Is Link Crew Good For College

Is Link Crew Good For College

Link Crew is a North American student leadership program. Its focus is on making select individuals from the Junior and Senior classes, known as “Link Leaders,” into mentors for freshmen and new students. The primary goal of this program is to develop a chosen group of junior and senior class members, referred to as “Link Leaders,” into mentors for incoming freshmen and new students. Following two to four days of instruction, leaders are tasked with mentoring six or seven first-year students.

The program’s objective is to provide incoming freshmen with a wide range of enjoyable experiences. In this comprehensive article, we dig int the world of Link Crew and its overall impact on the lives of its members.

While Link Crew itself may not be relevant to college, the concepts it promotes, like mentorship and community support, align with practices that can positively impact students during their college experience.

Although Link Crew isn’t specifically relevant to college environments, its guiding ideals—mentorship and community development, for example—are beneficial everywhere. Similar support networks, like peer mentorship programs, orientation programs, and student organizations, could exist in college. These can be quite helpful in assisting students in adjusting to the fresh chances and challenges that come with pursuing higher education.

Link Crew is managed by the Boomerang Project, a business. This program aims to acquaint students with the school not only by showing them about the physical space, but also by introducing them to the school’s culture, which includes our interactions, behaviours, and treatment of one another, as well as some of the school’s customs. Link Crew is a yearlong orientation and transition program that has consistently made positive culture and climate changes throughout schools across the United States and Canada.

The Crew’s Training Scheme:

  • Team building exercises
  • Cooperative skill development
  • Discussion techniques
  • Scenario exercises

The training days are a combination of games, activities and personality analysis. It is a time to relate with and get to understand the personalities of not only fellow Link Leaders but also students they may encounter and being able to understand and empathize with individuals.

Link Crew deliberately works to enhance the culture of the school as a whole. Numerous educational institutions have observed a rise in the level of interconnectedness, spiritedness, and kindness among their student bodies. Reputable messengers encourage and uphold moral behaviour.

Students can serve their school community on many levels through Link Crew, an amazing program that combines service learning with character development; they also receive the opportunity to reflect on, think about, and comprehend the effects of their behaviour.

Link crew as a body has serious positive impacts on the lives of its members. Below are two ways through which Link Crew helps:

  • Academic Follow-Ups

Through planned classroom visits, Link Leaders assist first-year students in achieving academic achievement and developing their character. The crew also helps strengthen the minds of freshers, whilst helping them go through each school session with confidence.

  • Social Follow-Ups

To boost student engagement and foster a healthy school atmosphere, Link Leaders and freshmen get together at social events outside of the classroom.

In addition to the above points, students can serve their school community on many levels through Link Crew, an amazing program that combines service learning with character development; they also receive the opportunity to reflect on, think about, and comprehend the effects of their behaviour.

1. Link Crew members work to get students connected with their activities, organizations and classes at their high schools. While the incoming freshmen benefit, the side benefits are an overall better high school culture and tangible leadership experience that Link Crew members can use on their college applications.

2. Members of the Link Crew assist students in making connections between their high school academics, organizations, and activities. The program intends to increase freshmen’ success by increasing the positive and personal connections freshmen experience as they enter high school. This freshman’s success can be measured by school attendance, academic success and discipline.

 Current Data

Link Crew operates in 3,705 schools in 47 U.S. states. The U.S. trained 11,424 Link Crew educators. Canada has 1,712 trained educators spread across seven schools. Link Crew has benefited 1.8 million students.

Link Crew Leaders are approximately 100 students selected from junior and senior classes,molded into mentors and student leaders, serving as good role models who assist freshmen achievement by helping them understand what it takes to succeed throughout the high school transition.

Link Crew Leaders step up and become a significant presence on campus acting as models of positive behavior, which is ultimately a catalyst for climate change at your school. They also create learning experiences and teach freshmen important lessons on how to succeed in high school.

