Where To Have Sex In College

Where To Have Sex In College

Where To Have Sex In College: You have a (mostly) private room, live in quadriceps full of attractive coeds, and lead a lifestyle that encourages interacting with people of the other sex when attending college. This implies that you should get a lot of use out of your creaky dorm bed, right? Only, that is, if you approach it wisely. There are still a lot of ways for things to go wrong. You’ll quickly become the biggest guy on campus if you follow this easy guide to getting it on.


Where To Have Sex In College

Guys have a lot of theories about how to woo and date attractive women. And some of the guys genuinely understand what they’re talking about. Guys will tell you a lot of interesting things about attractive girls.

  • Some men say that there’s really no difference between an absolutely stunning girl and an average girl, so you should treat hot girls the same way you treat any other girl.
  • Conversely, some men assert that you should approach a gorgeous woman entirely differently. They claim that because hot girls live a very different reality than other girls—they are always on—you have to step it up to attract them.

Campus Locations Outside Your Dorm Room Where You Can Have Sex

The issue is that dorm rooms in colleges are typically shared by two people. You have to either kick your roommate out or try something discreet while she’s still asleep when you eventually find yourself back in your room at three in the morning with a guy.

  • A classroom
    Ideally, the classroom is connected to a course or instructor that you utterly dislike. Return the favor!
  • Your Nearby Cafe
    There’s nothing better than doing it in a space that exudes the scent of espresso, whether it’s Starbucks or a quaint little cafe with no name. True love is equal to sex and espresso, even if it’s just for the evening.
  • The Field 
    This can actually be any sports field. To be in love, you have to adore an expansive, airy area.
  • That Campus Fountain in the Center
    On visiting day, it’s the one that all the students display to their parents, but they don’t really give a damn about it.

Where to Have Sex When Your Roommate Won’t Leave

It’s challenging to share a dorm room in college. Individuals require their privacy, which vanishes the moment you live in a single room with someone five feet away from you. We are sexual creatures, whether you want to admit it or not, and many people begin to explore what that really means in college. So why not take advantage of your formative years in sex by not letting something as silly as a careless roommate stand in the way? All you have to do is get inventive.

  • The bathroom
    This one’s logistics rely on how your dorm’s bathroom is set up. It’s easy if you’re one of the fortunate few who has a private bathroom; just lock the door, turn on the shower, and get down. If you and your roommates agree on a “tie on the door” system, sharing a bathroom is also fairly simple. The real difficulty is finding a seat in a shared dorm bathroom. Choose a time of day when the majority of people aren’t taking showers; late at night is probably your best and most practical option. Once the coast is clear, send the person of the appropriate gender in first to scout it out before the others can join.
  • Low-cost Hotel Room
    Sometimes, buying privacy is the only option. For the sake of romance, if you choose to rent a motel room, don’t bother with anything expensive. Accept less. Choose a motel that is more on the seedy side of things, if possible; it will add to the adventure. Aim for a modestly run-down motel instead of going overboard (nobody wants bed bugs or crabs), and make sure you take a thorough shower after it’s all over. The ability to finally be as loud as you want is the best thing about renting a room.
  • Fort Blanket
    I understand. Even if your roommate won’t leave, there are moments when you just aren’t in the mood to get out of bed for an evening romp. It’s alright. When you were a kid, did you ever build any interesting blanket forts to hide from monsters? You can use your cleverness to block your creepy, douche-nozzle roommate’s prying eyes, though. If you’re fortunate enough to have a loft bed, this is the easiest to use. All that’s required of you is to consider using thumbtacks to attach blankets to the wall or hanging them from chairs. The fort won’t be soundproof, of course, but that can be remedied with loud music or Netflix. Although having your roommate technically still in the room will make things a little awkward, it’s still better than being single every day of the week.
  • Rubbish Room
    It is unheard of for someone to take out their trash at three in the morning. Just press one of the enormous garbage cans up against the door if you’re still apprehensive about the idea. You won’t be bothered by anyone. A trash room’s best feature is that it’s just a goddamn trash room. This implies that once the door is closed, nobody will be watching you while you have a little. Additionally, don’t worry about the smell. The trash rooms in dorms are regularly cleaned, so they’re probably cleaner than your room.


Although it’s officially still cuffing season, it’s safe to say that since the sun moved into the carefree sign of Sagittarius, romance and love have taken a backseat. This suggests that your feelings might be erratic at this time of year, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take a chance on the special someone who has captured your attention. There is still hope for matters of the heart, even though the yearning for adventure and freedom will only grow stronger as the seasons change. Actually, every sign will see a spike in romance, which will put an end to all of the distance.


  1. How do I find a place to make out?
    Anywhere that couples can get some privacy, like a hotel room, car, or elevator, is a good place to go on a date. (Hint: It’s legal to kiss in a car as long as it’s parked.) Certain locations, like ice skating and ocean swimming, simply must be added to your list of must-sees.
  2. Where in the school is a good place to kiss?
    Give your teachers and friends a quick peck on the cheek if you’re hanging out at school. She’ll probably appreciate the kind yet respectful gesture that it is. For a little romance, you could also give her a forehead or hand kiss.
  3. Can you have sex or kiss in public?
    Use caution when making out for a public kiss. It’s acceptable to kiss in public as long as you don’t go overboard. Keep your mouth shut and avoid reaching under your partner’s clothing. When someone kisses you with closed lips, they might become uncomfortable.
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