Programs

Below are some of the programs that have classes that can be completed entirely during weekends, online, and hybrid classes. You also have the option of taking classes in these programs during weekdays. Basically, you can mix and match to create a schedule that works for you. Colleges have versatile services that allow you to customize your education to fit your needs. A sample of those services is here.

Business Transfer Pathway AS

The Business Transfer Pathway Associate of Science is designed for students who are interested in transferring after graduation to pursue a bachelor’s degree or a professional degree in business, management, marketing, education, or training.

Computer Science Transfer Pathway AS

The Computer Science Transfer Pathway prepares students to enter the job market in information technology, computer programming, and software development; or to transfer to a related bachelor’s degree program.

Human Services AS

The Human Services AS degree program prepares students to provide information, support, care, and advocacy in a variety of Human Services settings.

How To Register For A Weekend Course At College

You can register for a weekend course the same way you register for any other course.

  • If you are new to college and you’ve completed the admissions steps, you can register for weekend courses with your advisor during your registration session.
  • If you’re a current college student, you can find and register for weekend courses in eservices.
  • If you’re not seeking a degree at college but would like to take classes on the weekend and earn transferrable credits, follow the steps for non-degree-seeking students.

Weekend College Online Courses

Courses offered on the weekend apply to a variety of majors. Students pursuing a variety of degrees choose to take weekend courses. Credits earned in weekend classes are accredited and can be transferred, just like any other course at college. Most colleges have been nationally recognized leaders in distance learning since 1975. Many students choose online courses due to busy work schedules or family caregiving responsibilities, to take a class that requires little or no travel for in-person meetings or simply because they enjoy learning online.

Online courses require the self-discipline to study on your own, good reading skills, a commitment of time, and good Internet access. They involve interacting with your professor and classmates using a variety of technologies. Some courses require scheduled online sessions at pre-designated times using a microphone and headset, meeting online through Canvas; meeting times will be noted in the online Schedule of Classes under Course Notes.




In conclusion, cultural and technical colleges also are specially built to appeal to adult learners. Such styles of schools even have several services and several other different choices for scheduling. Remember that night and weekend courses are limited even at some colleges, so students only take one or two classes per week. Registering early is often better so that you get into courses that fit your schedule even on weekends.


How often are college classes held on weekends?

This depends on how your course is offered (online, hybrid or in-person) and depends on the number of credits. Check out the schedule in E-Services or speak with an advisor for details.

 How long will it take me to earn a degree on the weekends?

  • You can earn an associate’s degree on weekends in just two years, provided you meet RCC’s competency in English and math.
  • You can earn a Paralegal Certificate in as little as 10 months because it is a certificate, not a degree.

 What if I want to take classes during the week too?

You can complete a program with any combination of daytime, evening, online, blended (online and on-campus) and weekend courses.

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