How To Apply For Nlng Scholarship

How To Apply For Nlng Scholarship

Since its founding in 1998, the Nigerian LNG Limited Scholarships program has extended its reach to include all Nigerians, with the primary goal of providing cash for educational assistance to people of host communities. This implies that you can still apply and receive the necessary funding to support your studies even if you are not from an oil-producing host community.
The Nigerian LNG limited scholarships program has expanded to a whopping 600 million naira to help achieve its goals and objectives. It is documented that approximately 2,833 undergraduates from various universities in Nigeria have benefited from the program since its inception.

How To Apply For Nlng Scholarship

  • To be a participant in the scholarship Award, should visit the official website to apply.
  • Go to the “Social Performance” menu to
  • Select “Education” from the drop-down menu.
  • Then click on the “Post Primary Scholarship
  • Click on “Register Here” to create a profile and commence the application process.

What Is Nlng Scholarship

Nigeria LNG Limited funds education via a number of programs. The Scholarship is one of them. A four-tiered scholarship program offered by NLNG facilitates the development of human capital and rewards excellence, thereby expanding the pool of highly qualified students, graduates, and professionals who possess a competitive edge.

Types Of Nlng Scholarship

1. Scholarship for NLNG Post-Primary

The program’s goal is to enable high-achieving basic six students in the host communities of the corporation and the oil-producing areas of Nigeria to continue their post-primary education.
The program began in 2012 with 28 beneficiaries, and by 2015, there were 172 beneficiaries overall.
Applicants to the program are accepted if they demonstrate exceptional achievement in the yearly Common Entrance Examinations administered by the National Examinations Council (NECO).

2. Undergraduate Scholarship, NLNG

This was established in 1998 as a vital part of our education intervention program for the host communities, and in 2003 it was made available to the entire population of Nigeria. With almost N600 million spent, 2,833 undergraduate students from different Nigerian colleges have benefited from the scholarship program.

The adoption of social media (Facebook) and online applications for information sharing in 2012 improved awareness and made the selection process more economical and efficient. Throughout the student’s course, the scholarship’s value has been evaluated and increased, from N100,000 to N300, 000 each awardee for an academic year.

3. The NLNG Postgraduate Scholarship Abroad

With an award value ranging from N9 to N11 million, depending on the field of study and length of the course, this plan was introduced in October 2012 and annually admits 15 recipients to study at prestigious UK universities. Environmental studies, engineering, management, accounting, economics, information technology, banking, geology, law, and medicine are among the disciplines covered by the program.

4. The NLNG Scholarship for Internally Displaced People (IDP)

Unfortunately, a sizable community of vulnerable people has been produced by the security situation in northeastern Nigeria. 30 candidates were given scholarships under this program, which was established to support the Federal Government’s efforts to rebuild Northeastern Nigeria. Ten of the candidates were from the IDP camps located in the three states most affected by the insurgency: Adamawa, Borno, and Yobe. The group of kids will use this award to complete their secondary education.

There are three primary NLNG scholarship program levels:

Post-Primary, Undergraduate, and Postgraduate programs are designed to promote academic excellence and aid in the development of Nigeria’s human resources.

If I’m chosen What amount will I receive?

Should you be fortunate enough to be chosen, you will receive roughly $300,000 annually until you complete your studies at the university. Although in the past only approximately 100,000 were awarded to recipients, it is quite praiseworthy that this number has been evaluated upward.

Qualifications and status for the Nigerian LNG limited scholarship initiative

You must fulfil the following requirements before you can apply for the Nigerian LNG Limited Scholarships Program Edition:

  • Your O-level grades must be exceptionally high.
  • Your JAMB score must also be exceptionally high.
  • You ought to be enrolled in the university’s 100 level, or first year, and free from any scholarship plans or programs.
  • Be a native of one of the host villages of NLNG.
  • Be a student in Basics five or six.
  • Give him/her the completed and signed Basic Five result sheet.
  • Provide an attestation letter that has been signed and stamped by the head teacher of the school (the letter must include the head teacher’s phone number).
  • Send a confirmation letter in your native tongue, signed by the chief, Paramount Ruler, or CDC Chairman in that community.
  • Send in a proof of identity letter from their local government council.
  • Not be a dependent or child of Nigeria LNG Limited employees.
  • Please include a recent passport-sized photo.

Documentation needed for the Nigerian LNG restricted scholarship program

Before applying, you must scan and prepare the following document:

  • Your O-level scores (NECO or WAEC)
  • UTME results for JAMB
  • Letter of admission for JAMB
  • Your ID card as a student at the university
  • A letter of identification from your local government
  • Your most recent passport photos

Would-be candidates, kindly take note of the following:

  • Verify that each contact information is accurate and that you can be reached at any of them.
  • Verify that every document is uploaded and attached as requested.
  • Thoroughly read the terms and conditions.


With great pleasure, Nigeria LNG Limited (NLNG) announces the opening of applications for the NLNG Scholarships Scheme 2023–2024 to qualified applicants. Scholarship applications are accepted at all academic levels. There is an annual scholarship that is worth considering for all individuals.

The goal of the NLNG Scholarships is to honour and promote academic achievement while offering financial support to students who would not otherwise be able to afford their higher education.


1. What is the value of the NLNG scholarship?
Each recipient will get a scholarship worth N150,000 annually for the length of their course of study.

2. What is the salary of NLNG’s graduate trainee?
On the other hand, without allowances, NLNG entry-level workers can expect to make about $450,000 per month (After Tax)*. However, the Nigerian NLNG Staff Salary Structure for 2023 is as follows: ₦ 400,000 per month (not including allowances) for graduate trainees Monthly Pay for Technicians: ₦ 300,000 (Not Including Allowances)

3. What does NLNG do for a living?
One significant participant in the worldwide LNG market is Nigeria LNG Limited (NLNG). To take use of Nigeria’s abundant natural gas resources and produce LNG and NGLs for export, NLNG was established as a Limited Liability Corporation on May 17, 1989.

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