What Colleges Accept Georgia Hope Scholarship

What Colleges Accept Georgia Hope Scholarship

what colleges accept Georgia Hope scholarships? It can be difficult to figure out how to pay for college, especially while juggling the various obligations of moving from high school to a university. There’s a lot to remember, from filling out the FAFSA to looking for college scholarships. It could be difficult to know where to begin. The HOPE Scholarship is a good place to start!

We’ll talk about one merit-based prize in particular in this article: the HOPE prize. We will go over the definition of the HOPE Scholarship, its operation, and strategies for applying with a competitive edge.

what colleges accept Georgia Hope scholarship

Atlanta Metropolitan State College

Columbus State University

Dalton State College

Middle Georgia StateUniversity

University of North Georgia

Athens Technical College

Atlanta Technical College

Southern Regional Technical College

West Georgia Technical College

Wiregrass Georgia Technical College

A HOPE Scholarship: What Is It?

The merit-based HOPE Scholarship was established in 1993 and is only available to Georgian citizens. Since it’s a merit-based scholarship, your eligibility will mostly depend on your GPA from high school. Later on, we will go deeper into the qualifications for the HOPE Scholarship.

Although the HOPE Scholarship was first instituted in Georgia, it is currently available in several other states as well. For instance, there are HOPE Scholarships available in Tennessee and South Carolina in addition to Georgia.

A Reason To Attend Georgia State University

The HOPE Scholarship was established, like many other college grants, to assist intellectually gifted individuals who were unable to pay for college in pursuing a higher education. But the HOPE Scholarship was also designed to serve as a kind of reward. Georgia aimed to maintain intellectually curious students in the system and raise the bar for the state’s educational institutions.

The GA Hope scholarship is available at a select group of Georgian universities. Every one of them has a matching prize amount. More than $12.6 billion has been used to support 2.1 million Georgian students as they pursue higher education since the scholarship’s inception. Visit the HOPE Scholarships webpage to view the HOPE Scholarship award for each college.

To give you an idea of what to anticipate, Georgia Tech will use the HOPE Scholarship to pay up to $10,258 over two semesters.

The Zell Miller Scholarship is another merit-based scholarship that is funded by Georgia’s HOPE Scholarship program. The Zell Miller Scholarship has stricter standards in addition to the same qualifying conditions as HOPE Scholarships. One of the numerous merit-based scholarships that Georgia State instituted following the establishment of the HOPE Scholarships is the Zell Miller Scholarship.

How may one become eligible for a HOPE Scholarship?

Every state that grants a HOPE Scholarship usually has its standards for qualifying. Thus, “basic eligibility” refers to the set of conditions for Georgia’s HOPE Scholarship. To be eligible for the GA HOPE Scholarship, you must fulfill these conditions for the residential HOPE Scholarship.

The fundamental qualification The eligibility requirements for the HOPE Scholarship are as follows:

  • A citizen of Georgia
  • US national or qualified non-national
  • Enrolled at a college or institution in Georgia that qualifies
  • Fully compliant with all student loans

They must also fulfill the requirements for academic success set forth by the HOPE Scholarship.

Should you fulfill the aforementioned requirements, you are qualified to apply for a HOPE Scholarship. Once your application for the HOPE Scholarship has been filed, you’ll soon be among the recipients of this prestigious award. However, there are academic criteria as well, given that this award is merit-based.

To fulfill the prerequisites for the academic HOPE Scholarship, you need to graduate:

  • From a home study course or an authorized high school
  • With a minimum GPA of 3.0 from high school

The HOPE Scholarship computes a measure known as the HOPE GPA in addition to a student’s high school GPA. A high school GPA calculator is not the same as the one used for the HOPE Scholarship. According to the Georgia Department of Education, the HOPE GPA solely takes into account key courses, unlike a high school GPA (GaDOE).

The HOPE high school GPA was first used in Georgia in 2007. Furthermore, in 2011, the 2.0 high school GPA threshold for the HOPE Grant was increased to a 3.0 requirement. A modification in the high school GPA standards resulted in the loss of the HOPE Grant for about a thousand technical students. As a result, the state overturned this ruling in 2013, granting financing to 5,000 more students.

Scholarship for Hope GPA Estimator

The HOPE Scholarship GPA calculator uses a standard 4.0 scale to calculate grades for GaDOE subjects. In addition, unlike a typical high school GPA, the Honors curriculum is not weighted. Use the GPA calculator for the HOPE Scholarship to see if you meet the requirements for this merit-based award.

The Georgia HOPE Scholarship requirements are as follows: you must demonstrate merit in both your high school and HOPE GPAs, as well as meet residency and academic standards. These HOPE scholarship requirements apply only to the GA HOPE Scholarship; however, comparable standards apply to merit-based scholarships offered by other states.

Lastly, the HOPE Scholarship application needs to be sent in before the last day of the academic year. To find out sooner whether you qualify for Georgia’s HOPE Scholarship, however, complete your application as soon as you can. To fulfill the requirements for the HOPE Scholarship, you must complete an academic evaluation if you are enrolled in a home study program. On the GAfutures website, you can make this request.


In conclusion, using the Georgia HOPE Scholarship to pursue higher education opens doors to a world of possibilities. Many institutions accept this prestigious award, so students don’t have to worry about money when they start their life-changing academic adventure. Aspiring scholars in Georgia can achieve their educational goals and make a significant contribution to their communities and beyond by selecting universities that acknowledge and support the HOPE Scholarship.


1. What universities take the Georgia HOPE Scholarship?

The HOPE Scholarship is accepted at several Georgian schools and institutions. The University of Georgia, Georgia Institute of Technology, Georgia State University, and numerous others are a few prominent examples.

2. Do only in-state universities qualify for the Georgia HOPE Scholarship?

Yes, in-state colleges are the main target audience for the HOPE Scholarship. Nonetheless, certain Georgian private universities might take part in the initiative. It’s wise to review the prerequisites for particular colleges.

3. How can I meet the requirements to be eligible for the Georgia HOPE Scholarship?

Being a resident of Georgia, completing an approved high school, keeping a minimum GPA, and enrolling in a Georgia public or private college or university are among the requirements for eligibility.

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