When Is College Go Week? Detailed Information

When Is College Go Week 2023?

When Is College Go Week ?. Have you ever heard of College Go Week? If not, you’re in for a real treat, especially if you’re nearing that monumental decision of choosing a college. Let’s dive right into it, shall we?

When Is College Go Week?

With College Go Week 2023 falling between  25-29 September 2023, preparations are underway to ensure it’s impactful. Schools are gearing up with resource materials, while colleges are prepping for student visits.
College Go Week 2023, from September 18th to 24th, is more than just a date. It’s an experience, a journey, and perhaps the catalyst for future academic successes. Get ready, engage, and make the most of it!

 The Essence of College Go Week

Imagine a week dedicated to helping prospective students make the best college decision possible. That’s College Go Week in a nutshell. It’s a week full of ;

1. Awareness

One of the primary purposes is to make students aware of the various college options available to them. This might include information on community colleges, public and private universities, vocational schools, and other higher education institutions.

2. Preparation

“College Go Week” often includes workshops or sessions on how to prepare for college. This might involve information on required standardized tests, how to build a compelling application, scholarship and financial aid opportunities, and more.

3. Exploration

Many schools bring in college representatives or alumni to talk to students. This gives students a chance to learn about different campus cultures, academic programs, and extracurricular opportunities.

4. Motivation

By presenting success stories, emphasizing the benefits of higher education, and even providing tours of college campuses, the week seeks to motivate students to see college as an attainable and desirable goal.

5. Financial Planning

Understanding the costs associated with higher education and how to manage them is crucial. Sessions might cover topics like student loans, scholarships, grants, and work-study opportunities.

6. Transition Support

Transitioning from high school to college is a significant step. “College Go Week” can provide resources to help students understand what to expect, how to manage their time, and how to take advantage of support systems in college.

7. Engaging Parents

While the focus is on students, parents also play a crucial role in the college decision and preparation process. There may be events or sessions designed to educate parents about the college application process and how they can support their children.

 Looking Back: Previous College Go Weeks

Historically, College Go Week has been observed during the last full week of September. Looking at 2021 and 2022, both followed this trend. But why is this period chosen, you ask? It aligns perfectly with college application timelines, ensuring students get timely advice.

 Events and Activities to Expect

“College Go Week” (or similar events, sometimes called “College Application Week” or “College and Career Week”) is a week dedicated to encouraging students to consider post-secondary education options and helping them navigate the application process. The specific events and activities during this week may vary by school or district, but here are some common events and activities you might expect:

1. College Application Assistance

School counselors or college representatives may offer assistance to students filling out college applications. This could include helping students understand the nuances of different applications and answering questions about the process.

2. Guest Speakers

Alumni, local professionals, or college representatives might visit to discuss the importance of post-secondary education and to provide insight into different career paths.

3. College Fair

Schools might host a college fair where different colleges and universities set up booths. Students can gather information, ask questions, and sometimes even start the application process.

4. Financial Aid Workshops

Understanding how to finance higher education is crucial. Workshops might be held to explain scholarships, grants, student loans, and the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

5. College Wear Days

Students and staff are encouraged to wear apparel from their favorite college or university.

6. Essay Writing Workshops

Many college applications require essays. These workshops can help students understand what admissions officers are looking for and how to write compelling essays.

7. Alumni Panels

Graduates from the school may return to share their experiences of college life, academic challenges, and transitioning from high school to college.

8. Campus Visits

If feasible, schools might organize trips for students to visit nearby colleges or universities. This gives students a firsthand look at campus life.

9. Virtual Tours

With the growth of technology, many institutions offer virtual tours. This could be an option if in-person visits aren’t possible.

10. Test Prep Sessions

Given the importance of standardized tests like the SAT or ACT for many college applications, there might be sessions dedicated to preparation tips and strategies.

11. Resume Building

Workshops or sessions that help students build and refine their resumes, especially if they’re looking to apply for jobs or internships during college.

12. Information on Alternatives

Not everyone goes directly to a 4-year college. There might be information on community colleges, technical schools, apprenticeships, and other post-secondary pathways.

13. Evening Events for Parents

To help parents/guardians understand the college application process, financial aid, and other relevant topics, evening sessions might be organized.

14. Decorate Doors or Hallways

Teachers might decorate their classroom doors or hallways representing different colleges or career paths to create a college-focused atmosphere.

15. Social Media Campaigns

Students might be encouraged to share their college aspirations, acceptance letters, or thoughts on post-secondary education on social media platforms.

16. Trivia and Games

Trivia contests about college facts, traditions, and other related topics can make the learning process more engaging.

 Making the Most of College Go Week

When one says “Making the Most of College Go Week,” it generally means taking full advantage of the opportunities and resources offered during this week. Here are some ways to do that:

1. Researching Colleges

Students can use this week to explore different colleges and universities, both locally and nationally. This might involve browsing their websites, requesting information, or attending virtual campus tours.

2. Attend Workshops or Seminars

Schools and organizations may offer workshops or seminars on topics like filling out college applications, writing college essays, or understanding financial aid. Attending these can provide valuable insights.

3. Application Fee Waivers

Some colleges waive their application fees during this week as an incentive for students to apply. It’s a good opportunity to apply to schools that might otherwise have been financially out of reach.