Before one can be selected to function as a link crew leader, he/she must receive an invitation to apply to be a Link Crew Leader based on teacher recommendations, but students can also self-select to apply.

  • Accessibility
  • Cooperation
  •  Dedication
  • Originality.
  • Passion
  • Courtesy
  • Problem-solving abilities
  • Application Quality
  • Timeliness
  • Thoughtfulness

Students Area Of Need

Three categories best describe the requirements of the transformation process. Although many high schools are aware of at least two areas of need, one could argue that they frequently only partially succeed in addressing these issues because, even when demographic and other data are held constant, all students, parents, and staff members are less likely to drop out of high school.

1. Safety

To keep the outside world out of the school, they spend money on rules and security. Keeping students safe from the harmful elements already present in the school is the bigger concern when it comes to their safety. In a typical college, problems like bullying, rumours, loneliness, and melancholy are significantly more dangerous than outside violence.

This doesn’t mean that we should cease protecting students on school property; rather, it means that we should give the other types of safety demands just as much consideration.

2. Details

Knowledge is essential during each shift to successfully advance to the next phase. To facilitate our travel, we require the what, where, how, and when. The majority of schools recognize that students must be informed about the classes they must take, the rules that matter to teachers and administrators, and the opportunities that are open to them.

Getting the information to the students is the main issue facing most schools. Many schools think that the best way to get information out to new parents and students is to get them all together in big groups and just talk to them.

3. Establishing Contact

We must always have a sense of belonging in the new circumstances. This holds whether we are adjusting to a new role in our life, a new child, or a new work. Evidence from numerous studies indicates that students who feel more connected to their new school will do better on all key performance indicators, including grades, test scores, attendance, and discipline. are not.

Link Crew purposefully and systematically helps every freshman by designating juniors and seniors as Leaders for the newcomers. During an engaging and informative orientation on their first day, Link Crew Leaders give the freshmen information, a sense of belonging to their new school, and someone they can confide in when they’re feeling unsafe. After that, the program carries on all year long with a series of follow-ups where Link Crew Leaders and their freshman make connections both within and outside of the classroom.

Teens turn to one another for guidance and information about navigating the high school environment, therefore Link Crew Leaders, who were once freshmen themselves, are in a unique position to offer the support that adults cannot.

• Provide support for freshmen throughout their first year of high school
• Increase attendance
• Reduce disciplinary referrals
• Reduce hazing and harassment of freshmen
• Provide leadership development in upperclassmen
• Increase involvement in co-curricular activities
• Improve school climate
• Provide leadership development to staff members
• Allow for positive interaction between staff and students
• Decrease chemical dependency

Planning Grants and Programs

Link Crew has in place a grant system to help students deal with financial challenges in school. Interested students will be required to submit a grant application that includes basic information on the issue at their various schools and how it can be resolved.

While school-specific issues and priorities may differ, the following provides a basic overview of how Link Crew might assist in addressing current issues related to the success of first-year students. Applications can be modified based on the student’s unique requirements or the specific criteria of a grant.


Link Crew is a leadership, mentoring, and developmental program introduced at Clayton
High School in the fall of 2015. Developed by the Boomerang Project, Link Crew connects
upperclassmen to mentor and guide incoming freshmen.

As we conclude in this article, “Is Link Crew Good for College”, we must remember that, like any other shift in life, going to college raises its share of challenges and necessitates the same kinds of support systems to be effectively navigated.


Q1. What activity type is Link Crew? A. Link Crew members work to get students connected with their activities, organizations and classes at their high schools.

Q2.What are the qualities of Link Crew? A. Link Leaders’ have strong communication skills, leadership potential, are responsible, dedicated, and enthusiastic. They are interested in helping others succeed.

Q3. What is link crew objectives? A. Link Crew trains juniors and seniors as leaders in personal responsibility, integrity and ethical behavior. Leaders are trained to take responsibility for and demonstrate positive action on behalf of individual students and the school as a whole.

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