What Colleges Accept Ged in Georgia? Comprehensive List

What Colleges Accept Ged in Georgia

What Colleges Accept Ged in Georgia? The General Educational Development (GED) diploma is a valuable tool for individuals who did not complete their traditional high school education but still seek to advance their academic and professional pursuits. Recognizing its significance, a plethora of colleges and universities in Georgia open their doors to GED diploma holders.

The state of Georgia acknowledges the equivalency of the GED to a high school diploma, and as such, numerous post-secondary institutions in the region consider GED graduates for admission.

This article delves into the specifics, highlighting the colleges and universities in Georgia that welcome GED recipients, the application processes involved, and the opportunities available to these graduates.

Whether you’re a prospective student armed with a GED or an educator looking to guide others, understanding which colleges in Georgia are GED-friendly can set the stage for a successful higher education experience.

What Colleges Accept Ged in Georgia

1. Georgia State University

Fancy living and studying in the heart of Atlanta? Overview of the College: Georgia State University offers a bustling city environment combined with a rich academic experience.

  • GED Admissions Process:

It’s simple! Submit your GED scores along with other necessary documents. Just make sure to meet the minimum score requirements.

2.  Georgia Tech

An institute of technology in Georgia that’s recognized worldwide. Overview of the College: With strong STEM programs, Georgia Tech has been a beacon for innovation.

  • GED Admissions Process:

As with most colleges, apply with your GED scores and ensure you meet their specific requirements, often including supplemental essays or interviews.

3. Kennesaw State University

Ever imagined studying amidst sprawling green campuses? Overview of the College: Kennesaw State boasts two campuses brimming with facilities and diversity.

  • GED Admissions Process:

Present your GED diploma and scores. Remember, it’s not just about the numbers, but the whole student profile.

4.  Savannah State University

Dream of a college experience close to the beach? Overview of the College: As the oldest HBCU in Georgia, Savannah State combines tradition with a scenic location.

  • GED Admissions Process:

Ensure your GED scores align with their requirements and highlight your extracurriculars.

5.  Valdosta State University

Aiming for a comprehensive educational experience? Overview of the College: Valdosta State provides a mix of liberal arts and professional studies.

  • GED Admissions Process:

A submitted GED diploma with competitive scores will put you in the running.

Importance Of GED

1. Economic Opportunities

A GED can open up a wider range of job opportunities for individuals. Many employers require at least a high school diploma or its equivalent for entry-level positions. By obtaining a GED, individuals in Georgia can access better job prospects and potentially higher wages.

2. Higher Education Access

For many, a GED is a stepping stone to higher education. Many community colleges, technical schools, and some four-year institutions in Georgia and elsewhere recognize the GED as equivalent to a high school diploma, allowing holders to pursue further studies.

3. Personal Achievement & Self-Esteem

Completing the GED can be a source of pride and personal accomplishment for individuals. It can serve as a testament to their determination, resilience, and commitment to their education.

4. Social Implications

A higher level of education is generally associated with a variety of positive societal outcomes, including lower crime rates, increased civic engagement, and improved overall well-being. By providing an avenue for individuals to complete their high school education, Georgia is investing in its communities and their future.

5. Reducing Skills Gap

By encouraging and facilitating GED attainment, Georgia can work towards reducing the skills gap in various industries. As industries evolve, the demand for a skilled and educated workforce grows. The GED can be a starting point for individuals to pursue specialized training or further education to meet these industry needs.

6. Support for At-Risk Communities

Certain communities, due to socioeconomic factors, may have higher rates of high school dropouts. The GED serves as a vital resource for these communities, offering a second chance at education and the associated benefits.

7. Economic Impacts on the State

A more educated populace can lead to increased economic productivity. It can also reduce dependency on social welfare programs, as individuals with a GED or higher education are typically more employable and can command higher wages.


Georgia is more than peaches and warm southern hospitality. It’s a place of opportunity, especially for GED holders. So, got your GED and looking to soar higher? Georgia’s got you covered!


1. Is a GED as respected as a high school diploma?
Absolutely! Especially as more institutions recognize its value.
2. What’s the minimum GED score required by these colleges?
It varies, so always check each college’s specific requirements.
3. Can I apply for financial aid with a GED?
Of course! Federal financial aid and many scholarships are open to GED holders.
4. Is Georgia Tech suitable for non-STEM students with a GED?
While they are renowned for STEM, they have a diverse range of programs to explore.
5. Do these colleges provide support for non-traditional students?
Yes, many have dedicated programs and resources to support all students, ensuring they succeed.

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