4. Meet with School Counselors

It’s an opportune time to meet with school guidance or career counselors to discuss plans for the future, get help with college applications, or understand the prerequisites and courses needed for desired college programs.

5. Explore Financial Aid

Many students might think college is out of their financial reach, but College Go Week can be a time to explore scholarships, grants, and other financial aid opportunities.

Schools might host college fairs, have college representatives visit, or organize trips to nearby colleges. Participating in these can give students a better idea of what they’re looking for in a college or university.

7. Application Assistance

For seniors, this week might offer dedicated time and resources for filling out college applications, which can be a daunting task.

8. Set Goals

Even if a student is not yet ready to apply to colleges, they can use this week to set future goals and understand what they need to achieve in the coming years to make college a possibility.

 The Broader Impact of College Go Week

“College Go Week” or similar events and programs aimed at promoting post-secondary education can have substantial impacts on students, colleges, and the wider community. Here’s an overview:

1. Students

a. Exposure to Options: Such events expose students to a myriad of academic and career possibilities. For many, it might be their first introduction to the diverse world of post-secondary educational opportunities.

b. Motivation: When students see the potential outcomes of a college education—be it personal development, higher earnings, or better career opportunities—it can motivate them to pursue higher education.

c. Preparation: These events often include sessions on application processes, scholarships, and other preparatory topics. As a result, students are better informed and equipped to navigate the college application process.

d. Overcoming Barriers: By addressing common misconceptions or fears about college, such as financial concerns or doubts about fitting in, these programs can encourage students who might not have considered college otherwise.

e. Building a Support System: Interacting with college representatives, counselors, and even peers who are also interested in college can create a support system for students. This can be crucial in the transition from high school to college.

2. Colleges

a. Recruitment: These events allow colleges to showcase their offerings and attract potential students.

b. Diversity: By reaching out to a broad spectrum of high school students, colleges might attract a more diverse student body, enriching the campus culture.

c. Early Engagement: Engaging potential students earlier can make them more likely to apply and enroll in that institution.

d. Feedback: Interactions with high school students can provide colleges with feedback on their perception among this demographic, helping them fine-tune their outreach and offerings.

3. Community

a. Economic Development: Higher education is linked to a myriad of economic benefits, including higher earning potential. An educated workforce can attract businesses, leading to community development.

b. Civic Engagement: College graduates are often more engaged in community activities, from volunteering to participating in local governance.

c. Lower Unemployment: Higher educational levels are often correlated with lower unemployment rates, which can have positive implications for local economies.

d. Positive Role Models: As more students attend college, they serve as positive role models for younger individuals in the community, potentially setting a trend for higher educational aspirations.

e. Strengthened School Systems: A focus on college readiness can strengthen the K-12 education system. Schools might improve their curriculum and teaching methods to ensure students are prepared for higher education.

 A Word to Educators and Parents On College Go Week

Dear Educators and Parents,

As we approach “College Go Week”, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the significance of this time and share some thoughts on the impact of our collective efforts.

1. The Value of Exposure

College Go Week isn’t just about promoting college—it’s about broadening horizons. Every student, regardless of their background or circumstances, deserves to know that a myriad of opportunities lies ahead. Whether it’s a two-year community college, a four-year institution, trade schools, or other educational pathways, it’s vital they know their options.

2. The Significance of Support

Navigating the world of higher education can be overwhelming. From applications to financial aid, there’s a lot to understand. As educators and parents, our role is not only to inform but also to support, guide, and reassure. Let’s ensure every student feels empowered to take their next step, whatever that may be.

3. Celebrate Individual Choices

While college might be the right choice for many, it’s not the only valuable path post-high school. Let’s remember to celebrate students who choose vocational training, enter the workforce directly, decide on a gap year, or take another route that aligns with their goals and aspirations.

4. A Moment to Reflect

College Go Week can also be an opportunity for self-reflection. Let’s ask ourselves: Are we doing enough to ensure equity in education? Is every student, irrespective of their socio-economic or cultural background, getting a fair shot at realizing their dreams? This week can be a reminder to redouble our efforts where needed.

5. The Importance of Lifelong Learning

While we emphasize post-secondary education this week, let’s also remind our students about the value of continuous learning. The world is ever-evolving, and the ability to adapt and learn is one of the most valuable skills we can impart.

6. Building Resilience

Rejections, challenges, and uncertainties are all part of the college application process and, indeed, life. As mentors and guardians, let’s focus on teaching resilience. Every setback is a setup for a comeback.

7. Communication is Key

Engage in open conversations with students. Listen to their dreams, fears, and aspirations. Sometimes, the most important thing we can do is lend an understanding ear.


In essence, “College Go Week” is about planting the seed of higher education in the minds of students, giving them the tools and resources they need to explore this path, and helping them understand the transformative power of post-secondary education. Whether a student decides to attend a four-year university, a community college, or a vocational training program, the objective is to ensure they make informed decisions about their future.

 Frequently Asked Questions

1. When exactly is College Go Week in 2023?
College Go Week 2023 is from September 25th to 29th.
2. Is participation in College Go Week free?
Most events during College Go Week are free, though some colleges might charge minimal fees for certain activities.
3. How can I prepare for College Go Week?
Start by listing colleges of interest, preparing questions, and gathering any required application materials.

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